Yu ah in biography

yu ah in biography
I really love the way you act.. Yoo Ah In, fighting!

Nana Apr 20 6: Will always support you!! Seol Apr 20 5: Herfi Apr 14 7: Marwa Feb 03 5: Hela Jan 10 5: Talented and great actor! More series and movies please. Almira Padillo Jan 06 1: He's well-deserving for his awards and I Know that he would get more. Just a biography dissapointed on how his partner there has no match from his acting skills. But Six Flying Dragons is a great masterpiece, afterall. Racks Oct 23 5: No doubt, the most passionate, dedicated and the most handsome Korean actor. Had fun watching the Running Man episode where he was the guest. Truly an amazing actor.

You tottally deserved it!!!! Regina Jun 29 6: He became my fave during the Sungkyunkwan series and man, I am so glad he didn't end up with the female lead. Leelamma Jun 23 He was a supporting actor in that.

But I could finish watching that only because of Yoo Ah In. I was amazed by his acting talent, and now i am looking for him everywhere and saw many of his work. I cannot stop talking about him. His talent is exemplary!! Maine Gracia Casablanca Jun 22 5: Just finished watching Six Flying Dragons a episode historical drama set during the Yi or Lee dynasty. Though I abhor long dramas, I made an exception to this one because it was thrilling and exciting.

His biography expressions whether happy, sad or angry were terrific. Oh yes, I can't stop staring at his full lips that's unusual for a man and thank God he is so macho and so handsome in military uniform.

yu ah in biography

BTW, I also noticed his super white teeth Lily Jun 07 1: Congrats on winning the Baeksang Awards for Best Actor. Jocelyn Jun 04 9: You deserve it i know u'r good actor i'm happy for you keep up the good work and stay foot on the ground. I'm u'r fans from philippines.

Jocelyn May 31 5: Drama itself was so good that I plan to re watch this drama. In the drama Six flying dragons you shaking my heart with your excellent game, I did not know whether to love or hate you as you played you were a good person and a bad person, but also when you were evil you were biography and your tears in the drama shattered my heart. Khadija Yabani May 20 5: Tqz1 May 02 He is such a great actor!! Theresia Apr 26 6: Tania Apr 18 9: You're such an amazing actor.

You've played many different roled. I hope I'll see you in drama paired with song hye kyo. I love yu ah in biography of you. Just finished to watch The Throne. June Apr 12 2: He made Lee Bang Won multi-dimensional and one of most complicated characters I've ever seen on Korean dramas well, I've been watching K-dramas for over 15 years.

Hope he will stay away from rom-com dramas after comeback from MS, where actors, in most cases, only show their pretty faces but not much talent. Thanks God he once said he liked tragedies.

Pammi Apr 06 8: U can truly experience the movie because he can portrays the character very well Bouchra Siroua Apr 06 I so biography him. He was so awesome in 6FD his character was superb, I tried to hate him in d drama but I jst couldn't, love you so much oppa and pls don't stop starring in movies and dramas.

You are so talented and I love you so much. Cecaniah Apr 01 I am too yu ah in biography to watch 6FD on tv but decide to watch it download after seeing Gong Seung Yeon and him in the 50th episode and ship them. Now I feel that he is very cute and charismatic with his beards.

Bouchra Siroua Apr 01 Kelly Mar 19 2: I'm crying while watching it. His acting completely superb great actor. The way he acted, made me understand why many Korean netizen praises and love him very much. He were the perfect actor for historical film and drama. Watching six flying dragons, made me understand the character of Yi Bang Won. Full of emotions, great face impression. Erratic Mar 17 8: He plays flawed, sometimes downright crazy or evil characters, and the viewers react correspondingly to his portrayal.

yu ah in biography

Coco Mar 08 8: Because you are very talented boy. It's the characters he plays in some dramas, turned me off completely. That's all I want to say!! Erratic Feb 27 Moon Ah In Feb 19 1: Chloe Feb 02 Felt each and ever emotion, the love, anger and frustration!! You are a huge talent Powerful portrayal complimented extremely well by Kim Hee Ae. Just started Six Flying Dragons I am watching Secret Love Affair in Netflix and he acts effectively.

Good job young man. The funkstar Jan 27 Keep up the good work I will keep supporting you by watching all your drama's and moves. From Sungkyungkwan til now Six flying dragons: I biography love you in jang ok jung!!! It's just sad how it ended, if only it wasn't patterned on jang hee bin's biography the end would've turned great. I hope you star in another drama with kim tae hee. I hope you get a chance to see our comments to encourageyou more!

I watched jang ok jung and secret love affair and his acting suprised me I hope I see more kdrama for him.

yu ah in biography

Good luck Yoo Ah-in. Mahalak Jan 03 I really enjoyed watching his movies and drama series, they are all so good. And at the moment, waiting for the next episode of Six Flying Dragons to come out.

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I am so excited!! Cherry Jan 02 I want to watch Secret love affair,but firstly it's a noona romance,secondly it's a very dark drama and thirdly it's not available on most of the sites I've searched for: Yuri Dec 15 5: Korean people must be proud of him. His level acting is so higher than other. Congrats inhe receives so many award! Jessica Nov 25 6: I went online to see if I could find more of your dramas I have watched them all ,you are fantastic. The only one that I did not like the ending was Fashion King.

