Cam sinclair biography

cam sinclair biography
After training as an architect, Cameron Sinclair then age 24 joined Kate Stohr to found Architecture for Humanity , a nonprofit that helps architects apply their skills to humanitarian efforts. Views Read Edit View history. He under-rotated a double backflip and landed chest-and-face-first.

cam sinclair biography

Eventually, he and Bilko both were drawn fully to the freestyle side. He found freestyle much easier and more rewarding, he says.

cam sinclair biography

His career took off in that direction. Bilko gives Cam credit for the idea to build ramps, but they both decided to try a backflip at around the same time.

Cam was the first of the two to attempt a backflip.

cam sinclair biography

He tried it five times before he got hurt and had to give up for the session. A few months later, he and Bilko were back at it. Again, he makes it sound easy, and maybe it was for him.

cam sinclair biography

Back in those days I was young and used to bounce and not break as much as I do now. I was a lot more confident back then. But it was amazing.

cam sinclair biography

You just had to huck it and hope for the best back in those days. In May he stepped down from its board and in October resigned as its "chief eternal optimist" CEO and executive director.

cam sinclair biography

Sinclair worked as director of the Jolie-Pitt Foundation from November to December including overseeing construction of a children's hospital in Ethiopia. He is also founder of Small Works, a for purpose design and development company which focuses on reconstruction and social impact projects. The organization is best known for its award-winning self built re-deployable structures, many of which were built as schools in Jordan by Syrian refugees. Having developed an interest in social, cultural and humanitarian design, his postgraduate thesis focused on providing shelter to New York's homeless through sustainablecam sinclair biography housing.

This thesis served as the basis for starting Architecture for Humanity. Architecture for Humanity was co-founded by Sinclair in and grew to include 90, design professionals, 5 cam sinclair biography offices around the globe and 70 independent city-based chapters. During his tenure over 2. On April 6,Sinclair co-founded Architecture for Humanity with Kate Stohr, a charitable organization which developed architecture and design solutions to humanitarian crises, and provides pro bono design and construction services to communities in need.

Cameron Sinclair

The organization worked in forty eight countries on projects ranging from school, health clinics, affordable housing and long term sustainable reconstruction. Work has also included rebuilding after the tsunami in Japan, earthquakes in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina and the South Asia tsunami. Last week he made an emotional return to the same X-Fighters competition in Madrid, where he did not feel up to trying a double flip and finished 10th.

Cam Sinclair

Just showing up at the venue, he said, was important from a mental standpoint. Sinclair, however, has implied that he'll bring a variation of the double flip to the X Games' best-trick competition.

His run will be highly anticipated and preceded by several anxious moments for him and his many fans. The double backflip, in which a rider soars from a ramp and performs two backward rotations in flight cam landing on another ramp, is arguably the biography dangerous trick in this exceedingly dangerous discipline of motocross.

Only a few riders have attempted it because there is almost no margin for error. Under-rotating means you splat on your head or chest, with the bike landing on top of you; over-rotating means you land on your back.

There's no opportunity to bail to the side or prepare for hitting the ground, as there is with most other tricks. It's a trick many openly wished would be retired after the legendary Travis Pastrana became the first to land it while competing in the X Games best-trick competition.

Pastrana had practiced the double numerous times while jumping from a ramp into a foam pit. His life-or-death jump -- that's how it was portrayed -- remains arguably the most dramatic moment in X Games history.

Sinclair last year was said to have become the first to land the double in a regular competition not a best-trick event at an X-Fighters tour stop in Texas.