Raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald
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Bharti's father the rich and affluent, Rupesh Chauhan Shailesh Datar finally finds a suitable match in the poor Murli Laal Vikrant Masseywho saves Bharti whilst she is about to fall from a tall building. On knowing that Bharti's father has sent over a proposal forward for his wedding with Bharti, Murli only agrees because he knows that this will help finance his younger sister's wedding. After a lot of considerations from both families they finally agree to go ahead with the alliance.

However, Murli feels tongue- tied, he feels he is being pressurized and has also come to know that he is adopted because his biological father considered him unlucky and inauspicious.

The 'Laal' family are also gifted a lavish bungalow and in their greed they agree to make Bharti their family's daughter- in- law. After a lot of struggle and ongoing chaos in the family, Bharti finally makes a place in the family and gives birth to a healthy baby, a son.

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The family is very happy and decide to send Bharti and Murli on a pilgrimage. Chaos follows on as Bharti amidst the crowd gets lost. Murli is depressed but also has a son to take care of.

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

Murli finally gives up and returns home with his elder brother. The family finally finds peace as they find Bharti after a lot of struggle.

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

The family becomes happy again but Murli's brother and sister- in- law, Mridang Darshan Gandas and Gaushala Ashita Dhawan hatch a plan to rob all the money and jewellery which originally belongs to Mridang's mother. In a haste Gaushala picks up the wrong baby thinking it's her daughter, Jasmine, but it is actually Vihaan, Bharti and Murli's dearest son.

Gaushala stops to bring her daughter but her husband asks her to choose between wealth or their child.

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The greedy Gaushala prefers to select wealth and sets off on a con-ride with her husband. It is later revealed that Mridang deliberately decided to keep Vihaan, kidnapping him.

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Mridang says to his wife that the only way to keep the 'Laal' family in control is to keep the child in their custody. Real-time popularity on IMDb.

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

The Story of Pokhran 1. Filmography by Job Trailers and Videos. Do you have a demo reel?

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

Add it to your IMDbPage. I always say we writers are mini Gods creating a world, form characters, give life to them and then play with their lives.

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raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

Priyank Sharma and Divya Aggarwal The show is a kind of comeback for all three protagonists. But here the twist is that she has to play the step-mom.

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

Though the film tanked at the box office it did have some cute moments. Ridhi Dogra also makes a comeback with Woh Apna Sa after two years.

raghuvir shekhawat biography of donald

Since then, Ridhi has been busy with her family and husband Raqesh. While in the Hollywood film Stepmom legendary actress Susan Sarandon had done the brilliant job. With Ridhi and Disha, the man who plays both their husband is Ssudeep Sahir.