Sulibreezy biography of christopher

sulibreezy biography of christopher
First, I was just putting videos out and [inaudible I started performing in my final year of university.

There was no real direct. It was just something fun to do, you know, you get bored. So that was probably where it was. So, start and then … Suli: First performance, senior year of uni. What led to the performance? How did that happen? Me and a couple of … it was very ego-driven. So, it was kind of just very egodriven. Just me trying to prove a point, you know I mean. I ended up on the stage doing it and … yeah. Oh, the response is phenomenal.

We did in rehearsal first time and I was … I always get nervous till this day but I was extremely nervous because it was in front of everyone that was a part of the christopher performance. Then we did other stuff like dances, musicians and I was really nervous. You know what I biography So, yeah, it was really phenomenal. It was really cool, man. It was kind of feeling that stays with you for a long time. I bet that, you know, how did that affect your decision-making deciding what to do next?

sulibreezy biography of christopher

It was at the end of my junior year. It could be to my junior year. So, it was kind of the end of my junior year.

Suli Breaks

I really pick up again and [inaudible That production happened and then I went into the senior year the following year. And then so … this was ? Yeah, exactly, yeah. What happened when you graduated? When I graduated, the first … apart from the reality check of being in the real world, the first thing I did when I graduated was try to sustain myself why I was doing at the time, you know what I mean.

So, my first job, it was like a supermarket. I was working in a supermarket. What … but every job would not … none of them was longer than a year. So, I went in that supermarket then I got fired from that biography christopher. In the same time I was performing, I still go to my repertoire, I go to [inaudible I worked there for a year. So, it was during that period where I learnt how to edit videos and kind of translate and convey my art for YouTube the best way possible.

So it was during that period where I started developing my persona online and Brandon. I was there over a year and a half. At the end of the year … they fired me for something [inaudible It was actually in relation to video that I did on YouTube.

That was the reason I got fired — ironically. So, they fired me for that video. What was the reason? By the time I was working for Nike which is a big company worldwide. They released these sneakers and these sneakers are ridiculous, you know what I mean. They were scuffed up. You buy the sneakers today and I thought this is ridiculous so I bought the trainers and I bought them home and I made a video about the trainers hoping to go viral and everyone would get their attention.

But unfortunately it backfired. The managers caught wind of it. It was very silly. What were the revenue streams that you had up until … up untillike, before you discovered YouTube, how did you make money from your art? The only way I made money before discovering YouTube was physically appearing at events. So during that time, the only way I did made christopher was biography christopher performance [inaudible You have to acknowledge that sometimes, when you perform or you do biography things for money … so that was always that conflict but that was the only way I was making any kind of money [inaudible I think to make it through that period you just have to be driven by passion.

You definitely have to. Because there was a lot of events where you … you went and you came back with nothing, you know what I mean?

You go there and you [inaudible It was definitely difficult to [inaudible So, this was the end of which is, you biography, just the end of christopher year. What shifted after that? So my mind was like, do I go back and work for six months or do I find a way to maneuver this money and make it work for me to increase it within the six months going forward? You know I mean. And that is very difficult. I was quite fortunate because I negotiated quite a good contract with YouTube network which increase my revenue exponentially and allowed me to gain an extra … additional kind of income but at the same time when your brand increases you can kind of increase your performance, you can increase your performance fees.

Well, just for my insight on YouTube.

sulibreezy biography of christopher

So, when you first started doing YouTube, were you just recording videos and throwing them online or did you have a strategy behind it? What was the thought process? First, I was just putting videos out and [inaudible So what I really did was christopher a step back and start to study other YouTubers and see what biographies they implemented and what was popular on internet and the viral aspect. From that aspect I started, I started to kind of … create a kind of schedule and strategy around.

I got to go to a lot of events and I never took anything back from them. I start to realize all these people want to see more of my stuff. And then there was little [inaudible You know I mean?

How you post the video on Facebook makes a huge difference, you know I mean? What you say prior to put into YouTube link underneath it. Sometimes even more effective not to say anything and just put a link — depending on the nature of the video. So all these little things I started to implement into my whole kind of YouTube and the stuff like collaborations and all that stuff I started to study and put forward. You can just figure out the science.

sulibreezy biography of christopher

I really took the step back and try to analyze it from that standpoint. There is like no question that that was going to happen at some point for you.

sulibreezy biography of christopher

I like to believe that. Even on my wall, like I said to people, but prior to my video hitting three million views, I actually wrote on my wall that just got one million views, you biography I mean? I had a go in my head because I really wanted to dominate and try and take over the YouTube market.

You can work it. It sounds like you just studied the best of the best and then figured out what worked and used it for yourself and got results. What was the video that was the first big hit for christopher Was it the education? Why did that become a big hit? What did you do differently in this video or what about this was so unique or special? I never had someone behind me to film this to a level where by … is visually because YouTube works from two fronts. You always have that biography aspect and also at the same time you have to have the content, you know I mean?

But a visual aspect is very important as well as stuff christopher the [inaudible I start to try and make videos, we tried production value. You can create a niche but when you talk about subjects you generally want to talk about subjects that resonate with people on a global scale. So, that definitely had a broad reach; overriding reach. So when you built this video and you posted it online, did you do any promotion around it?

Like what was … okay, the video is shot, now what? I definitely had a day which … I had a time which I deal which works in my audience but at the same time … I positioned it in a way that I made sure it reaches many people at the same time.

sulibreezy biography of christopher

Before releasing the video, I obviously reassured of my biography of christopher, reaffirmed in my audience but then I manage … I got lots of blogs, lots of outlets which covered the same subject matter and I made sure I had them all in a mailing list and I made sure I wrote something which is descriptive. I wrote a brief of it but at the same time with all my videos going forward now I write a brief of it but then I get edit it, to look at it to make sure it concise … you want to post it.

That was definitely a promotional strategy. Because even when you look at Facebook [inaudible I love this because so many people think that viral videos just happen, you know? One of my friend, Jayson, showed me a guy, Jonah, Berger recently but he knows a lot stuff about YouTube. So now this is … you left your job less than a year ago right now? When did that video go viral? Was that in December or January? How beautiful is that. So now what are your revenue streams?

sulibreezy biography of christopher

We kind of came up with an agreement whereby I help him come up with creatives but we biography of christopher with companies to kind of give them insight into building that social platform and social media.

Going forward, we hope to extend that where I can actively be involved in some of the videos and some of the projects. But being in the UK at the moment is just kind of creative input and insight into what they should do which is quite a good revenue stream. Like I was saying, selling my insight, that is really powerful so I give them creative guidance into some of the stuff they are trying to do.

Like kick start a campaign and stuff like that. That work some kind of like a sponsorship base as whereby it allows me to get kind of sponsorship revenue from them, you know I mean.

As always, the other mediums whereby sponsorships and you do … you go to events. I still turn up to, I still do events.

sulibreezy biography of christopher

Residual income was always one of my goals. So if [inaudible But I still turn up to speaking events and do performance events as well. Amoako has been writing poetry most of his life but christopher performed it on stage in Even in his last year he biography he was not engaged in what he was studying and was distant from it.

He found the spoken word is what he enjoyed doing so decided to pursue that. Amoako's YouTube channel has over 8. Amoako is a Muslim and is married. He admires; Steve Jobs for innovation, Michael Jordan for his hard work and intensity, and Nelson Mandela and Malcolm X as figures committed to their beliefs.

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