Jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william
Other significant figures and factions. He had literary ambitions, which led him to go to London February—November , where he published literary articles and founded two periodicals, which failed. This page was last edited on 7 September , at

While there, Brissot founded two periodicals that later did not do well and failed. They lived in Londonand had three children.

The pamphlet was extremely provocative and unheard of at the time due to the fact that it went against the government and the queen. Brissot was imprisoned in the Bastille but was later released in September Brissot became known as a writer and was engaged on the Mercure de Francethe Courrier de l'Europe and other papers. The plan was unsuccessful.

Soon after his return to Paris, Brissot was placed in the Bastille in on the charge of having published a pornographic pamphlet Passe-temps de Toinette against the queen.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

Brissot had a falling out with Catholicism, and wrote about his disagreements with the church's hierarchal system. Brissot believed that American ideals could help improve French government. Thomas Jeffersonambassador in Paris at the time was familiar enough with him to note,"Warville is returned charmed with our country.

He is going to carry his wife and children to settle there.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

The rising ferment of revolution sucked him back into schemes for progress through political journalism that would consequently make him a household name. From the outbreak of the Revolution inBrissot became one of its most vocal supporters.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

This group was first led by Brissot. Following the arrest of King Louis XVI on charges of "high treason" and "crimes against the State", there was much division over what the fate of the king should be.

Jacques-Pierre Brissot

At one point in time, many Girondin leaders, including Brissot, called for a national referendum which would enable the citizens to vote on the kings fate themselves. The declaration was from Austria and Prussia warning the people of France not to harm Louis XVI or they would "militarily intervene" in the politics of France.

Threatened by the declaration, Brissot rallied the support of the Legislative Assembly which subsequently declared war on Austria on 20 April The motive behind of declaring war was to fortify and secure the revolution.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

During the Legislative Assembly, Brissot's knowledge of foreign affairs enabled him as member of the diplomatic committee to control much of France's foreign policy during this time. It was also Brissot who gave these wars the character of revolutionary propaganda.

Of the GirondistsVergniaud was the better orator, but Brissot was quick, eager, impetuous, and a man of wide knowledge.

However, he was indecisive, and not qualified to struggle against the fierce energies roused by the events of the Revolution. Brissot attempted to rein in the violence and excesses of the Revolution by calling for the reinstatement of the constitutional monarchy that had been established by the Constitution ofa ploy which landed on deaf ears.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

In late Maythe Montagnards in the Convention, meeting in the Tuileries Palacecalled for the removal of the Commission of Twelve. The Convention was further radicalized by the call for the removal and arrest of Brissot and the entire Girondin party made by the Sans-culottes in the Parisian National Guard, which had surrounded the Convention, armed with cannons. With this threat of violence, the Convention voted, and on 2 JuneBrissot, along with 28 other members, were arrested. First passing through his hometown of Chartres on his way to the city of Caenthe center of anti-revolutionary forces in Normandyhe was caught traveling with false papers on 10 June, and was taken back to Paris.

They were charged with being "agents of the counter-revolution and of the foreign powers, especially Britain. Regardless of their efforts, on 30 October the death sentence was delivered to Brissot and the 28 biography of william Girondins. While enthusiasts and apologists see Brissot as an idealist, and unblemished, philosophe revolutionary, his detractors have challenged his credibility and moral character by repeating allegations that during the mids he was involved in the production and dissemination of pornographic libellesspied for the police and or the British and defrauded his business partner.

In the s they have been backed up by the historian Robert Darnton. Brissot was sent to court to defend himself on many occasions from these accusations.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

Darnton argues that Brissot on a personal level was not in support of the Revolution, and had gone to a police station where he asked if he could be of assistance. When he was turned away, Darnton says, he proceeded to give them information. The only problem with his accusations, argues historian Fredrick Luna, is that the letters in which Darnton got his information were written fifteen years after the supposed incident.

jacques-pierre brissot biography of william

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Paris, to which he had been elected in June Henceforth, he spoke only at the Jacobin Club, where he was to be heard about times, until August There he opposed the European war that Jacques-Pierre Brissot was advocating as a biography of william of spreading the aims of the Revolution. Help us improve this article! Contact our editors with your feedback. Take this History quiz at encyclopedia britannica to test your knowledge of Russia.

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