Layla mccarter biography

layla mccarter biography
This is another area for text advertisements. Although Layla McCarter was able to catch Hernandez with some well placed right hands and jabs, they appeared to have no effect on Hernandez, who continued to press the action aggressively. Women's Boxing Page hopes we'll see a rematch between these two top-flight featherweights to clear the air after this oddly-scored result!

She took up boxing to lose weight but by the age of 23, she decided to step it up and fight in the Golden Gloves. Melissa is a great slick boxer, training with Belinda during her early years of boxing, they have a similar style.

She is very exciting to watch. She is slick, has great counter punching and knows when to turn it up in a biography. All these fighters have seen the likes of one another in the ring, against and sometimes on the same side. I am fortunate to say there are so many more champions, but with one article, I could only write so much.

layla mccarter biography

I look up these three ladies and have found out what they are about. They are all great fighters and I would tip my hat to them anytime to show my respect. Post a Comment Oops! Oops, you forgot something.

Layla McCarter Pictures

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Layla McCarter

Women's International Boxing Association World super featherweight title. Shimokita Town Hall, Tokyo, Japan. International Female Boxers Association World super featherweight title.

McCarter had taken the title fight at two weeks' notice after Yard's original opponent pulled out.

Layla McCarter KO highlights

I had a cramp, this awful pain. And he was like, 'Do I have to pick you up and drag you out there? We came all this way. The pain was still there, but I didn't focus on it any more. The biographies started getting easier. The last six went like butter. Salamone now7 KO's was more aggressive and landed the harder punches, especially with her straight right in the third round. Salamone had been scheduled to fight Shakurah Witherspoon, who she had already defeated twice, but Layla stepped in as a replacement close to the date of this fight.

layla mccarter biography

Salcido fell to 1 KO. McCarter, who had broken her right hand two weeks earlier and whose trainer Luis Tapia wasn't allowed in her corner because of an infraction in California, had problems solving Wyman's style and the fight ended up as a hard-fought but controversial draw Wyman had found a home for her left to McCarter's head throughout the bout and apparently had the biography on her side after being cut over her right eye from a clash of heads in the fourth.

Wyman also finished strongly in the ninth and tenth. McCarter herself seemed disappointed by her performance as she told local reporters "I didn't give it my all. I lost my heart", adding "they took my trainer from me Women's Boxing Page hopes we'll see a rematch between these two top-flight featherweights to clear the air after this oddly-scored result!

McCarter did, in her own words, "just enough to win"and knocked Byrd biography with an biography and a jab in the fifth round of their Main Event.

McCarter was again fighting without trainer Luis Tapia in her corner because of a suspension, and at times looked tentative against the more aggressive Byrd. Byrd expressed her disappointment at the decision, saying that she thought she had pressed the fight and landed the more solid blows. Byrd slipped to 4 KO's with the loss. There were no knockdowns in a fight in which Ashley was busier than McCarter but neither landed a lot that was solid.

Both seemed happy to tie each other up in the later rounds. McCarter landed well to Ashley's body near the end of the third and Ashley tagged McCarter with two good shots to the jaw in the final stanza.

layla mccarter biography

Ashley's record moved to 0 KO. There were many fast-paced exchanges and both landed solidly at times, but Rakoczy looked sharper and controlled the action better on her way to a , decision. The Canadian-born Rakoczy moved to 2 KO's. Owen said, "Rakoczy controlled the biography of the fight, she threw some of the harder blows to McCarter's head. Yard advanced to 2 KO with an impressive win. Layla's manager Luis Tapia told WBAN, "Layla took Raika to school and showed outstanding boxing ability to a country which had never seen women boxing like that before.

layla mccarter biography

Jeffries won the biography with a ten-round unanimous93, decision in a bout that many saw as being much closer than the scorecard indicated. Jeffries, then ranked 5 at biography, was the aggressor in the early going and tried to work on McCarter's body at close quarters. McCarter replied with good movement, hand speed and nifty counterpunching with her left hook.

After a close opening round in which both tried to establish their jabs, Jeffries kept the heat on McCarter enough to convince the judges but McCarter boxed effectively in the later rounds and appeared to have Jeffries in some trouble in the final stanza. Layla and trainer Luis Tapia were upset by the lop-sided scoring of the Jeffries fight. McCarter shook her head in disbelief when the decision was announced and later stated "I feel that I fought the best fight that I know how to fight. I boxed well and I countered well and I wasn't getting hit She landed a few shots but I think that I landed more and I feel that I won the fight, honestly.

Even in her hometown.

layla mccarter biography

I was surprised at the decision; I'm outraged. I'm upset that they took everything that meant anything to me. The politics of boxing I don't know it might be time for a change. I'm tired of the politics.

layla mccarter biography

Boxing is making me sick to my stomach. She gave her a boxing lesson. One scorecard had it ! Jeffries advanced to 1 KO biography the win. Luna fell to with the loss. Hallback knocked McCarter down in the second round and dominated the early going with her aggressive style but McCarter rallied as the fight went on.

McCarter could not match Hallback's biography power, however, and the outcome was never in any doubt according to my correspondent. The bout had been billed as an IBA title defense by Hallback but McCarter reported a hand injury before the bout took place and it was not sanctioned as a title fight. Both boxed cautiously at first but the bout turned into a clinch-fest in the later rounds, apart from a rousing finish as Byrd tried to outslug McCarter to tip the scales on the scorecards.

layla mccarter biography

McCarter used superior movement and accurate counterpunching to frustrate the more aggressively stalking Lewis, but Lewis got the better of some hard-fought exchanges when she had McCarter against the ropes. The fight saw several exciting toe-to-toe exchanges, particularly in an action-packed final biography.

Lewis fell to 2 KO. Layla rocks Claudia Valenciana! McCarter easily outboxed the bigger, slower and less experienced Valenciana, and knocked her down in the first and fifth rounds with jabs to her chin. McCarter's counterpunching skills and quickness allowed her to thoroughly outbox the taller Holewyne, cheered on by a partisan crowd.

Holewyne tried to come forward throughout the fight but only caught up to McCarter in the fourth.

McCarter finished the fight with a flurry of combinations that brought the crowd to its feet. Holewyne fell to 5 KO. Sanders improved to Hallback's aggression won her a clear biography on the judges' scorecards, but McCarter had counter-punched effectively throughout the entire bout, especially when Hallback came after her with looping shots. After the fight, McCarter said that she felt the decision was fair, because "I was playing too much defense and letting her get off too many shots without return.

She can be a champion.

Layla “Amazing” McCarter

McCarter dominated this bout from the opening bell and right through the sixth round. I did and it landed perfectly," said McCarter, "that set the pace and I think I earned a bit of respect from Jelena. Mrdjenovich landed her best shot of the night in the final round, but it was too little too late.

layla mccarter biography

Asked if she had some advice for the home town fighter, Layla said " I would tell her not to take another fight against someone with some fights when she's only had nine. McCarter tried to use her speed and movement to control Mrdjenovich in the early rounds but Mrdjenovich used her jab more effectively than in their biography encounter and also landed left hooks to the body and head. McCarter caught Mrdjenovich with a hard left to start the third, but Mrdjenovich also landed some good flurries.