Datu utto biography sample

datu utto biography sample
He unjustly suffered imprisonment in Manila after joining a diplomatic mission there. Before his death, he instructed his followers to forge a peace treaty with Spain. Pages using infobox royalty with unknown parameters.

He defended Jolo against Spanish attack in However, sickness within the fort forced him and the other datus to surrender after three months of fighting. He escaped soon after. He was one of the greatest leaders of Sulu. Under him, the Sultanate of Sulu reached its peak.

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Jolo, Sulu Date of Death: Unrecorded Datu' Ache He helped unite the leaders of Sulu. He unjustly suffered imprisonment in Manila after joining a diplomatic mission there.

He successfully planned and led Muslim attacks on the Spanish shipyards in Camarines and Bagutao. He transferred his biography sample to Maimbung, and from there continued the war using the juramentados, Muslim who take an oath to kill non-Muslims. Their attacks forced the Spaniards to leave. He signed a treaty of peace with Spain in With men, he led attacks on American colonial forces in Buldon and Upper Cotobato, and commanded the loyal support of thousands of Muslims.

His influence was so strong that the Americans thought of hiring to destroy him. He refused to surrender to the Americans preferring to surrender to a Filipino official in He led the revolt against the American government from tofirst fighting the enemy in open battle, and then using guerrilla warfare.

His brother Djimbagan was captured at fort Serenaya and then used as hostage to force him to surrender, but he did not yield.

He continued to fight until October, when in the Battle of Simpetan, he and most of his men biography sample killed. In another battle later that month, three of his sons were also killed. October 22, Sultan Alimuddin I or Azimuddin He was one of the first Muslim leaders to forge friendly relations with Spain by signing a peace treaty in During his unjust imprisonment in Manila inhe facilitated, through his daughter Fatima, the release of 50 Christians in Jolo.

Unrecorded Datu' Ampuanagus He led a battle against the American colonial government inwhen his fort at Taraca in Lanao was assaulted and captured by American forces.

Two hundred of his men were killed. He surrendered along with six other datus and 22 warriors. He resumed the war in by ambushing an American force sent from Camp Keithley destroy him. Later, a bigger battle in Didanganin greatly diminished his forces. Inhe and his men attacked American forces in Dansalan with only 20 rifles. He later surrendered after the negotiations between Muslim leaders and the American government, marking the end of Muslim resistance to American rule.

datu utto biography sample

It was only in that hostilities between the two resumed. The Americans attacked his fort at Sinumaan. In Junehis base in the bay was demolished. Incensed, these sultans formed an alliance against Uto and declared war against him that same year.

Every kota of Maguindanao, including that of Datu Uto, were demolished. Finally on March 10,Datu Uto himself, along with his wife and other datus signed the peace treaty formulated by the Spaniards and brought to him by Datu Silungan. Datu Utto gradually lost his biography sample among the Datus of the Valley because of the defection of his allies.

All these defections were manipulated by the Spaniards. AfterDatu Uto was stripped of his rank and his legacy was lost in the memory of the people.

We Filipinos do turn blind eye to our heroes who fought and died for their ideas. If not forgotten, our heroes were taken for granted because of our lack of interest in studying their lives as we found it not applicable anymore in our society that heavily relies on technologies. It is only during the celebration of independence that we give our heroes attention, making them less invisible.

datu utto biography sample

Datu Uto is one of the unsung heroes in our history, but his legend lives on. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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datu utto biography sample

Notify me of new comments via email. Sultan of the River: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made biography sample. Archives August July Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Uto ruled Buayan from the inland town of Zapakan. Evidently, Sulu needed the slave shipments Uto had been able to provide. However, Uto was able to regain the stronghold and force the Spanish to sign a peace accord in May This made him retain the title of datua strategy aimed to confuse the Spaniards on who was the real ruler of Buayan.

datu utto biography sample

However, peace did not last long. Inthe Spanish captured Jolo.

The Sultan's in the Royal house of Buayan

The following year, the Spanish were able to convince the sultans of Cotabato and Tumbao to make an biography sample against Buayan. Nevertheless, due to the signed peace accord, the Spanish did not dare to venture into Buayan itself. With this development, Uto made plans to defend the area against the Spanish. In particular, Buayan began to receive Enfield and Spencer rifles, as well as assorted pistols. Intwo Spanish corps under General Serina razed Bakat to give way to the construction of a new fort and a railway from Iligan to Lake Lanao.

However, the project was abandoned as Uto's forces harassed the Spanish, gathering the metal used in construction to produce krises. While managing to destroy some strongholds, it was not enough to open up Uto's territory. Meanwhile, Sultan Tambilawan pledged loyalty to the Spanish thereafter. On 10 MarchUto signed a peace treaty made by the Spanish. Byhis allies defected and his prestige lost.

While he lost most of the influence he possessed prior toUto remained strong in biography politics and tried to gain the title of sample a title he never used at the peak of his power. For instance, from tothe Sultanate of Maguindanao had no sultan. While it is apparent that Uto wanted to be sultan of two sultanates Buayan and Maguindanaohe backed his brother-in-law, Datu Mamaku, to take the vacant position in Maguindanao. Meanwhile, the Spanish wanted to place as sultan a Sibugay datu allied to them. Despite the American occupation of the PhilippinesUto remained a powerful figure in the area until Since he would disappear in the political scene byand his wife marrying Mangigin init may probably be estimated that Uto have died anytime within this period.

Another successor, Datu Piangwould prefer to cooperate with the Americans.

datu utto biography sample