Insa artist biography

insa artist biography
In the piece, curvaceous young female volunteers in provocative poses were photographed in front of INSA graffiti-bearing walls, all over the world, while riding their bicycles. Keep up the good work!

The artist is also influenced by fellow artists Jeff Koons and the surrealist German artist and photographer Hans Bellmer. INSA is himself a self-described obsessive personality, so obsessing over obsessions is certainly very much in character for this eccentric artist. The obsessions that most interest him are the ones people have with graffiti, tennis shoes, popular street culture, the female as a sex object and bright, shiny cars.

insa artist biography

He represents these obsessions as fetishes in his art. It is very apparent that his art is a concert of product, graffiti, fetishism and objectification. He is not reluctant to artist biography and explore new avenues of expression in his creative life.

Commercially, he has done work on commission for such famous companies as Sony and Nike. Along with his online shoe store, INSA also sells products such as ladies lingerie, toys, T-shirts and custom designed tennis shoes, all decorated with his original art work.

Graffiti Artist INSA Discusses Inspiration, Motivation and Incarceration

INSA and his art are both full of irony with visual exaggerations of objectification including oversized body parts embedded within the lines of a tennis shoe. As a street artist, what communities do you participate in and hangout with?

insa artist biography

Who do you identify yourself with? As much as my work is a contradiction, so too are the people I surround myself with. From international artists to close friends and family, my life is pretty compartmentalized.

insa artist biography

You could call it self-loathing, but who wants to be around people just like themselves all the time? I have my communities and circles I travel in. Some are artists; some are smokers; some are none of the above.

insa artist biography

I seek out good people; nice people. What projects have you recently worked on? In my twenties, as a feminist who overtly used the female form to call out its exploitation; and an anti-capitalist with a closet full of Nikes.

insa artist biography

The work is a maelstrom of spheres reflecting a distorted and sexually exaggerated view of two women gesticulating amongst the chaos.

Glimpses of a black and white striped background behind these spheres hint at, albeit briefly, some sort of superseded purity as the irrepressible foreground pushes its way back into focus.

insa artist biography

To produce the work, INSA constructed an 8ft x 8ft box, painted the interior with disorientating stripes with one wall made of reflective chrome spheres. With the cameras and flashes set to record remotely, INSA actively removed himself from participating in this process. In pitch black, and with the artist biography only recording the deceptive reflections with each flash cycle, the photographer and the girls were equally distant from the end results. The optical illusion created by the digitally printed vinyl melds the walls into each other to encircle the viewer in this disarming reality.

INSA Street Artist Biography

Even if we want no part in it, can we ever avoid being voyeurs of these two girls and the INSA bubble they inhabit? First here is a collaboration with designer Ben Rousseau, on a colour changing illuminated bubble chair Edition of 10 and ceiling cove in London.

insa artist biography

For the GIFs, interestingly, it is important but not integral, as the final output is only pixels wide and compressed into GIF format, so I know any superior quality will be lost. But in all my other work, image quality is paramount. Do you always get permission to paint your outdoor locations?

The Art of INSA

How do you combat civic efforts to curb graffiti art? Try to not get arrested.

GIF-iti: Artist INSA talks about adding "extra life" to static paintings

Where is the line is there a line between graffiti art and vandalism? Yes — it all comes down to the viewer. So ultimately the line is subjective.

insa artist biography

Were any of your GIF-iti pieces commissioned or were they all pieces you created for yourself? All of them were created for myself, except for the latest one, which was a collaboration with the artist Stanley Donwoodcommissioned by XL Records, to celebrate the launch of the new Atoms for Peace album. What was your most unusual, fun or interesting commission?