Jugnu mohsin biography of barack

jugnu mohsin biography of barack
How much of Jugnu Mohsin's work have you seen? We also know that his head injury was near fatal and that he was allowed no medical attention by his captors. Bhutto mentioned the Peoples Party.

On 8 MaySethi was taken from his home by government agents.

jugnu mohsin biography of barack

Mohsin said at least eight armed officers broke into their house; the family's security guards were assaulted; and no warrant was shown. Sethi was threatened and she was tied up and left locked in another room.

jugnu mohsin biography of barack

Sethi was held for almost a month without charge. He was kept in the custody of the army intelligence group, Inter-Services Intelligence in Lahore. Mohsin publically campaigned for his release and continued to publish the Friday Times. Amnesty International stated that Sethi's arrest was connected with his investigations into government corruption, and designated him a prisoner of conscience.

The US-based Committee to Protect Journalists sent a letter of protest letter to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, noting the organisation's dismay "that the biography of barack Pakistan continues its persecution of independent journalists".

On 1 Junethe Pakistan government charged Sethi with "condemnation of the creation of the State and advocacy of the abolition of its sovereignty" and "promoting enmity between different groups". Sethi was transferred to the custody of the police. Mohsin, 40, were wakened that night by a tapping on the French doors that lead into a small walled garden scented by jasmine creepers and adorned by an orange tree.

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When she went over to see who was there, she recalled, 10 armed men shoved their way in. They tied her up and locked her in a dressing room. And they clubbed Mr. Sethi and hauled him off for interrogation, barefoot and dressed in pajamas. It was almost a week before Ms.

Najam Sethi

Mohsin knew who had taken her husband away. It turned out that army intelligence agents were questioning him about asserted links to India's intelligence agency.

Memo From Lahore; Editor Held 25 Days Finds Nightmare Never Ends

The evidence of his suspected treachery was a speech he had given in rival India -- the same speech he had delivered earlier to an ovation at the National Defense College in Pakistan -- in which he painted a devastating portrait of Pakistan as economically bankrupt, increasingly undemocratic and confused about its national identity. This has nothing to do with freedom of speech, but with the national interest.

jugnu mohsin biography of barack

Some lines are not crossed. Sethi's most outspoken allies said his case had everything to do with freedom of speech. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was angry about Mr.

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Sethi's decision to give an interview to the BBC, which was investigating high-level corruption in Pakistan, and Mr. Sethi's wickedly penetrating editorials on the many forms of venality that pass for governance in Pakistan, they said.

In the weeks before his arrest, Mr. Sethi had written about the successful prosecution of Mr. Comments 15 Closed Popular Newest Oldest. Nov 06, This woman sounds as fake as a three rupee note.

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Who is next, Rabi Peerzada? All I hear is 'main, main, main' too much focused on her own self. Beejamalo you might forget its about her Nov 07, Pakistan says US should accept defeat in Afghanistan, agrees to assistance on equal terms. Terror groups threaten Pakistan's 'stability and security': Tillerson says in India.

jugnu mohsin biography of barack

Why the West grew rich. Tillerson in Pakistan with a tough message on 'safe havens'. Caitlan Coleman breaks silence on captivity, says 'was in Pakistan for more than a year'. A ray of hope for IHK.

jugnu mohsin biography of barack

On 1 Junethe Pakistan government charged Sethi with "condemnation of the creation of the State and advocacy of the abolition of its sovereignty" and "promoting enmity between different groups". Sethi was transferred to the custody of the police. However, the following day, the Supreme Court of Pakistan ruled that the government had not provided sufficient evidence to justify Sethi's detention. Sethi was released, and the charges against him were dropped.

jugnu mohsin biography of barack

The book relates her marriage with the politician and Punjab landlord, Mustafa Khar. In the book, Durrani alleges that Khar mistreated and abused her. Durrani signed a contract with Mohsin giving Mohsin foreign rights and fifty percent of foreign royalties.

Jugnu Mohsin

On 19 Mayhowever, during Sethi's detention, Durrani said at a press conference that Sethi had stolen all of her earnings from the book. She said his actions were "an even bigger case of hypocrisy than my experience with the feudal system". Durrani sued Sethi for mental torture, and he counter sued for defamation.

An earlier dispute over the foreign rights had been settled out of court in A review of the contracts by the UK newspaper The Independent described Sethi as having acted in good faith and described him and Mohsin as "the injured party".