Old home place mo pitney biography

old home place mo pitney biography
In , Backstage reached number four, while Nobody Needs Your Love hit number two after failing to chart in the States. It was only Pitney's third single release in the UK to reach the singles chart and the first to break into the Top Twenty there; it was also a hit in the U.

old home place mo pitney biography

Pitney was present with Phil Spector at some of the Rolling Stones ' early recording sessions in London, including " Little by Little " and other tracks for their debut album ; [2] he played piano, though the extent is uncertain.

After another low-charting single, 's "Yesterday's Hero", Pitney rebounded with another string of hits in the mids, including the singles " It Hurts to Be in Love " and " I'm Gonna Be Strong ", which reached No. Miller replaced Sedaka's voice with Pitney's, though Sedaka's trademark backing harmonies were left intact.

Gene Pitney

InPitney recorded two successful albums with country singer George Jones. They were voted the most promising country-and-western duo of the year. Pitney also recorded songs in Italian, Spanish and German, and twice finished second in Italy's annual Sanremo Music Festivalwhere his strong vibrato reminded older listeners of the Italian tenor Enrico Caruso.

Pitney's career in the U. He returned one last time to the Top 40 with "She's a Heartbreaker" in mid and placed several singles in the lower reaches of the Hot after that, but by he was no longer a hit-maker in the U.

old home place mo pitney biography

Pitney maintained a successful career in Britain and the rest of Europe into the s, appearing regularly on UK charts as late as Pitney continued to place records in the Australian charts throughincluding the hit "Down This Road," written and produced by distant relation Edward Pitney. They also collaborated in the production of the hit song "Days of Summer.

The song had been a UK No. The duet brought him his first UK No. And that kind of seasoned perspective isn't often heard from someone of his generation.

old home place mo pitney biography

I love simplicity in songs because I love simplicity in life. And I go so deep, a lot of times I just confuse myself and get frustrated, but when I come home and my dog runs and jumps up on my lap, that does something to my spirit. I love to hunt and fish. I love the outdoors. I love my family. I try to live pretty morally square. Perhaps the best expression of how Mo Pitney has created his own definition of country music success is found in "Behind This Guitar," a song by Don Sampson and Phil O'Donnell that may not even make the album.

But I remember sitting on my bed with the dream of just making music the rest of my life.

I just loved music. Henceforth Pitney became a regular attraction in Britain and also built a loyal following in Italy, Spain and Germany, so much so that he became far better known in Europe than in his homeland.

Pitney developed a routine of touring Britain twice a year, earning himself a plaque from the Gene Pitney Appreciation Society in the process, and most of his biggest hits would be in Britain.

InBackstage reached number four, while Nobody Needs Your Love hit number two after failing to chart in the States. When Something's Gotten Hold Of My Heart ascended to number five init was his last major hit until the same song went to number one inre-recorded as a duet with Marc Almond of Soft Cell.

old home place mo pitney biography

In the latter part of his career, Pitney earned the bulk of his income from touring rather than recording, and never lost his appetite for treading the boards in front of a suitably appreciative crowd. Mo Pitney was born in Rockford, Illinois. He began playing drums at 6 and guitar at He played in a bluegrass band with his brother and a friend. Pitney moved to Nashville, Tennesseewhere he signed to Curb Records and began working with record producer Tony Brown.

Pitney released his single "Country", in December He co-wrote the song with Bill Anderson and Bobby Tomberlin.