Yayi boni biography of william

yayi boni biography of william
The election saw high voter turnout and was considered free and fair by independent election observers. This page was last edited on 16 September , at

Boni stood as one of 26 candidates in the March presidential election. Boni surprised many by earning The election saw high voter turnout and was considered free and fair by independent election observers. By Augustan increasingly unified coalition was able to get a majority of the parliament to vote to impeach Boni for his involvement in a Ponzi scheme that took the savings ofpeople in Benin.

L'ancien président béninois, Thomas Boni Yayi, parle de son successeur Patrice Talon

A new voter system in the country was widely criticized by the opposition, and with the assistance of international organizations, Boni agreed to a two-week delay in the presidential election. The result of the election, deemed free and fair by international election monitors, was a victory for Boni on the first round with The court named Boni as the winner on 21 Marchresulting in large-scale protests and police repression of those demonstrations.

Benin: Democratic Succession

Having served two terms in office, Yayi Boni was constitutionally required to biography down in Soon after leaving office, he headed the African Union's william mission for the April presidential election in Equatorial Guinea. On 15 MarchYayi Boni survived an ambush on his convoy near the village of Ikemon while returning from an election campaign rally in the town Ouesse for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The attackers blocked the road with downed trees, and fired upon the vehicle that usually carries the President; however President Boni was traveling in a separate vehicle. Several of his entourage were wounded in the ensuing crossfire between the presidential guard and the would-be assassins. The verification of such information remains impossible to date.

yayi boni biography of william

On 23 Octoberthe BBC reported that the president's doctor, niece, and former commerce minister had been arrested in a plot to poison the president. Patrice Talona former ally of the president and businessman, had reportedly paid the niece to substitute the President's medicine with a "toxic substance" while he was on a state visit to Brussels.

yayi boni biography of william

Originally from a Muslim family, [9] Boni is now an Evangelical Protestant. A descendant of the Yoruba princes of Sabe in his own right, both Yayi Boni and his wife were awarded chieftaincy titles by the Nigerian king of Ile-Ife in These fundamental prescriptions of our constitution of 11 December must resist all opportunistic revisionism, short-term interests and subjectivism. Both Kerekou and his predecessor Nicephore Soglo were ineligible to run under the constitution, which prohibits candidates over 70 years old. The transition in Benin, commented This Day of neighboring Nigeria, demonstrated a "high level of political development" and a level of respect for the democratic process which "should humble betterendowed African countries.

yayi boni biography of william

Until one elected president hands over the reins of power to another elected president in a free and fair election, then democracy cannot be said to be taking root in any country. As noted in the articles below, the voters hope that the political example will be matched by changes in the difficult economic situation facing the country. For additional background, the Benin news portal http: The Benin government website is at http: Since first seizing power in a military coup inMathieu amassed 29 years as ruler of Benin.

yayi boni biography of william

He converted first his military dictatorship into a one-party Leninist-Marxist state inbut in pulled off Africa's first successful transition from dictatorship to democracy. After losing an election and standing down inhe won a free and fair presidential ballot inand was awarded a second term in Fittingly for a man who ran his country through different ideologies, Kerekou's motto was "the stick cannot break in the arms of a chameleon".

Biography of Thomas Yayi BONI

His trademark swagger stick was emblazoned with a chameleon. Kerekou's adherence to the constitution and his successful engineering of a peaceful succession is made all the more remarkable given the often less than democratic norm in the region.

yayi boni biography of william

Neighbouring Togo has been ruled by the Gnassingbe dynasty for over 38 years and the last election was hotly criticised. Elsewhere in the region Omar Bongo in Gabon is currently Africa's longest-serving leader and was also re-elected for another seven years in December Chadian President Idriss Deby has recently changed the constitution to allow himself to run again.

However during a state visit to Senegal, Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi this week suggested year-old Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade should change the constitution to stand for life.

Throughout his ten-year reign, Kerekou followed a liberal economic path, and improved Benin's international standing. Benin has taken part in several United Nations peacekeeping missions elsewhere in Africa.

Thomas Boni Yayi

In his message to the nation in July Independence Day celebrations, Kerekou celebrated Benin's constitution. The institutions of the republic function properly, Benin's people enjoy all their fundamental liberties. Freedom of the press is guaranteed. The legal environment is cleaned up.

The constitution was made as a basic reference and the test of authenticity of the new democratic culture is whether the political actors from now on stick to it responsibly. He attended schools in Senegal, Mali and France and served in the French army before returning to Benin with the rank of lieutenant. In he served as aide de camp of Benin's first post-independence president Hubert Maga.

Commentators said Yayi's seemingly miraculous But he is the man of the hour," said the daily newspaper Nokoue.

yayi boni biography of william

In the 15 years since the introduction of multi-party democracy, Benin's political leaders had failed popular expectations, the paper said. After being officially proclaimed winner of the election by the Constitutional Court last week, Yayi said. I am convinced that together we will succeed in changing to create a new Benin. We are waiting to see the result of these comings and goings," said Akim Ossnu, a security guard.

Benin is rated among the world's 20 poorest countries by the United Nations. Life expectancy is 54 and a third of the population is illiterate and lives below the poverty line. During his 12 years at the helm of the BOAD, Yayi reorganized and cleaned up biography of william, increased activities and spending, and brought in new shareholders and funds. During his campaign for the presidency he pledged that if elected, one of the top priorities of his five-year mandate would be to end corruption and economic crime and reinstate ethical values and respect for the state.

yayi boni biography of william

Yayi has pledged to develop Benin's traditional economic role in the region as a provider of shipping and services for its landlocked northern neighbours, Burkina Faso and Niger, while developing ties with the giant on its doorstep, Nigeria.

On the domestic front, Yayi said he would battle attempts to whip up ethnic trouble, pay out unpaid salaries to civil servants, provide civic instruction in schools, create a better investment climate and promote peace. Demonstrating his aim to harness aid from all sides, one of his first visits after biography william proclaimed winner of the biography william was to contender Houngbedji, whom he praised for his fair play. Recent experience from Africa shows that it can also be rather messy.

In the popular discourse of today democratisation is rather simple. Most of the discussion focuses around the question of free and fair elections and countries are judged according to the number and performance of elections. The Republic of Benin, one of the smallest African countries with a population of some five million has, thus, been held up as a success story and is today seen as a guide for other countries in the region and for Africa at large. Background The first twelve post-independence years of the Republic of Benin were characterised by political instability with an alternation of civilian and military rule.

The country experienced its fifth and last military coup in A transition government and parliament were created and a new constitution written and voted on by referendum, providing for a multiparty democracy. Since then Benin has experienced three parliamentary and two presidential elections. He was Prime Minister in the Transition Government that governed the country from to The outcome took many people by surprise.