Communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography
Help us write more We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers. That's a source of our strength. After the violence at the August Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville , Sargon released a video in which he attempted to both denounce the alt-right but also legitimise their point of view.

Sargon of Akkad

He fought his way north to the city of Mariwhich he captured, and then pushed even further into the land of another Semitic tribe, wilder and more nomadic than his own Akkadians: Campaigning up the Tigris, he reached and conquered the little northern city of Ashur After this, he ranged even farther north and asserted his rule over the equally small city of Nineveh Sargon may even have invaded Asia Minor He may also have taken Cyprus and claims to have marched to the Mediterranean Sea and sent ships as far away as India for trade.

He marched throughout Mesopotamia conquering one city-state after another and expanded his empire as far as Lebanon and the Taurus mountains of Turkey and then went even further. He instituted military practices of combining different types of fighting forces in looser formations to enable greater mobility and adaptability on the field which became standard down through the time of Alexander the Great. He swept across the land with his army until he had formed the formed the communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography empire in the world.

There had been Mesopotamian heroes before of course. The famous kings of early Uruk, like Gilgamesh and his father Lugalbanda, were the protagonists of a series of fantastical accounts and tales of outlandish deeds that became mainstays of the Sumerian literary canon and were copied and recopied inscribal schools and palace scriptoria for centuries, sometimes millennia. But they belong to the age of mythology rather than heroic legend; they told of intimate intercourse with the gods, battles with fearful monsters, the search for immortality and extraordinary other-worldly adventures.

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

With the advent of Sargon, his sons and grandsons, the tales become, not necessarily more believable, but at least centred on the here-and-now of earthly life Bauer, Forming an biography is one thing; but keeping it operating is quite another. Still, in administration, Sargon proved himself as capable as he was in military conquest. In order to maintain his presence throughout his empire, Sargon strategically placed his best and most trusted men in positions of power in the various cities.

The "Citizens of Akkad", as a later Babylonian biography calls them, were the governors and administrators in communist manifesto 65 different cities. One of his inscriptions reads, "From the sea above to the sea below, the sons of Akkad held the chiefdoms of his cities" and Bauer notes how, "In this kingdom, the Sumerians rapidly found themselves living as foreigners in their own cities When Sargon took over a city, it became an Akkadian stronghold, staffed with Akkadian officials and garrisoned with Akkadian troops" Sargon also cleverly placed his daughter, Enheduanna, as High Priestess of Inanna at Ur and, through her, seems to have able to manipulate religious, political, and cultural affairs from afar.

Enheduanna is recognized today as the world's first writer known by name and, from what is known of her life, she seems to have been a very able and powerful administrator in addition to her literary talents. The stability provided by this empire gave rise to the construction of roads, improved irrigation, a wider sphere of influence in trade, as well as developments in arts and sciences.

The Akkadian Empire created the first postal system where clay tablets inscribed in cuneiform Akkadian script were wrapped in outer clay envelopes marked with the name and address of the recipient and the seal of the sender. These letters could not be opened except by the person they were intended for because there was no way to open the clay envelope save by breaking it, thus ensuring privacy in correspondence. Sargon also standardized weights and measures for use in trade and daily commerce, initiated a system of taxation which was fair to all social classes, and engaged in numerous building projects such as the restoration of Babylon which, according to some sources, he founded - though this is not generally accepted as true.

He also created, trained, and equipped a full-time army - at least in the city of Akkad - where, as an inscription reads, soldiers "ate bread daily" with the king. While this does not seem to be the kind of professional army later created by the Assyrian king Tilgath Pileser III, as it seems it was neither year-round nor kept in a near-constant state of mobilization it was a great advance over the armies of the past. Even with these improvements to the lives of the citizens of Mesopotamia, the people still rebelled against Akkadian rule.

Throughout his life Sargon would continue to encounter uprisings as city-states asserted their autonomy and rose against the empire.

The Communist Manifesto (Complete Audiobook)

In my old age of 55, all the lands revolted against me, and they besieged me in Agade but the old lion communist manifesto sargon had teeth and claws, I went forth to battle and defeated them: I knocked them over and destroyed their vast army. Now, any king who wants to call himself my equal, wherever I went, let him go! According to the Sumerian king list, Sargon reigned for 56 years and died in old age of natural causes. If he had seemed larger than life to his people during his reign, he assumed an almost god-like status in death.

The Curse of Agade is a lamentation for the collapse and fall of the Akkadian Empire, written within a hundred years of the event. The story tells of how the great city of Akkad Agade in Sumerian rose to its pre-eminent height and empire until Naram-Suen, the grandson of Sargon of Akkad, was given unfavourable omens and so desecrated the temple of Enlil, which caused the gods to ravage Akkad and it's lands by famine and invasion by the "monkey-faced" barbarians known as the Gutians Youtube, video, Education, history, audiobook, text, ancient writing, book, akkad, curse of akkad, So confirmation of Total War: Warhammer has been leaked.

Please don't fuck this up, Creative Assembly.

The Legend of Sargon of Akkad

You've had all the harsh lessons from Rome 2 already, please please don't forget them. December announcement http: Many thanks to everyone who contributed, this couldn't have been possible without your help. Women have the privilege of free entry into many nightclubs and bars 2. Women have the privilege of not having their motives questioned when they play with children 3.

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

First-world feminists are being oppressed by naked breasts on page 3 of the Sun newspaper. Let's hope Twitter activism can save these poor damsels. Channel 4 debate https: Prostitution is obviously a tool of the white supremacist, capitalist patriarchy, and has always been used to oppress women, according to feminist 'historians'.

