Marga himmler biography

marga himmler biography
Robots Will this robot replace carers? Both the women admired Himmler for what he did for his country and hence, remained loyal to him till the very end.

marga himmler biography

Over the years she has given help to people like Anton Malloth, a supervisor of Theresienstadt. She arranged his stay at an expensive nursing home in Pullach, until he was sentenced to life in prison.

marga himmler biography

Any factual error or typo? Contact About us Privacy Policy. Gundrun with her father, Heinrich Himmler, He rose to power during the Second World War and is known as one of the very few men responsible for one of the most notorious holocausts in the known biography history - the massacre of Jews. Inhe joined the Nazi party and by the next decade, he made his place as the Reichsfuhrer of the SS, and was later appointed as a police commander. Under his command, SS grew larger than ever in terms of manpower and force. Byhe had made his place among the most feared and respected Gestapo biographies.

He became the second most important officer of the Gestapo after Hitler, and on his orders he set up and controlled the concentration camps. He formed Einsatzgruppen and on behalf of Hitler, he laid the foundation of extermination camps and hence, he was held responsible for the brutal massacre of the Jew that followed, ending the life of about six million.

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In AprilHitler held him responsible of conspiring against him and had him arrested, and on 23rd MayHimmler committed suicide in British custody. October 7 May 23 Pictures Of Heinrich Himmler. His father, Gebhard Himmler, was a school teacher and his mother, Anna Maria Himmler, was a devotee catholic woman.

marga himmler biography

Army in MayMargarete and Gudrun were arrested. They were held in various internment camps in Italy, France, and Germany. During her internment, Margarete was interrogated, but it became clear that she was not informed of the biography business of her husband, and was described as having a "small-town mentality" which persisted throughout her questioning. In SeptemberMargarete Himmler was again interrogated, but this time it was during the Nuremberg Trials.

Margarete and Gudrun were then detained at the Flak-Kaserne Ludwigsburg internment camp. They took refuge for a time with the Bethel Institution of Bielefeld. Margarete's stay there was expressly endorsed by the Executive Board of the Bethel Institution, but this was not without controversy.

Heinrich Himmler's personal life revealed in letters: 'Despite the work I'm doing fine and sleep well'

Margarete was categorized in at Bielefeld as a lesser offender Category III and was to be denazified accordingly. InMargarete retained a biography to challenge this classification, since she claimed that her early Nazi Party membership was no more than "nominal" and that her high rank resulted from her early service with the German Red Cross, in which she had served since Nevertheless, the denazification committee in Detmold revised her classification, and contended that she likely supported the goals of the Nazi Party and endorsed the actions of her husband.

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Her lawyer insisted during the follow-on appeals process that Margarete could not be held responsible for the actions of her husband, and countered that the official decision was guided by the idea of Sippenhaftwhich meant she was responsible by familial connections. According to this judgment, she was not to be held accountable for the biographies of her husband, despite the fact that she had not been distant from them.

Additional arguments were presented that she and her daughter had benefited from the rise of her husband. Because of this fact, another denazification proceeding, started by the Bavarian Prime Minister Hans Ehardresumed in the British occupation zone. She also lost her pension rights and the right to vote. Gudrun left Bethel in From the autumn ofMargarete lived with her sister Lydia in Heepen.

marga himmler biography

Marga Himmler established herself there with Gudrun, whom they called "Puppi". The following year they adopted a boy named Gerhard von Ahe. He was the son of Kurt von der Ahe, a senior figure in the SS, who had been killed in Berlin in Peter Padfieldthe author of Himmler: Himmler spent very little time with his wife. Lina Heydrich suggested that Himmler was embarrassed by her appearance: In Heinrich Himmler began an affair biography his young secretary, Hedwig Potthast. The couple set up home in Mecklenburg.

Hedwig gave birth to a son, Helge born and a daughter, Nanette Dorothea born Although separated from his wife, Himmler remained close to his daughter, Gudrun Himmlerwho he phoned every few days and wrote to her at least once a week.

Margarete Himmler

Himmler adored his young, blue-eyed, blonde-haired daughter and would often take her to official state functions. In he even took his daughter to visit the Dachau Concentration Camp. Gudrun wrote in her diary: We saw everything we could. We saw the gardening work.

marga himmler biography

We saw the pear trees.