Further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography
Encyclopedia of Popular Music. Listen closely and you have to agree Bobby does this song the best.

An alcoholic for 18 years, drinking up to three fifths a day, Bland would not confront his problem until the early s.

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

Great Bland songs continued throughout the s: The body of work Bland created while with Duke — collected in in a CD boxed set — lifted him to the status of sole patriarch of soft soul singing; only B. Both releases successfully crossed over to white audiences, though many blues fans felt the music to be compromised.

Farther Up the Road

It has been a positive pairing for both artist and label. Unlike many blues and soul acts that were preeminent in the s, Bland has matured well. His first album for Malaco, Members Only, was a triumphant return to form.

It could be argued that more than any other figure, Bland moved the blues away from its arcane and primitive origins while still keeping its spirit intact.

Two Steps From the Blues, Duke, Call on Me, Duke, Touch of the Blues, Duke, First Class Blues, Malaco, Midnight Run, Malaco, I Pity the Fool: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Retrieved October 28, from Encyclopedia. At a Glance …. A genuine musical institution after more than fifty years of performing, Bland has built a career on a vocal personality that took him many years to develop, but that no one else could imitate. Raised by his mother he met his father only after becoming a starBland moved with her to Memphis when he was He worked during the day at a garage, but began to get acquainted with local musicians as a member of a gospel group called the Miniatures.


Memphis at the time was in the middle of a musical golden age that would make its name almost synonymous with the blues, and legendary guitarist B. King was already displaying his talents on a weekly radio show.

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

He gave me the opportunity and I still thank him today. He spent two years in Japan and a year at Fort Hood in Killeen, Texaswhere he began to sing on weekends at amateur-night contests in nearby cities.

He began to find his distinctive voice when he learned to emulate.

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

Performed in Memphis with gospel group the Miniatures; performed with group the Beale Streeters and provided backup vocals to B. King; signed to Duke label, ; recorded for Duke, ; toured widely, performing up to dates a year, s and s; signed to MCA label, late s; signed to Malaco label, ; continued to tour, early s. Grammy nomination, ; inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Recording label — Malaco Records, P.

BoxNorthside Dr.

Back in Memphis after leaving the Army, Bland discovered that the Duke label had been purchased by hard-driving entrepreneur Don Robey. At about this time Bland also encountered recordings made by the Rev.

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

Many of his recordings during his years with the Duke label were composed or claimed by Robey, but even after Duke was absorbed by the more mainstream ABC label in he continued to enjoy success with such contemporary releases as The California Album. In the late s he recorded for the MCA label and even flirted with disco music.

Indeed, the problems Bland faced at mid-career were not musical but personal. He was so shy, and he took no responsibility for anything.

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

You had to lead him around. The song has been notated in 4 4 time in the key of F with a moderate beats per minute tempo. Part of the song's success may be due to Bland's "telling a convincing story, making brief lyrical vignettes highly believable with his conversational style". However, Prahlad adds, "His [Bland's] usage of the proverb contains a philosophical dimension that is absent from the other [songs with similar themes] and a momentary distance from the emotional wound".

The song was Bland's first charting single after several years of recording for various record companies. The Duke Recordings, Vol. Eric Clapton recorded several versions of "Farther Up the Road" over the years, usually calling it after its opening lyrics "Further On up the Road". The song first appeared on his live album E. Ina live version was recorded with Freddie Kingwhich is included on Freddie King — Also inhe performed the song with the Band in the concert film The Last Waltz.

A version with Joe Bonamassa appears on the video Joe Bonamassa: Live from the Royal Albert Hall. Clapton co-performed the song with Robbie Robertson during his induction at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in and resurrected it for his and Asian, European and American world tours.

further on up the road bobby blue bland lyrics biography

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