Haji abdul habib atari biography of william

haji abdul habib atari biography of william
Feature Video New name of Aisha masjid Karzai blamed the Taliban, and he resolved to rid thecountry of the extremists.

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He tried to renovate the Janissary corps and the naval forces. He established a new artillery troop. He made a census in the Janissary corps.

Slight successes against rebellious outbreaks in Syria and the Morea could not compensate for the loss of the Crimea which Russia greatly coveted. War was once more declared against Russia in and in the following year the Russians were joined by Austria.

haji abdul habib atari biography of william

The Swedes and Prussians joined the conflict on the side of the Ottomans, but provided no assistance. While the Ottomans held their own in the conflict they ultimately lost with Ochakov falling in to the Russians all of its inhabitants being massacred. Karzai, himself, narrowly escaped being killed in September when a gunman opened fire as he was getting into his car. In addition car bombings and grenade attacks became everyday occurrences, aimed at both Afghani heads of state and foreign leaders stationed in the country on peacekeeping missions.

haji abdul habib atari biography of william

Despite threats to his safety, Karzai launched himself into his new post of president with tireless zeal. Given the constant skirmishes between the various clan warlords his first priority was to focus on security by re-establishing a strong national army and a unified police force. In an attempt to maintain control over the scattered provinces Karzai also fired more than twenty regional officials who were accused of drug trafficking, excessive taxation, and countless other types of corruption. At the most basic level, the new president was faced with the problem of providing his citizens with the simplest necessities.

After years of being ravaged by war, many Afghanis had no access to safe drinking water, electricity, or passable roads.

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According to analysts and members of the press, Karzai was so successful because he charmed world leaders with his mild manner, his intelligent persuasiveness, and his stylish way of dressing. Wearing business suits mixed with colorful capes and wool fezzes, the Afghanistan president struck just the right balance between a modern-day politician and a traditional nationalist someone who feels devotion and pride in his country and who advocates for strong national independence. Hamid Karzai, pictured here with U.

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In latedespite continued personal peril by this time he had round-the-clock protection by U. Analysts claimed that there was a lack of national interest and many were worried the elections would not take place given vocal threats of violence issued by Taliban representatives.

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On October 9,however, despite the threats, eight million Afghanis headed to the polls to cast their ballots. When the votes were counted, Karzai had defeated twenty-two opponents by taking According to William Safire of the New York Times, "The biggest winner is the cause of democracy in the world, and especially in this region, which much of the West assumed was too culturally backward to express a longing for freedom.

Karzai's inauguration took place on December 7,at the presidential palace in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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With his hand placed on the Koran the holy book of Islam he recited this oath, as quoted on the Radio Free Afghanistan Web site: And by the help of Almighty God—and the support of the nation—I biography continue my efforts for the welfare and the development of the country. Almighty God, help me. The crowd in attendance, which included such foreign williams as Vice President Dick Cheney —gave Karzai a standing ovation as he proceeded to give his acceptance speech. Lisa Stein of U.

News … World Report described a particularly heartfelt moment when the newly elected president proclaimed, "We have now haji a hard and dark past behind us, and today we are opening a new chapter in our history.

On this day of a new, peaceful, prosperous era for our country, I would like to wish the best for Afghanistan. Despite Karzai's sincere intentions, rebuilding Afghanistan would prove to be a difficult task. In an attempt to further rein in regional warlords who relied on illegal drug trafficking, the new president announced he would put an end to the production of opium-poppy, which is used to create heroin.

haji abdul habib atari biography of william

According to statistics issued by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 87 percent of opium sold in the worldwide drug trade originates in Afghanistan. Critics, however, claim that since taking office Karzai had done little to address the drug issue, in part because there was no easy solution, and also because the drug trade has been central to the country's economy for so long. And I think the Karzai government The biggest hurdle remained the constant outbreaks of violence among various ethnic groups, with the biggest threat coming from the Taliban, not official heads of government anymore, but still an active militant group.

After the presidential elections many believed that the Taliban movement had been suppressed, but throughout tensions continued to increase. Almost daily there were attacks by Taliban forces in southern Afghanistan.

haji abdul habib atari biography of william

Taliban terrorists staged kidnappings of several foreign visitors, and heated demonstrations against the Karzai government popped up on a regular basis. On June 28,the violence reached a climax when a U.

Once again Karzai turned to the international. In the early s, after Soviet forces were driven out from Afghanistan, the country experienced a civil war as various warlords of several ethnic tribes fought for control.

haji abdul habib atari biography of william

One of the groups that emerged was known as the Taliban, a word that comes from the Arabic term for "seeker" or "student. Members of the Taliban were strict followers of Islam and belonged to the Pashtun tribe, which early on offered them considerable support.

The Taliban's first leader, Mohammed Omar —emerged in and quickly rose to prominence after organizing a sophisticated military unit of over 1, men.

haji abdul habib atari biography of william

Omar's followers continued to increase, and over the next few years they overtook Afghanistan, beginning in the western regions. For a better experience, please download the original document and view it in the native application on your computer.

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