Biography robert duvall actor bio

biography robert duvall actor bio
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And you can get up at eight and go back and have your espresso.

biography robert duvall actor bio

Going to Argentina, going to Buenos Aires, I like it more there than anyplace else. I always considered myself as a character actor. I always try to be versatile to show different sides of human experience. I didn't know who it was. And I said who is this woman?

biography robert duvall actor bio

And a year later, I said to myself about three or four weeks ago, why isn't she up for the vice presidency? Well, our hero, coming up, was Brando. He kinda squandered it.

But he was so revolutionary in so many ways. The way Hollywood speaks out is absolutely beyond me. Some people are so ill-informed. I mean, why be so outspoken about it anyway?

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Does it help Sean Penn 's career to go over to Iraq? Did it help Jane Fonda to go over to Vietnam years ago?

biography robert duvall actor bio

But sometimes when these guys speak out Marlon Brando had an innate shrewdness, finding ways to do things better than everyone else. One of the great tragedies is that Brando never developed his tremendous potential. He really was the godfather to young actors coming up in the seventies and robert duvall today. He was the guy, really, more than [ Laurence Olivier ], or anybody.

This is a guy off the actors bio of L. He learned from his biography Lloyd Bridgesthat was his mentor, and he always seems so loose and relaxed -- but he's always prepared, and he brings so many surprises, like good actors do. Because my parents were so religious, I attended church regularly. I've always been a believer. A friend is Gene Hackman. Making the first Godfather was more laughs than making Godfather II. That's because Jimmy Caan was in the first Godfather.

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A young actor once asked me, What do you do between jobs? I said, Hobbies, hobbies, and more hobbies. It keeps you off dope.

I feel like our country is just a big giant kid with tremendous talent - like an athlete. A big giant kid that's made mistakes, but there's a lot of potential. You never know how reality is going to coincide with your dreams.

biography robert duvall actor bio

You're optimistic, and you go from there. Getting together with friends and holding court over a meal is one of the great things in life. I'm not perceived as a traditional leading man, but I never aimed at that sort of thing either. I never straightened my front teeth, or whatever. I wan't cut out for that.

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Super Channel Sports Presents: Masterfully underplayed, yet powerfully effective, Duvall's character would be fleshed out significantly in "The Godfather: Released just two years after, the sequel picked up where the original left off, continuing Puzo's inter-generational family saga. Interestingly, when Paramount greenlit "The Godfather: Part III" some 16 years later, Duvall was naturally expected to participate.

When he and the studio were unable to come to terms over salary, however, the character of Tom Hagen was regrettably dropped from the final script. Although financial issues led Duvall to pass on appearing in the less than operatic "Part III," the actor did join former co-stars Marlon Brando and James Caan in reprising their characters vocally for the video game "The Godfather: Bio speaking, Duvall truly came into his own as an actor towards the late bio and early s.

Already considered one of Hollywood's top supporting actors by that point, Duvall left his indelible mark on a number of superior films.

Robert Duvall

Inthe actor gave a tour-de-force performance as the sadistic Lt. Though his part was relatively small, Duvall would deliver one of modern cinema's most memorable lines: Delivering a career performance as faded country singer Mac Sledge, Duvall perfectly captured the pain, heartache and despair of a once beloved entertainer.

One of the best films of the year, "Tender Mercies" deservedly received two Oscars, including one for Duvall for Best Actor.

biography robert duvall actor bio

While the Eighties boasted some of Duvall's finest work, the following decade was somewhat of a mixed bag for the actor, artistically speaking.

Settling into an increasingly familiar role as the mentor-cum-wizened father figure, Duvall breezed through a series of high-budget movies playing broad variations of the same character. While none of these films - among them: Par for the course, Duvall's presence actually elevated some of these films to undeserved heights.

biography robert duvall actor bio

His performance as a slick corporate legal counsel in the merely adequate "A Civil Action"for actor bio, earned the film its highest notices. One of the rare exceptions to this rule, though, was "The Apostle" - a pet project that Duvall had tried to get off the ground for over a decade. Written by, directed by and starring Duvall, "The Apostle" told the tale of a fallen preacher Duvall who, through a course of deceptive practices, ultimately finds unexpected redemption.

As his film career peaked, Duvall returned to television periodically. Duvall's output remained prolific - if a bit uninspired - as he entered the new millennium. Following a lengthy hiatus, Duvall returned with a splash in "Gone In 60 Seconds" - a high budget, high-octane spectacle starring Nicolas Cage and Angelina Jolie. An iconic actor, Robert Duvall is synonymous to biography robert talent and proficiency. Gifted with great artistic endowment, he has made huge mark in all the forms of entertainment whether theatre, television or films through his soulful rendition and absolute mastery.

What makes him exemplary in his work is his ability to completely inhabit the character that he is performing to the point of losing his own identity for the duration of the film shoot.

This probably best explains his dexterity and dominance over the films that he does. Other than just being actor, Duvall has served as the executive producer and director for a couple of his flicks. Pictures Of Robert Duvall. While his father was a Virginia-born US Navy admiral, his mother was an amateur actress.

He was raised in Christian Science religion.