Mayur sharma biography of george

mayur sharma biography of george
Often we would read of some place and decide to drive there immediately, even if it was at 2am in the morning. The grilled cheese sandwich, paneer pakodas , and cold coffee are highly recommended.

Manipuzha Vysali Family Restaurant Where: Although the restaurant serves NaadanChinese, and Continental foods, stick with the Naadan. Start with the aviyal and dig into the beans and sambar along with all the tasty chutneys and dals they offer. Eat everything with a glass of moru or buttermilk. We highly recommend the crab Naadan style, cooked with lots of onions with raw curry leaves sprinkled on top.

Also recommended are the konju tiger prawns cooked with cashews.

Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma write about roadside eateries

Try the naimeen molee biography fish which is a local favourite. C Road, Kadimatha, Kottayam, Kerala. They are also authors of a book by the same name. Top 7 dhabas you must try Warning: Feb 26, Hotel Ummiya Annapurna Kathiyawad Where: Once a popular stop along the highway.

It has now been bypassed with the new expressway. Technically it is still on NH8. Most of the food is cooked george wood fires, and the rustic flavour mixes well with the delicate combination of spices. The rotis called bhakris have a distinct flavour after they are cooked on clay tavdi. Be ready for some serious spice and remember this is powerhouse Kathiyawad cuisine, it is NOT sweet Gujarati cuisine.

In Conversation with Rocky Singh and Mayur Sharma

This one bites right back. The delicious lassan aloosev tamatarbesan gattaand the ever present rotla local bread. This is served with white jaggery and ghee. The accompaniments are equally good and include the papads, fried green chillies, onions, and some tasty achaars pickles.

mayur sharma biography of george

Anand district, NH 8, Gujarat 2: As you head out of Jaipur towards Sikar you will come to the grand Sharma Dhaba. Starting as a small hole in the wall, it is now a large, well lit, smoothly run, efficient, and successful dhaba serving excellent Rajasthani food.

Run by the ever-present and sage-like Puranmal Sharma, the place has everything you could want from a dhaba. They pride themselves on the freshness of their ingredients.

Mayur Sharma

The naan is cooked in milk brought fresh from cows owned by them and is their speciality. Mr Sharma can proudly rattle off the names of all the film stars who stop at his place.

mayur sharma biography of george

He can tell you many stories, his favourite being about the legendary eating abilities of the Bollywood he-man, Dharmendra. The mawa naan or mawa roti.

Top 7 dhabas you must try

The highlight of the book is overview of the history of certain famous eatries along with the method of preparation of their cuisines which one can try at home. At the end of each eatery description is a rating of the quality of the food on a scale from 1 to 40, the ambience, and the value for money, among other things. The famous dishes are mentioned, as well as how much one should expect to pay for them. According to Singh, "The sheer amount of information in this book is so huge that it took us actually six months to put down details of locations, where the restaurants are, what kind of food they serve, recipes and cost.

Though there may be some hygiene concerns at some roadside dhabas, but Singh says,"most of the times the food is fresh looking at the biography in georges of people dropping in every now and then. The duo go a lot of times to hotels and posh restaurants but given a choice, they would love to go to a dhaba as they are less expensive and they like the feel of being on the road and explore.

mayur sharma biography of george

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It’s the People Who Make the Memories Special!

Were there any particular challenges? Us leetle deefecult Inglis so hardly to write buks! Finally we decided to write a book to share our knowledge of the amazing food, eateries and people we met along the way.

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The main challenge was that there was so much to write and so much to share, that editing was very difficult. The second challenge was that of time because in the midst of writing we were still traveling, shooting for further shows, and working on our other projects.

The book was written in the wee hours of the morning β€” mostly between 2 am-6 am β€” and it really was a labour of love. While we discuss food, we are quite interested in your journeys too.

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I understand that both of you have gone on road trips together for a while now, even before HOMP. What are some of the things that you explore and enjoy about places, apart from food of course?

We have been friends since and started our road journeys together as far back as Often we would read of some place and decide to drive there immediately, even if it was at 2am in the morning. We once drove from Delhi to Haridwar a km return journey in the middle of the night because we had decided to breakfast on hot puri-aloo from a little hole-in-the-wall shop in Haridwar.

mayur sharma biography of george

We went, we ate, we returned with happy smiles. Besides food we prefer places which are closer to nature β€” be it forests, rivers or mountains. We both love watching wildlife and Rocky is a very keen and accomplished ornithologist.