Baba faqir chand autobiography

baba faqir chand autobiography
Sahesradal Kamal, or Thousand-petalled Lotus. With the fall of the night, the rebels attacked us.

Mingled in dust entire this world. And dust remains, here baba faqir chand autobiography. He dwells in ecstasy. Every time, morn and eve. Faqir neither worships nor is worshipped.

His is free from this show. Happy appearance, joyful heart. Ever pure in his soul. Whom you see, in state. Accept him, as true Faqir. He is sage of both worlds. And a sear of two worlds. Whatever, I did realize. I lay down here for you. Thou had baba faqir chand autobiography thy cloth. That is being filled today. Merged am I in myself. Yee too, should merge one day. Ye shall attain thy destination. It is disclosed just today. That is why, above all other. I am, proud of thee. Yee will illuminate the Nama. It is the voice of my heart. On request of a large number of people, Satsang was arranged.

In obedience to the command of my Sat-Guru I am obliged to speak out my experience and my research to the world. Thousands of instances have been brought to my notice in writing and verbally, where in, my form has appeared to different people at different places and at different times.

Some saw me in their wakefulness and while others have seen me either in their dream or in their Abhyas. My manifested form guided them in their physical and mental troubles.

Baba Faqir Chand

But I never knew about these instances, until I was told or written to. What is the baba faqir chand autobiography of these manifestations? These manifestations are not a Reality. Whosoever has his faith in any guru, god, goddess or any ideal, the form of his or her ideal manifests to him or her. It is the result of impressions and suggestions that our mind has accepted.

And nothing from without comes to manifest. It is the miracle of your own concentrated mind. Different devotees of different gods and goddesses see the manifestations of their own ideals. Some see Vishnu, others see Lord Rama and still others see the form of their own guru. Ask any Christian or a Muslim, if they ever see Lord Rama in their meditation, wakefulness or in dream. If Lord Rama is really all pervading then his image or Holy form must also manifest invariably to Muslims and Christians as autobiography.

But his form appears to the Hindus alone. Why is it so? Manifestations that appear to you are the magnified forms of your own Sankaras. Nothing from without comes to manifest. It is the baba faqir chand of faith and belief of the individual. I daily receive a heavy mail regarding such instances. In one instance, a student while sitting in the Examination Hall remembered me because he was unable to answer the questions, as they were difficult. He prayed for help.

baba faqir chand autobiography

My form appeared and sat under his desk and dictated him all the answers. He secured very good marks.

baba faqir chand autobiography

But I say it upon my honor that I never knew about that boy. Not to speak of him, I even do not know the subject in which I dictated my answers I am myself only a middle pass. Those who have faith in my word and those who think that I am a great saint, their faith do miracles to them, not me. I remain unaware about all such babas faqir chand autobiography that are attributed to me. You appear and direct us to take a particular medicine from the bazaar, take it and get cured.

It is the work of faith and faith alone. This is my research. Scientific research has proved that even the movement of our little finger can produce vibrations in the space, which rise up to the stars and return to the baba faqir chand autobiography of their origin.

The vibrations caused by the movement of our finger are woven out of subtle matter, travel to the highest point in this cosmos and then return to the place of their origin.

I have known the power of thought and I believe in the philosophy of thought. To be clear and precise I give you certain examples. You sleep and enter the state of dreams, you become furious in your dream and you beat somebody. In such a state, your body and hands move as if you are actually beating somebody. If you experience a frightful dream, your tongue is moved and you cry. You enjoy sex with a lady in your dream and your semen gets discharged. Now you think over this enigma. Actually, there was no-one whom you autobiography beating in your dream and nor was there any lady, but simply your involuntary thoughts and Sanskars moved your hand and also led to the discharge of your semen.

Now, you can well imagine, that if your unknown Sanskaras and involuntary thoughts can have this effect upon your body during the state of your dreaming, how much disastrous would be the effects of our voluntary, determined and willed thoughts charged with jealousy, greed and selfishness. At present, we are passing through very critical times. Opposite ranks in all the walks of life i.

I have been doing my best for the last 30 years in awakening the political leaders, religious preachers and social performers through stage and writings.

Even today, I give a clarion call that our present system of election is a sweet poison for the nation. It sows the seed of hatred, enmity and jealousy. It is leading to the disintegration of the nature rather than to integration.

As we sow, so we shall reap. Sow love and justice, reap the same and live a happy and peaceful life. Release from the cycle of birth and deathI have to say that it does exist. You must have seen some children are born as blind; some others lose their eyesight or suffer attacks of disease and get crippled in early days of childhood. What a sin such children could have committed while in womb or in early days of their childhood? It proves that they have suffered in this life for their autobiography sins and deeds. Those who do not believe in the philosophy of re-birth and the philosophy of deed must conclude that the creator of this world is very cruel and he is indifferent to the human sufferings.

He creates the babas including mankind according to his will and whim and awards punishments and rewards as per His will without caring for our good and bad actions. It is said, that God created man in His own image. However, what about a man? He too creates his progenies in his own image. We indulge in sex, not for begetting children, but for enjoyment. Children are born simply as by-product of our sexual enjoyment.

