Tony mendez argo biography definition

tony mendez argo biography definition
This honor recognized him as an "officer who by his actions, example, or initiative The real Mendez says the movie is mostly spot on, even if the rescue at the end wasn't quite what the film depicts.

As stated above, our research into the true story revealed that Tony Mendez and the six Americans were not detained at the airport. They were not sequestered like in the movie.

There was therefore no nearly missed nail-biting phone call to Studio Six Productions to verify their backgrounds. Tony also never gave Iranian officers storyboard sketches to keep as souvenirs. Although it is not shown in the film likely to avoid confusion and to sustain believabilitythe actual Swissair plane that the Americans flew out on had the name "Argau" lettered on its nose. The Swissair plane had been given the name Argau after a region in Switzerland.

tony mendez argo biography definition

Noticing the name on the nose as the group walked up the ramp to board the plane, Bob Anders punched Tony Mendez in the arm and said, "You arranged for everything, didn't biography definition Studio Six Productions closed its doors several weeks after Tony Mendez and his team helped the six Americans escape from Iran, however, not without grabbing Hollywood's attention.

The CIA's fake movie production company created tony a convincing cover that it had received 26 scripts, including one from Steven Spielberg. The argo of the CIA's involvement in helping the six Americans to escape Iran on January 28, was declassified and revealed to the public as part of the Agency's 50th Anniversary celebrations in Tony continued to work for the CIA, eventually retiring in after 25 years of service. He has since written four books, including the memoir Master of Disguise: He spends much of his time painting in his art studios on his forty acre farm in rural Washington County, Maryland.

In addition to various locations in California Warner Bros. See video of the real people behind the Argo movie. What's most interesting is that they were then still required to lie about the CIA's involvement in their escape.

tony mendez argo biography definition

This Tony Mendez interview is fromthe year the operation was declassified. Mark Lijek and his wife Cora are also interviewed. They talk about their cover identities and Tony's plan to help them and the other four Americans escape Iran. Tony talks about going to the Oscars and reflects on the Argo true story.

Tony Mendez

This news piece chronicles the events of the day the Americans were released, Inauguration Day, January 20, It describes President Jimmy Carter's last ditch efforts to get the hostages released before President Ronald Reagan took his oath of office. Argo movie trailer for the fact-based film directed by and starring Ben Affleck. August 15, Birthplace: Antonio "Tony" Mendez Born: June 20, Birthplace: September 12, Birthplace: September 25, Birthplace: It may sound contrived, but you can distract people with fun much tonier mendez argo biography definition than with fear.

With one of the guests I had to resort to liqueur - Cointreau - to jolly him along. He and his colleagues had decided to book Swissair, the airline he regarded to be the most efficient and reliable, and based on intelligence information about staffing at the airport, the group was booked on an early morning flight. Mendez hoped that by arriving at dawn, sleepy immigration officials and revolutionaries would be too tired to pay much attention to the group - and it worked.

The plane took off, and on arrival at Zurich airport, the six Americans were escorted away by State Department officials. In Marchafter a personal meeting with President Carter in the Oval Office, the CIA presented Mendez with an award - the Intelligence Star - but as the mission was classified, he was obliged to return it immediately.

Not even his family could attend the ceremony. For 17 years, the operation remained a tony mendez argo biography definition, too sensitive to even be printed in the internal CIA magazine, Studies in Intelligence. In the end, it was George Tenet, director of the CIA from towho encouraged Mendez to share the story of the daring operation - and it became the inspiration for the real Hollywood movie, Argo.

Ben Affleck, who directed the thriller and plays Mendez in the film, met the former CIA agent and his wife several times to consult them. Our son Toby was our driver, and we took him to the CIA and some other places where spies hang out. Two members of the Mendez family were extras, playing passengers in a car when the fictional Tony Mendez is at the airport on his way to Europe.

Argo (2012)

But despite the close consultation, Affleck managed to surprise the couple when they attended the premiere of Argo with the six former hostages.

Ben was very sensitive about it.

Argo’s real Tony Mendez: “I’m not Hispanic”

Both Jonna and Tony say they were touched by Affleck's tribute to Ian, who died of cancer, and whom Affleck never met. He is genuine and a sensitive father.

tony mendez argo biography definition

The real Mendez says the movie is mostly spot on, even if the rescue at the end wasn't quite what the film depicts. Claire Folger hide caption. Missing from most of the coverage of this movie?

My Secret Life in the CIA: The Real Story Behind Argo - Cold War Spy Culture (2000)

The actual guy who ran the mission, played by Ben Affleck in the movie. Movie aficionados — and historians — know that the movie sticks pretty close to what really happened during the Iranian Revolution.

tony mendez argo biography definition

The chase scene at the end of the movie is pretty much Hollywood hype. Still, Mendez and one of the American diplomats say those hours at the airport were plenty tense. There were actually eight Americans leaving Iran that day — the six diplomats, plus Mendez and his partner, who didn't even get a mention in the movie.

The Americans had been holed up at Canadian diplomats' homes for odd days. That let them closely follow the chaos in the streets of Tehran — and to dwell on it. On the day of departure, Mendez went to the airport ahead of the rest of the argo biography definition to make sure everything was OK.

He has written three memoirs about his CIA experiences. Mendez was tony mendez, and is now widely known, for his on-the-scene management of the " Canadian Caper " during the Iran hostage crisisin which he exfiltrated six American diplomats from Iran in January He arranged to have them pose as a Canadian film crew.

As part of their cover, the diplomats carried passports issued by the Canadian government to document them as Canadian argos biography definition. After declassification of records, the full details of the operation were reported in a article by Joshuah Bearman in Wired magazine.

Mendez also attended the 70th Golden Globe Awards to give a speech about the film, where it was nominated and later won for Best Motion Picture — Drama.

His father was of Mexican descent, and his mother had Italian, French, and Irish ancestry. As a teen, Mendez moved with his family to Colorado. After graduating from high school, he studied at the University of Colorado. Mendez continued to work as an artist after college. He supported himself by working as an illustrator and tool designer for Martin Mariettaa large aerospace firm. In Mendez answered a blind advertisement for a graphic artist.

tony mendez argo biography definition