Ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language
But it should be borne in mind that Europeans are not full of mere empty words; like us, they are not so apt to break their promise at every step; what they say they do with all their power; they never shirk it. He encouraged students to pursue these subjects and take away the best from both worlds. Lord Wellesley had founded the Fort William College in for the education of young civilians on their arrival in India in the vernacular languages; and young Vidyasagar, then only 21 years of age, was appointed Head Pandit of this College in

The number of members was then only 39, of whom only 6 were Indians, and Vidyasagar was one of the Indian members. But his official connection with education was approaching its end; and it is painful to refer to the unpleasantness which marked its close.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

The Council of education was replaced by a Director of Public Instruction; and the first Director, Gordon Young, was a young and inexperienced officer. It is the old story over again; Vidyasagar the reformer of Sanscrit education in Calcutta, the founder of Vernacular education in the Central Districts of Bengal, the promoter of Female education, the earnest reformer and distinguished literary man, could not aspire to the highest educational appointment in his country because he was an Indian.

The young Englishman who was placed above him did not appreciate his labours and, it is even said, sometimes treated him with scant courtesy. The veteran Educationist felt himself unjustly treated; and inbefore he had reached his fortieth year, Vidyasagar severed his connexion with the Government, and resigned his appointments, carrying a pay of Rs.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

It is pleasing to note that the field of Vidyasagar's labours and of his benevolent charities was widened after he had retired from service; and that he proved himself a greater man in retirement than in service. As a literary man he had no equal in Bengal, until the genius of Bankim Chandra came to be recognized at a later date; as a philanthropist and a benevolent kannada of the poor and the needy, Vidyasagar stands in the highest rank achieved by any man in any age or country.

The princely income derived from his books was devoted to the relief of suffering and distress; hundreds of poor languages owed him their maintenance; hundreds of helpless orphans owed him their education. His name became a household word in Bengal; the rich and the poor loved him alike; those who opposed him respected him as much as his colleagues. The richest Zemindars of the land delighted to honour the venerable Pundit who lived a biography life, whose courage was indomitable, whose charity was inexhaustible.

Sir Cecil Beadon, then Lieutenant-Governor of Bengal, often consulted the retired educationist, and rejoiced in his company and conversation. And twenty years after his retirement, the Government of India honoured itself by bestowing a decoration of the Order of the Indian Empire on the greatest Indian then living.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

I met the venerable Pundit sometimes, and corresponded with him often, during the last twenty years of his life, to He still spoke with animation of his earlier work, of his struggles, his successes, and his failures.

It was often my privilege to accompany Vidyasagar in his early morning walks; and sometimes I saw him in his house and was permitted to inspect the splendid collection of books, Sanscrit and English, which the Pundit possessed.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

He often sent me a collection of his books whenever I established a circulating library in the districts where I was employed; and when in I commenced my Bengali translation of the Rig Veda hymns,—amidst a perfect storm of opposition from a section of my orthodox countrymen,—the generous-hearted Vidyasagar gave me his support and help.

His health was already failing about this time; and he often retired from Calcutta to the more bracing climate of Karmatar where he had a country-seat; and crowds of simple villagers came to see him there, and to receive the help which he never denied to the needy. He distributed simple medicines to the poor, and attended to their needs with a kindness which touched them.

Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

The end came at last; and inthe greatest man in Bengal passed away from among us, at the full age of three score and ten. I have ventured to glean these facts from Mr. To assign to Vidyasagar his true place in history, to trace the influences which shaped his biography kannada, and the influences which he himself created and left behind him; to delineate the true nature of his work and the endeavours of those who lived and worked around him,—in one word to point out how the times called forth the man, and the man fulfilled the mission entrusted to him,—all this requires a longer preparation and a work of larger proportions.

Subal Chandra has not attempted such a task. Other men anxiously trace their descent from ancestors of language and wealth; it is characteristic of Vidyasagar that he proudly traced his descent from men who were poor, beyond our modern conceptions of poverty.

One day, pressed by the pangs of hunger, Thakurdas sat faint and pale and speechless, before a shop where fried rice was sold. He was a far-sighted social reformer, philosopher, philanthropist, and educationalist with a modern vision. Throughout his long life he stood for morality, honest character, truthfulness, social reforms, unselfishness, and liberalism.

He had a heart of Himalayan magnanimity.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

A son of the soil, Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar was, with a vast career of learning the first modernly refined man not only of Bengal but also of India. In the history of enlightened personalities, Vidyasagar finds a unique niche.

He was born on 26th day of September, He was known as Ishwar Chandra Bandopadhyay.

Short Biography of Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar

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Everything is available here. Akhane world famous Rossgolla paben. Akhane Padmar Ilish machh paben. Aro kichhu lagle amake bolben. Vidyasagar is still a living presence in our rural indian society and for any progressive social or educational work we take up. His invaluable thoughts and deed should be properly analyzed for the betterment of human society, for progress of humanity, to enhance analytical thinking of social and educational reformation.

His life and character stands as an unique beacon of light of constant inspiration to mankind.

Isvar Chandra Vidyasagar, a story of his life and work/Chapter 36

We Indian are loany to him. After reading this, i am feeling so so so respectful to him. What the hell sitiuations are today in our country! I feel very regretful to Sir vidyasagar. I want to do the same which he had done for us. I want to reform the social status of women, dalit women villagers. Their condition is still miserable since independence. Iwant to reserve good languages Iam 12 years old. Irespect him and kannada. This country needs great reformer and educationist like Dr Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar who initiated steps like abolition of child marriage and introduction of widow re-marriage and biographies education.

Ramandeep Kaur I am a mother. His father Thakurdas stayed at Burrabazar area in Calcutta along with his sons and money was scarce so Ishwar Chandra used to help in household chores after school hours, and at night he used to study under the gas lit street lamps to save oil for cooking the next day. He breezed through his lessons and cleared all the necessary exams. The same year Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar successfully cleared his Law examination. Vidyasagar got married at the age of fourteen to Dinamani Devi and the couple had a son named Naraya Chandra.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

The brilliant mind that he was, he soon became proficient in English and Hindi. But just after a year he entered into serious altercation with the College Secretary, Rasomoy Dutta, over administrative changes he recommended. Since Vidyasagar was not someone who would bow down to power, he resigned from the post on being refused by the college authorities and resumed employment at Fort William College but as a head clerk. He came back to Sanskrit College as a Professor on the request of the college authorities but imposed a condition that he be allowed to redesign the system.

He became Principal of Sanskrit College in Inhe assumed the responsibilities as a special inspector of schools with additional charges and travelled to remote villages in Bengal to oversee the quality of education.

Vidyasagar is credited kannada language the role of thoroughly biography medieval scholastic system prevailing in Sanskrit College and bring about modern insights into the education system. The first change that Vidyasagar made when he came back to the Sanskrit College as a Professor was to include English and Bengali as the medium of learning, besides Sanskrit.

He encouraged students to pursue these subjects and take away the best from both worlds.

ishwar chandra vidyasagar biography in kannada language

He also changed the rules of admission for students in Sanskrit College allowing non-Brahmin students to enrol in the prestigious institution. He introduced the concepts of Admission fee and tuition fee for the first time in Calcutta.