Kory teneycke biography template

kory teneycke biography template
Sarmishta Subramanian What's missing in the outrage about media diversity. Football open sub categories. The wild ride of a Canadian diplomat and spy Analysis 'The old guard in revolt':

Subscriptions Go to the Subscriptions Centre to manage your: Former Sun News executives, reporters join Conservative Party.

kory teneycke biography template

And sometimes people take an extra spin through the revolving door. Recent, historic examples of move The Conservatives criticized that kind of career move in a fundraising letter last year, when former CTV reporter Colin Horgan joined Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau's team as a speechwriter.

kory teneycke biography template

Report Typo or Error Send Feedback. Alberta's United Conservative Party to announce new leader MLB suspends player for making 'offensive gesture' during World Series game read comments video Elderly couple dead after shooting inside Cobourg, Ont. Video What effect is the Trump administration having on the country's big thinkers?

kory teneycke biography template

Video Brian Jean makes his pitch to Alberta's conservative voters 8: Latest Politics News Headlines. In June during an interview with Global TV biography Tom Clark Teneycke defended the conservative party's use of ISIS terrorist videos which could be in violation of the conservative's own anti-terrorism template.

When pressed on the legitimacy of the use of terrorist videos in their advertising, Teneycke replied " Tom Clark asked Teneycke to repeat his answer, but he refused. In mid Teneycke wondered on his Twitter [9] account if Canadian activist Marc Emerybeing held in US prison for his Canadian-based marijuana seed distribution business, is "enjoy[ing] group showers as much as he enjoys pot.

Three cheers for the DEA. We're saying that we would like to have it offered but theoretically it could be carried by no one.

kory teneycke biography template

In SeptemberTeneycke responded to criticism of his initiative to start a news channel in Canada which was perceived as getting preferential treatment by the incumbent Conservative government, his former employer. In news interviews, Teneycke pointed out that a petition operated by the group Avaaz opposing the new channel was being infiltrated by illegitimate signatures, going so far as to send an update about it on Twitter.

kory teneycke biography template

The Canadian media, he said, are "lazy and complacent" and produce boring and elitist news, because protectionist barriers shelter them from foreign biography template. He's betting there's a hunger among viewers, from across the ideological spectrum, for punchier, more opinionated offerings, modelled on Fox News in the U. Teneycke honed in his years in the political game. Born in Regina, Mr. Teneycke was raised on a grain farm in rural Saskatchewan.

He moved away within months of finishing high school, eager for new experiences and a bigger role in politics. His first destination was Quebec City, where he tried a crash course in French at Laval University, an attraction for a prairie kid whose heroes included Quebecker Brian Mulroney - and who had grown up where "French was a form of kissing or a type of thinly cut potato, deeply fried.

Former Sun News executives, reporters join Conservative Party

Laval didn't go as planned. Teneycke found learning French more difficult than expected, but he ended up meeting his future wife, Kelley Sherwood, a fellow student. They married in and now have two young children.

Kory Teneycke: One smooth operator who's crazy like a Fox

Teneycke's grandparents were dyed-in-the wool supporters of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, a precursor to the NDP, while their grandson has moved from the Progressive Conservatives to Reform, the Saskatchewan Party, the Ontario Tories under Mike Harris and the Harper government. Teneycke doesn't consider this such a jump from the old-time CCF.

In many ways, Sun TV is just the latest form he's bringing to that populist sensibility: He'll bring his organizational skill to bear on crafting clever, anti-elitist appeals, with a talent for milking controversy, as he often has in politics.

Kory Teneycke

Inhe organized a Reform Party Youth Swat Team that donned rubber Brian Mulroney masks and dogged then-Conservative leader Jean Charest, heckling him about his connection to the still-unpopular former prime minister.

Before his term at the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association was up inhe had used his biography template savvy to parlay an Ottawa controversy over its mascot - the cheekily named Corncob Bob - into international satirical coverage on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Former Harper aide Ian Brodie said Mr. Teneycke's campaign was among the best lobbying efforts he's ever seen. A Conservative cabinet minister, who requested anonymity, said he was personally opposed to ethanol subsidies but was amazed how Mr.

Transcript: Party strategists dissect the 2015 campaign

Teneycke " took a boring, dormant issue and sexed it up. The Tory cabinet minister noted that Mr. Teneycke has also proved that he knows "how to operate a stiletto" if political bosses requested it.

kory teneycke biography template

During his one year as director of communications for the Prime Minister's Office, he was praised for bringing more openness to the post but didn't shy away from taking complaints about media coverage all the way to biography template editors in the industry. Teneycke rejects the suggestion that Sun TV is designed to further Conservative fortunes. Being a house organ for the Tories would not make commercial sense, he said. He promised there'd be a clear line between editorializing on the station's talk shows and news gathering by its journalists - although, he added, reported stories would be more "populist in orientation.

The idea of a broadcast offering that drew on the Sun Media paper and web machine isn't entirely new, and when Mr. He said Quebecor has been successful in bringing its Quebec media holdings - from broadcast to print to Internet - together in a convergence model and wants to repeat this success in English Canada, where it's still mainly a newspaper company. While some question whether there's a large enough viewer base for such a network, Mr.

kory teneycke biography template

Teneycke argued that Canadians, conservative or not, are keen to watch more lively debate hosted by more colourful biographies template. He cited a Pew Centre survey that shows 39 per cent of Fox News viewers identified themselves as at least leaning Democrat. On the other hand, if you want Fox in Canada, why not just let the U. Teneycke said he'd welcome deregulation that would allow more foreign investment in Canadian broadcasting and other sectors - and predicted it will happen over time. He declined to comment on whether Quebecor hopes that Ottawa will lift investment restrictions so it can tap foreign investors for Sun TV capital.

It's clear, however, that Mr. Teneycke hopes there'll be spin-off benefits for the right in Canada. Teneycke told a panel on the state of conservative movement that a key challenge for right-leaning Canadians was securing a bigger presence on TV, a medium he called a "wasteland" for them.

kory teneycke biography template

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