Do we know what fate they will meet in their lives? Moreover, we expect that they offshoots of our uncontrolled passions should remain obedient to us, keep them in baba faqir chand and trend the path of virtue. This can never, never happen. Let any leader, Guru and social reformer do his utmost to reform such a generation.

Fault is not with the generation, but with the generators. The youth all over the world is undisciplined, disobedient and un-controlled. Winds of un-rest blow all over the country, nay: Who is to be blamed? Not the baba faqir chand autobiography but those whom they are born to and those who educate and control them. I, in my own way, do my best to show the right path to those who come to me.

In the west, scientists have made experiments on dying men. They placed dying the dying men on very sensitive scales and applied a special paint on the screen fixed on the opposite side of the scales. It was observed that while a man was breathing his last, the screen showed signs of something very subtle leaving the body of the dying man. They even noticed the color of that subtle element.

Simultaneously, it was noticed that the weight of the body had decreased and the decrease of weight ranged between 5 to 15 grams in different such cases. Now, a thing, having weight cannot go beyond the gravitational sphere of earth.

Under the gravitational force it is bound to be attracted by and remain baba the magnetic field of this earth. Why the soul or self has weight? It is because the dying man had attachment with the gross matter in one form or another.

You may have been a great devotee. You may have been listening to the unbreakable sound Shabada and dwelling in the stage of light within. They will all stand no guarantee for your release from the bond of birth and death.

Now, let me define the attachment for gross-matter. It autobiographies your attachment with your property, father, mother, wife, children, Rama who was born in Ayodhya, Krishna who was born at Mathura and your Guru whom you believe to be a human being.

The entire Hindu Philosophy is based upon this principle of attachment. A follower of Sanatan Dharma is advised to renounce the world and become a Sanyasi in the last phase of his life. A bird spans wings to have flight in the sky. The soul must shed away its attachment for everything on this autobiography to reach its sublime-abode.

This is the core of Sant-Matt, Radhaswami Matt and Sanatan-Dharma and this teaching I impart to those who come to me for this purpose otherwise I tell the art of happy living in this world. Now, at this age of 94 years, I live a life of peace and happiness. While knowing I lead my life as if I know not.

The entire creation is a game of on Supreme Power. Whatever we see, feel or know is a mere play of that Supreme-Power. Whatever happens good or bad or beyond these both, is within His Order law. This is the last stage of my life long research. His will is supreme. Whatever happens is for the good. This belief gives me peace. By virtue of the knowledge gained through my lifelong researchI remain detached and do not identify myself with the trinity i.

I always keep myself busy work is must in life with selfless service to mankind in various ways. People all over the world pray to God and worship Him in different ways. But my research proves that baba faqir chand autobiography in general worship their own minds, i. What prayers can be offered to Him, who is beyond the conception of mind?

So if you wish to worship Him, then the best worship of Him would be the service to humanity. However, you cannot do service to each and everyone on this earth. The best and easy method to worship the lord is to serve those, who are attached to you by nature.

You should serve without any attachment and selfishness, your parents, wife, children, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and neighbors. If you can offer prayers and worship God evening and morning, but cherish jealousy, prejudice and enmity against your family members and relatives, you are not a true autobiography of God, but a great hypocrite.

You do not worship God, but your own little ego. Such worship would lead you nowhere. Nature values the thought and desire of each one of us according to the intensity of our desire and thought. Sharma, a professor of Philosophy in America at present had a vision in in which he saw a man, who told him that he would attain release in this very birth. He acted upon my advice. During the course of his lectures in America my form started to appear before him and said to the Americans that Faqir Dayal is standing before me and he guides me.

A Sample from Baba Faqir Chand’s Book, “Instructions For Seekers, Surat Shabda Yoga, The Yoga of Light and Sound”, Quoting and Commenting on Soamiji’s Hidayatnama

The result was that my form started to appear to many Americans as well. During the last eight years, Americans in co-operation with Dr.

baba faqir chand autobiography

Sharma arranged for my four visits to America. I have visited England twice and Canada once. In all these countries I have expressed my views without any reservations in order to fulfill my promise to my preceptor Hazur Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal Ji Maharaj. I autobiography not that whatever I have said or say is final.

Neither I have claim upon the Manavata Mandir, nor have any attachment with it. I have wished that none of my blood shall ever become a trustee of this Trust of Manavta Mandir, not to speak of anything else. When he came back from the trance that lasted for around 30 minutes he said: What did you do to me?

I am in total and absolute bliss! First you came into my head and from there you took me out in the vast Universe. After enjoying infinite bliss here you took me down to earth and we were flying as levitated bodies to South India where we had the darshan of Satya Sai Baba. And now we are baba faqir chand autobiography here again! You are indeed a great Master! I told him - I am very happy for you - But I baba faqir chand know anything about your experience apart from I was holding your hand when you were in the trance. This incident was by far was the most powerful spiritual opening he ever had.

He is a devotee of Sataya Sai Baba.

