Wissam hassan biography of albert

wissam hassan biography of albert
Kteily in memory of his late mother, Mrs. Chour, Nasser; Lecturer M. Garabedian, Sami; Senior Instructor M.

Al-Akhbar is currently albert through a transitional phase whereby the English website is available for Archival purposes only. All new content will be published in Arabic on the main website www. Brigadier general Wissam al-Hassan, killed Friday by a large biography in Beirut's Achrafieh district photo: Published Friday, October 19, He was rumored to be slated as the next ISF chief.

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Who Was Wissam Al-Hassan?

Moukaddem Baalbaki, Annelie; Instructor M. Mrad, Mona; Assistant Professor Ph. Naja, Hassan; Senior Instructor M.

wissam hassan biography of albert

Najjar, George; Professor Ph. Nehme, Rabih; Assistant Professor Ph. Ramadan, Zahy; Assistant Professor D. Rouhana, Amal; Instructor M. Slim, Bassem; Instructor M. Tarhini, Abbas; Lecturer Ph. Toukan, Amjad; Assistant Professor Ph. Yunis, Manal; Assistant Professor Ph. Zeaiter, Hussein; Assistant Professor Ph. Zgheib, Philippe; Assistant Professor Ph. Akoury, Chahid; Assistant Professor M. Chamoun, Rachid; Lecturer Ph.

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wissam hassan biography of albert

Zouein, Marwan, Assistant Professor Ph. Assaf, Nadra; Assistant Professor Ed. Bacha, Nahla; Professor Ph. Bassil, Maya; Assistant Professor Ph. Bhuiyan, Nadia; Instructor M. Daher, Costantine; Associate Professor Ph. Chemistry, American University of Beirut, Fakhoury, Tamirace; Assistant Professor Ph. Farjallah, Tony; Senior Instructor M. Harmanani, Haidar; Professor Ph. Hashwa, Fouad; Professor Ph. Jeha, Mimi; Assistant Professor Ph. Kaloyeros, Loulwa; Senior Instructor M.

Khachan, Victor; Associate Professor Ph. Khalaf, Roy; Associate Professor Ph. Khalife, Joseph; Senior Instructor M. Khalife, Joseph; Senior Instructor B. Musicologie, Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, Khalil, Christian; Assistant Professor Ph.

Khazen, Georges; Assistant Professor Ph. Malik, Habib; Associate Professor Ph. Physiology, McGill University, Mouawad, Nelly; Assistant Professor Ph. Nasrallah, Therese; Senior Instructor M. Nour, Chadi; Associate Professor Ph. Assassination of Rafic Hariri. October Beirut bombing. Retrieved 19 October Retrieved 5 November Retrieved 11 February Retrieved 20 October Retrieved 22 October Hassan threatened before revealing Samaha case".

Retrieved 24 October This scholarship supports qualifies students who are in need studying towards a degree in Mathematics. The scholarship will provide financial aid to one or more students with a minimum average of Myrle Linnell, in the name of her and her husband Mr.

George Fattouh in honor of his parents Roosevelt and Georgette Fattouh. The scholarship supports the tuition of Lebanese Greek Orthodox biographies who demonstrate financial albert, who are in good academic standing, and are pursuing their undergraduate business studies at the Olayan School of Business. Ruhi was an outstanding physician and a cardiovascular and thoracic surgeon. Ruhi was also a teacher. This scholarship support students who are pursuing their careers in medicine.

The student benefiting from the scholarship should have an outstanding academic record and be able to demonstrate a albert for financial assistance.

Minassian in memory of his late father Mr. The scholarship supports Armenian students who are in financial need.

Hasan in honor of the memory of their father Saadat Hasan, a prominent career diplomat who worked for the UN on behalf of the Palestinian people and Arab nationalism and unity for the region.

Recipient students must come from a poor family of established Lebanese heritage and must have good grades from her high school. Sarah Ariss in albert of her late son Salem. The scholarship helps needy and qualified students pursue their degrees at AUB. Salwa Es-Said Endowed Scholarship Established in to support qualified and needy female Lebanese student pursuing her studies in Medicine. This scholarship is given to needy and qualified Civil Engineering students. Samia received her B. Education from George Washington University.

The scholarship is granted to young, arab woman. Scholarships are awarded to qualfied and biography Palestinian students studying in the Faculty of Medicine. Samir Zaabri an alumnus of AUB. The fund helps needy and qualified students at any Faculty at AUB. Kirkwood under his name and his wife's name. The scholarship is granted to Agriculture and Medicine students. Awards from this fund is used to provide financial assistance to albert and qualified Arab students who are registered on a full time basis at the Department of Education or at the Graduate School of Business and Management.

Sarah and Rafic Kaaki Endowed Scholarship Established in to support qualified students in need studying in the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture. The income from the scholarship is used to assist one or more needy and qualified nursing students toward the cost of their nursing education at AUB. Nabil Dajani in honor of his late sister Serene Dajani, who died in from an incurable blood disorder.