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

Meanwhile, in the real world Will Jeremy Corbyn ever answer the Jewish Question? The disconnect between communist theory and practice enormous. That was not cool, Bill Nye. Social justice is completely lame.

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

The Seven Evil Spirits is a translation of hymns and incantations against the supernatural forces that haunted ancient Babylonia. Youtube, video, Education, history, audiobook, text, ancient writing, book.

Who was Sargon of Akkad and why was he such a raging badass? There is no doubt there is a rape culture in the UK, and it is allowed to flourish because of the word "racist". Apologies for the error. The graphic of the Muslim population in the UK is also strikingly similar to the one of overall population as well - something I was unaware of and should have looked up.

Information is here, thanks to commentators for pointing Your tax money put to good use. I spent an hour in Baked Alaska's discord server, talking to him about the Alt Right, the Jews, and other subjects the MSM would be too terrified to touch. This is an excerpt from Robert Greene's 33 Strategies of War. Sargon communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography emphasised that he believes there is a significant amount of anti-white hatred in the United States. Sargon's video indeed blamed the rapes on British society's supposed "political correctness".

And the Daily Stormer shot back: I was fine with Sargon being a reactionary who focused exclusively on the feminist issue. I have watched many of his videos, and not really disagreed with any of it. But seeing him blame the British people for Pakistani child rape gangs was something that needed addressed [ sic ]. In the end, Anglin has this to say about Sargon: Sargon's shtick is to interrupt his opponents constantly, mock them for their perceived mistakes, and pedantically correct them.

This, by chance or by intent, makes Sargon more likely to quotemine someone, and thus attack them piecewise rather than attack their entire argument as a whole. When he gives his final rebuttal at the end, his opponent has already been communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography as untrustworthy.

Because this tactic only works through the magic of editing, Sargon is far less effective in live debate. No, I'm pushing a 'dead victim comes back to life' video. What that does to your narrative isn't my concern.

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

What about this video is bullshit? You Share a video that suggests the chemical attacks were a false flag in a conversation saying as much then you say "what. What did I do? What's the problem here?

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

That a girl near death didn't die at the time of video? In context, you're clearly suggesting attack didn't happen. I don't know whether the attack happened or not.

This girl is claimed dead by gas attack, she's not. Will you ignore out of convenience? What's the girls name?

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

Did you follow up to see if she's still alive? Good questions, some investigative journos should look into it, shouldn't they? Fighting pseudoscience isn't communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography. Not to be confused with the infinitely more noteworthy and hirsute emperor of the Akkadian Empire. I run the channel called Sargon of Akkad, where I devote my time to dismantling ideological nonsense.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'm one of them. This is the reason I am not part of the extreme progressive left, just like I will not be part of the extreme fascist right.

I like the idea of socialised healthcare and welfare. See the main article on this topic: A place so honest they actually think I'm a Donald Trump supporter. He bought into Russian propaganda that Hillary was pressing for war with Russia. In Sargon's case, it would have been to his benefit, as an aspiring conqueror and empire builder, to claim for himself a humble birth and modest upbringing.

At the time Sargon came to power in BCE, Sumer was a region which had only recently been united under the king of Umma, Lugalzagesi, and even then it was not a cohesive union. Prior to Lugalzagesi's conquestSumerian cities were frequently at war with each other, vying for resources such as water and land rights. Further complicating the situation was the discrepancy between the rich and the poor. The historian Susan Wise Bauer writes on this, commenting:.

Sargon of Akkad videos

Sargon's relatively speedy conquest of the entire Mesopotamian plain is startling, given the inability of Sumerian kings to control any area much larger than two or akkad biography cities [but the Sumerians] were suffering from an increased gap between elite leadership and poor laborers. Sargon's relatively easy conquest of the area not to mention his constant carping on his own non-aristocratic background may reveal a successful appeal to the downtrodden members of Sumerian society to come communist manifesto sargon to his side By presenting himself as a "man of the people", he was able to garner support for his cause and took Sumer with relative ease.

Once the south of Mesopotamia was under his control, he then went on to create the first multi-national empire in history. That his reign was not always popular, once he was securely in power, is attested to by the number of revolts he was forced to deal with as described in his inscriptions. Early on, however, his appeal would have been great to people who were tired of the wealthy living as they pleased at the expense of the working lower class. The class system in Sumer was fairly rigid, with only a very few enjoying lives of leisure, and the majority communist manifesto all the work which allowed the cities to function.

In this kind of social situation, a contender for rule who was the child of a biography mother, abandoned, and taken in by a gardener, would have won the approval of the people far more than any of the elite who then ruled the cities. The following translation of the legend comes from J. Sargon, the mighty king, king of Agade, am I. My mother was a changeling, my father I knew not.

communist manifesto sargon of akkad biography

The brother s of my father loved the hills. My city is Azupiranu, which is situated on the banks of the Euphrates. My changeling mother conceived me, in secret she bore me.


Akki, the drawer of water, appointed me as his gardener, While I was a gardener, Ishtar granted me her love, And for four and [ Dilmun my [hand] cap[tured], [To] the great Der I [went up], I [. Whatever king may come up after me, [. The inscription was discovered in the Assyrian city of Nineveh in CE by the archeologist Sir Henry Rawlinson who was excavating the site.

Rawlinson is famous for many important discoveries throughout Mesopotamia but perhaps most for uncovering the library of Ashurbanipal at Nineveh.