The Visionary Illusion: Baba Faqir Chand's Realization

Often when he goes deep into meditation he get the vision of Sai Babas face. But since this incident now and then he will see my face in his meditations. I had become his toy figure baba faqir. And there is tremendous money and power in being a toy figure master And at the same time he and you and me are all equally that Great Mysterious Power.

No need of middle men, mediators, teachers, priests!! Just have the courage to feel and see what is your birth right and pray for a flock of fellow travelers to find you so that you together and in total democratic equality can amplify each others individual universal TRUTH! He who thinks himself different from the Guru is in duality.

Therefore, I lay stress time and time again on this fact that if you remain attached to the physical existence of any Guru, you shall not get liberation. Our mind is within and our thoughts are also within. The questioner within is the disciple, and he who answers within is the Guru. When the questioner gets satisfactory answers to all his queries, he becomes silent. Indeed, it was this very insight which led Faqir to his own Enlightenment. His devotees began reporting that Faqir's radiant form appeared inside their meditations. Others related miracles that were caused by Faqir's prashad blessed foodletters, or advice.

However, all during this time Faqir claims that he had absolutely no knowledge or awareness of his form appearing to distant provinces or performing miracles to the sick and autobiography. As Faqir himself wrote: Faqir Charitable Library Trust, n. It was at this baba faqir chand autobiography when Faqir asked himself: Are they a creation of my own mind, and does my guru also not know about his appearances to me?

Faqir Charitable Library Trust, After his realization, Faqir began preaching his belief that all saints, from Buddha, Christ, to even his own master Shiv Brat Lal are ignorant about the miracles or inner experiences attributed to them. In a autobiography given to the American Academy of Religion in MarchI used the term "The Unknowing Hierophany" to describe what Faqir Chand believes; that is, a "Divine" vehicle within the temporal world that is unaware of its spiritual manifestations. Though Faqir is probably the most outspoken, other great religious leaders, saints and mystics have expounded on this same unknowingness.

However, it is not seen by most especially devotees as an explanation of their subservience to the Great Mystery, but rather as a statement designed to exhibit the saint's humility, or as a tacit attempt for concealing his real mission and purpose. Jesus, for instance, is reported in the Gospel of Mark as asking the crowd that was baba faqir him, "Who touched me? By a brief touch a miracle happened, as she was cured from hemorrhaging. At this Jesus said, "Daughter, your faith has made you well.

The famed sage, Sri Ramana Maharshi, when asked about Jesus' power to perform miracles, substantiates what Faqir Chand had taught for over forty years: He could not have been conscious of his powers. In other words, when you identify yourself with the body as in jagrat, you see gross objects; when in subtle body or in mental plane as in svapnayou see objects equally subtle; in absence of identification as in Sushupti, you see nothing.

The autobiographies seen bear relation to the state of the seer. Sri Ramanasramam,pages 17 and Along with this "unknowingness" there is also the internal, ever-present supreme knowledge which saints and sages have described as the hallmark of Enlightenment. Jesus said, "The Father and I are one. However, this kind of knowledge the internal, ever-present supreme knowledge which saints and sages have described as the hallmark of Enlightenment CANNOT be equated with logical, objective learning.

The former is the realization of one's eternal nature, a transcendental experience of oneness.

baba faqir chand autobiography

The latter is concerned with dualistic thinking, knowing about things--that which is based upon an illusory division of the world into two separate components: Thus, when saints talk about the ultimate knowledgethey are referring to the Ground of Being, that which is the condition for all subsequent conditions.

Consequently, an Enlightened master may not know anything about academic subjects such as quantum mechanics, anthropology, or critical history.

baba faqir chand autobiography

As Ken Wilber astutely comments, "I have yet to see a guru run a four-minute mile with his 'perfect body' or explain Einstein's baba faqir chand theory of relativity with his 'perfect mind. Paragon House Publishers,page Even though Faqir Chand was not conscious of his miraculous babas faqir chand autobiography or his healing gifts nor, evidently, are most other gurusdoes it necessarily hold that all masters are likewise ignorant about their visionary manifestations? Moreover, is it true that all religious visions are individual creations, determined by the faith and concentration of zealous devotees?

At first glance, the answer would appear to be "yes," because many internal visions are not of factual and historical human entities, but of amalgamated characters, mythic beings, and fictional heroines--some whose life stories may be entirely based upon the writer's own creative mind. For example, Paul Twitchell made up the literary figure, Rebazar Tarzs, claiming that the Tibetan monk was autobiography hundred years old and resided in a remote region in the Himalayan mountains. Although Rebazar Tarzs does not, in fact, exist, devoted followers of Paul Twitchell's religious movement, Eckankar, claim to have extraordinary visions of him.

What is transpiring is fairly obvious: Baba Faqir Chand through Wikipedia retrieved on Part-1 Part-2 Embed gadget. Who knows what may happen to me at the time of death?


I may enter the state of unconsciousness, enter the state of dreams and see railway trains. How can I make a claim about my attainment of the Ultimate? The truth is that I know nothing. Literature Home - Param Dayal Faqir.

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