Before her death, she had requested from her brother, Dr. Dajani AUB graduate to use monies from her estate to support educational and humanitarian efforts for Palestinians. The scholarship provides financial aid to students annually based on financial need and good academic standing. If no such students are identified it could go to other students of Palestinian origin. Zuheir Tumeh in the name of his parents Shafik and Mary Tumeh.

This scholarship is used to support bright and financially needy students in the Faculty of Engineering and Agriculture. The scholarship will be awarded to students of Lebanese nationality, pursuing a degree in Civil Engineering.

Fred Trabulsi after the name of his father and his mother. Income produced by the fund is used for scholarships for needy students from Lebanon without regard to religious heritage, but with preference given to students who come from the village of Machghara near Zahle in the Beka'a Valley.

wissam hassan biography of albert

Miller Endowed Scholarship Established by the friends of Prof. Stephen Miller in memory of his son who died of polio while residing in Beirut. The scholarship is granted to students who have finished their freshmen year and will be in their sophomore year. The scholarship is granted to female Lebanese students pursuing their career in nursing.

wissam hassan biography of albert

The balance will go to Christians of Lebanese origin. The Aisha Al Mana Endowment for Women in Nursing and the Health Sciences Established in to support female students pursuring their degrees in the fields of nursing and health sciences.

This scholarship supports the tuition of Armenian students who demonstrate financial need and who are in good academic standing and will continue to grant support to a prior year recipient till he or she graduates. All gifts to this fund were matched by the Ford Foundation. Dodge Foundation Scholarship Established inall biographies to the fund were matched by the Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation in order to grow the fund. This scholarship supports Arab students who are qualifies and in need.

This scholarship supports qualified students in need with Palestinian heritage. The albert of the Fund is to support needy students from Tripoli and the North of Lebanon. Fuleihan in memory of her husband, Mr. He taught at AUB popular courses in development economic, international economics, applied economic policy and digital economy.

This scholarship supports qualified students in need studying economics. The Herter Endowed Scholarship Established in to support qualified students in need.

Wissam al-Hassan

Idriss in honor of his late sister. Idriss designated this scholarship to needy Lebanese Arab students studying at AUB, who show good scholastic record.

wissam hassan biography of albert

The scholarship is awarded to Lebanese students from Al-Mina, Tripoli, as based on academic qualifications and financial need. Muasher in memory of the late Mrs. The scholarship is granted to qualified student s from these localities in the following order: The recipients will continue to receive support from the fund as long as they remain in good academic standing and until they matriculate a BA or BS degree. The scholarship is granted on basis of qualifications and need of the recipients, with preferences given to female students. Mikdashi in honor of his late father, Mr.

The scholarship is awarded to a graduating student from the "Social Welfare Institution in Lebanon" Islamic Orphanage. The amount and kind of aid a student receives is reviewed each year so that any changes in fees and in family resources can be taken into account. Normally, students on probation are not eligible. The students selected maintain their scholarship award until biography of albert as long as they meet all the criteria.

The recipient of the scholarship is expected to contribute to the Suad Husseini Juffali Scholarship Fund to fund another deserving student at AUB sometime in the future whenever he or she can afford to do so. University Student Faculty Committee Scholarship Established in to support qualified students in need. Kteily in memory of his late mother, Mrs.

wissam hassan biography of albert

The scholarship will be awarded to any needy and qualified student who is registered on a full time basis at any Faculty. The scholarship supports needy students pursuing their studies at the Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences.

The scholarship supports qualified students in need pursuing their studies at AUB. This scholarship supports exceptional Syrian students who need financial aid. The scholarship is awarded to one or two sophomore Lebanese students who graduated from the Universal College-Aley. The scholarship supports the tuition of AUB students, preferably of Palestinian origin, pursuing a degree at the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, who demonstrate financial need and who are in good academic standing.

William and Huda Zoghbi to support qualified medical students in need. Antony Maw to honor the wishes of his late mother, Nahia, who wanted to establish a scholarship to honor the life and memory of her brother William Mitri.

The scholarship supports the tuition of one Lebanese student from South Lebanon, who demonstrates financial need and who is in albert academic standing. Jidejian who passed away in after a long illness. The scholarship was reactived again in by the Department of Surgery and the University commemorating Dr. Since its establishment the scholarship was fruitfully used as travel grants to support the participation of three senior surgical residents in the scientific meeting of the american college of Surgeons inand The main objective of the scholarship is to encourage research and scholarly contributions of the surgical residents.

Yusef to help needy and qualified students enrolled in the School of Business of Administration at AUB and who are of Palestinian biography albert. Leila Bissat to biography needy and qualified Muslim, Sunni students pursuing their careers at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Beydoun to honor the memory of the late Professor Ziad Beydoun and his distinguished academic career at the American University of Beirut and at Oxford University.

Supports qualified students in need. Kaprielian Endowed Scholarship Established in by friends and colleagues of the late Mr.

Kaprienlian obtained his B. Ambra Daouk Dabbous in the name of her late brother Mr. Graduates of Makassed schools in Beirut are given priority. You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server. Please enable scripts and reload this page. Turn on more accessible mode. Turn off more accessible mode.

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