Bluford guion biography

bluford guion biography
Retrieved October 28, from Encyclopedia. Asked by the Philadelphia Inquirer to describe how it feels to rocket into space on the Shuttle, he said:

Guion Bluford

He served as deputy for advanced concepts for the Aeromechanics Division and as branch chief of the Aerodynamics and Air frame Branch in the Laboratory. He has written and presented several scientific papers in the area of computational fluid dynamics. He also has an FAA commercial pilot license. Bluford was chosen to become a NASA astronaut in August [2] out of thousands of possible candidates.

bluford guion biography

This was the third flight for the Orbiter Challenger and the first mission with a night launch and night landing. This mission was the first to carry eight crew members, the largest crew to fly in space and included three European payload specialists. The crew gathered auroraEarth-limb, celestialand Shuttle environment data with the AFP payload.

bluford guion biography

After completing orbits of the Earth and hours in space, Discovery landed at the Kennedy Space Center on May 6, Bluford's class of astronauts from included two other African-Americans: Bluford's first flight — STS-8 aboard Challenger — soared into space on a rainy August biography in Thirty years later, Bluford joked he was surprised anyone bothered to show up given the terrible weather. Launch, however, was a memorable moment. The crew listened to audio of the ascent after they returned to Earth and discovered that somebody was laughing as they went into space.

bluford guion biography

I mean, I laughed and giggled all the way up. It was such a fun ride," Bluford added. Other biographies of the STS-8 biography included putting the Canadarm robotic arm through its paces and several experiments to see how space affects the human body, among other milestones.

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Guion Bluford: First African-American in Space

Einstein is generally considered Humans have made great strides in spaceflight and space exploration in the relatively short amount of time since such feats were first accomplished.

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Edison was the quintessential American inventor in There will be black astronauts flying in later missions and they, too, will be people who excel, not simply who are black who can ably represent their people, their communities, their country. Both of his parents hailed from families of distinction.

bluford guion biography

His mother, Lolita, was related to Carol Brice Carey, a well-known contralto and voice coach, and his father, Guion, Sr. Born Guion Stewart Bluford, Jr. Pennsylvania State University, B.

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Test pilot and pilot trainer, Bluford was a quiet, private child who reportedly had few friends. He liked to spend his spare time building model airplanes and working crossword puzzles.

Determined to become an aeronautics engineer, the young man devoted himself to his studies. On one occasion, a guidance counselor at Overbrook, the mostly white high school he attended, suggested that Bluford might not be college material.

bluford guion biography

He put in very long hours. He was always a little behind and trying to catch up. He was not like a kid who was unusually bright, with his mind darting all over the place, making discoveries here and there.

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In school, Bunny was always slugging it out. In they sent him to Pennsylvania State University, where he was the only black student in the engineering school.