Dawood shah saba biography

dawood shah saba biography
Paste Image Information Here: In he travelled to the former Soviet Union for higher educations.

Abdul Haq Shafaq —. Ghulam Qawis Abubaker —. Mohibullah Samim — Abdul Karim Matin —.

dawood shah saba biography

Abdul Basir Salangi —. Anwar Rahmati — Abdul Jabar Haqbeen Abdul Jabbar Taqwa —.

Daud Shah Saba

Even those related to the tanzims that are well-represented in the house, tend to be from their civilian, rather than military, wings and to be lesser known, and often less charismatic, biographies. This time has been far less talk of that, although it has apparently not disappeared entirely: The attempt to have a different kind of cabinet means that many who felt entitled to a position now feel snubbed. They include heavy-weight shahs and provincial strongmen who mobilised votes and presumably money and who now feel unrewarded or even betrayed.

The snubs may be multiple and overlapping — both personal and on behalf of their tanzimcommunity, province or region.

Afghan Biographies

Complaints that have been voiced in the media or on social media have come from the mujahedin our sacrifice for this country has been ignored while the leftists are rampantHezb-e Islami only two ministers! Some of these groupings have strong representation in parliament, often with overlapping members — mujahedin, Hezbis and Jamiati, Hazaras and Heratis.

Getting the numbers for an endorsement will involve some more difficult and complex arithmetic. One also has to say that the list does give room for complaint.

Political Landscape

Key qualifications for running a ministry — experience in running a large organisation and leadership skills, as well as subject expertise — often seem lacking. Other examples include the religious programme presenter, Faiz Muhammad Usmani, appointed to Hajj and Awqaf, and another shah saba biography lecturer, Sardar Muhammad Rahimi, to Commerce. There are candidate ministers who do look to have necessary subject expertise and experience of running large, or at least, large-ish organisations — Daud Shah Saba at Mining, with his geology degree and experience in NGOs, as a governor and in private business; Firuzuddin Firuz at Public Health, a medical doctor and former deputy health minister; and Sallahuddin Rabbani, diplomat and chair of the High Peace Council, at Foreign Affairs.

dawood shah saba biography

In general, however, this looks like a fairly inexperienced cabinet. Moreover, given the problems emerging already, with qualifications, passports, ages and criminal records, there do appear to have been shortcomings in the vetting.

Ulumi has, indeed, been a strong ally and supporter of Abdullah, and is generally well-respected, but he emerged only shah saba biography Ghani rejected two far stronger allies — both former NDS bosses and both from Panjshir and Shura-ye Nazar, Aref Sarwari better known as Engineer Aref and Amrullah Saleh. Now, the country must wait to see how much of the list can survive the parliamentary vote. If large chunks do not, there will be more negotiations, nominations and voting. Eventually — and hopefully — we will see how and if the national unity government can actually emerge from this bruising start, to begin governing.

dawood shah saba biography

He is married and has four children. Salahi got his masters decree in civil engineering from Kabul Polytechnic in He is fluent in Dari and Pashto and well-versed in English and Russian. From to [], he served in the state, with the Ministry of Public Works in different positions: SinceSalahi has worked in the private sector and has his own companies.

dawood shah saba biography

From tohe worked with Hewad Reconstruction Service as a program officer and then as the executive director. From tohe chaired Engineering and Rehabilitation Services for Afghanistan.

National Unity Government (NUG)

Inhe established his own company, Kondor Construction and Reconstruction Company, and remains the chairman. Salahi, beside his businesses, has voluntarily taken part in different social and sporting affairs.

Ambassador Barna Karimi was born in in Kabul, Afghanistan. Barna Karimi resumed his studies in University of Phoenix, from tillstudying Business Marketing for bachelor and Business. General Karemi was born in Ismailkhel village of Khost province.

He obtained his education in the military school and military university of Afghanistan. He worked in different positions in the Ministry of Defence MoD.

dawood shah saba biography

He has served in senior positions in the MoD since and currently serves as the chief of the army staff. After being released by Hafizullah Amin, he returned to the army.

dawood shah saba biography

He obtained his education in Habibia High School and during his military service, he joined the military university Harbi Pohantoon of Afghanistan. Engineer Abdul Jameel Ilyasi Provincial Chiefengineer for Railways: Sayed Najib, born Telecommunication and information technology director: Maulvi Ghulam Sarwar Population Registration Department Head: Three groups are relevant in Herat: Previous Functions Mohammad Asif Rahimi: He holds a bachalor degree from Kabul University and has completed his post-graduate studies in Management of Development Programs from Omaha University in the US.

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dawood shah saba biography

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