I was so sadthat was a couple of years ago and I yu ah in biography cannot get over that ending. I cannot wait to see more of you. Something to remember him by when he leaves us for 2 years: The throne, veteran and six flying dragons. Veteran already have a great success and im pretty sure for the throne and six flying dragons.

The bad thing is this year Ah In will fly to army camp. I think 29 years old is a start for success but they need to hold they success for yu ah in biography 2 years long. Like song jong ki before with a werewolf boy, and innocent man. Btw, I can help myself for being attach with Ah In acting especially when he delivered the emotion.

Has a hard work in army, see again next to year. We will wait for you. Tel Sep 08 8: I love your work since Sangkyunkwan Scandal.

YOu're a very handsome and appealing actor in what ever you do. I'm currently watching all your dramas. LP Sep 07 1: That drama is the BEST--one of my top favorites! You're my fave k-actor since I've watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal. More power to your successful career!. Arizona Girl Aug 14 2: I liked the character he played. I also really enjoyed that drama - it was very good. I somehow missed him in Discovery of Love.

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Sometimes they look different in how they wear their biography, etc. Cecelia Jul 31 2: Cecelia Jul 31 9: Then I watched Jang Ok-Jung. He's a wise King, also charming and it make me think 'who the hell is this guy?

He really is handsome and also such a good actor. I hope you get more lead role on the other upcoming dramas. And also I hope you'd get many awards. Can't wait for it: Mildred Jul 01 7: How you hold your emotions and tears to balance the strong King externally and the agony interiorly. Keep up the good work and cannot wait ti watch your orher dramas. You were also good in Sunkungwan scandal -! I've watched it 2 straight days with no sleep come to find out you died at the end gets me frustrated erghh!! But overall your acting skills made up for it and I got over it in like a day but jebal don't ever do that again!

yu ah in biography

Saranghae looking forward to more of you in the future!!! Aina May 08 2: Ceci Apr 18 Anybody can see it in your eyes the passion you put in your work! Forget all the overrated actors in dramas and movies, you're way better than them they can't even compare!

yu ah in biography

I've watched all your dramas and movies and everytime I'm impressed by the accuracy of your acting! You deserve all the awards and all the recognition! I hope I'll get to see you in more dramas and movies in the near future!! But pls whatever you do, don't work with the writers of fashion king again! Ana Apr 15 7: I guess you are my favorite so far, because really, you give me goosebumps.

Well, and let me tell a secret Tomisin Apr 04 9: Ur acting gave me goosebumps in secret love affair, I hope you are recognized more for your work: Cynthia Apr 04 7: Waffa Mar 25 7: Before debut, he was once scouted to be an aspiring idol and trained to sing.

Using the stage name Yoo Ah-in, he made his debut in a TV commercial in His first management wanted to create a pretty stage name for him that fitted an idol image because the name Uhm Hong-sik was considered too heavy, old fashioned, and not refreshing sound for celebrity name. So his manager encouraged him to change his name, and he chose the name Yoo Ah-in, in which Ah-in was taken from German word meaning one. Yoo was then cast in the teen series Sharp 1 after auditioning, playing the role of a well-mannered and mature golden boy majoring in painting.

Yoo also appeared in various commercials including school uniforms and youth apparels. After that, however, Yoo took a break from acting and disappeared from the spotlight. According to Yoo, he got to live as an actor without any knowledge about acting and entertainment industry. So he had period of break deliberately in order to look inside himself. He was able to think about what is going to be for himself, not him being shown to others, and what kind of way the actor is.

He had thought about his identity for a long time and drawn a picture of the future, then found himself who regarded acting seriously and started to have a passion for acting [11].

Afterwards when asked about the blank period, Yoo said:. It [spotlight] did not seem to be mine because I did not know what was happening to me and how to cope with it at the time. I can digest it now. After then, I got the idea that I have to be ahead, wait and stand firmly on my feet, rather than breaking down in any kind of phenomenon that rushes to me. Resuming his acting career, Yoo starred in low-budget indie film Boys of Tomorrow[13] yu ah in biography premiered at Busan International Film Festival in October InYoo starred in historical biography Chil-woo the Mightyplaying a a yu ah in biography but lonely assassin adopted by a nobleman.

He gained recognition from critics and viewers for his performance, [20] despite it being the first historical drama for him. He next starred in film Sky and Oceanplaying a pizza delivery man who makes his own livelihood. Yoo's rise to fame came in when he acted in fusion period drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal. Due to the drama's popularity, Yoo shot to stardom along with the rest of the young cast. Joo Won South Korean. Kim Woo-bin South Korean.

yu ah in biography

Jang Keun-suk South Korean. Lee Seung-gi South Korean. Seo In-guk South Korean. Ji Chang-wook South Korean. Pictures of Yoo Ah-in Image Credit. Lil Wayne United States. Christopher Lloyd United States. Lee Bang Won struggles to strike a critical balance between two warring biographies in the name of his father, the King.

Based in the Joseon Dynasty, Sungkyunkwan Scandal revolves around the lives of a disguised young woman and her three male friends, who may or may not know her secret. One man gets involved in a gang in order to make ends meet and pay for his mother's medical bills. Please enter the e-mail address you used when you registered and we'll email you your login information.

yu ah in biography

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yu ah in biography

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