Kaleem siddiqui biography of martin

kaleem siddiqui biography of martin
Inna lillah e wa inna elaihi rajioon.. What an inspiration, and a tragic loss to her family and to the world.

She was a proud of the nation.

kaleem siddiqui biography of martin

We lost the greatest asset of Pakistan the Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional who left us on this day. Farewell to this Youngest Professional. I cant say another word in your tribute I can only say that you were great Arfah Kareem. May Allah grant her family the strength to bear this loss and give Irfa an eternal place in Jannah.

I never heard of Arfa biography her story is so amazing, the world looses a great mind. My heart and prayer goes out to her family and the Pakistan. What a beautiful chid I never heard of Afra the world looses a great mind to her family and the Pakistan my prays goes out to you.

When I read all the martins from my brothers and sisters, I realize how this death has moved us all… It is trully tragic and with all the prayers from the readers, I am sure Allah will have mercy on this innocent angel and she will be given a place in Jannah… Ameen….

kaleem siddiqui biography of martin

May Allah grant her highest place in jannat n his family the strength to bear this great loss…such a huge loss for Pakistan: A sad day for Pakistan! I had to repeat my statement of last night. She appeared to have a wonderful, loving soul. A bright shining star. Rest in peace little girl, you teach us to dream, and to excel, and to smile. Its a great loss of pakistan.

Today me and my colligue Indians, Philipines and Americans etc biography martin about her. We mis you forever Arfa karim. No word to say more. Allah pak us ko jannat me jaga ata farmay or us ki bakhshish farmay or us k ghr walon ko ye sadma brdasht krney ki himat ata karey. Even know she was from another country she will be missed. Arfa beter and brileant student star of pakistan the very loss of pakistan Recommend. She is proud of Pakistan i am crying i am feeling like my own martin is dead.

Arfa karim was an asset. To clear the paths of the genius and the talented amongst us and allow them to create solutions for others. Support the genius child instrad of calling them troublemakers. Let boys and girls play, not just chain them to their reading desks, or keep them under parental biographies.

Not laugh at, but encourage the intelligent amongst us. Not sabotage the talented. Not sabotage others just because they have a different color or race, or because they are richer or poorer. Let us also learn to respect our own talents. Let us free up the youth from crazy mullahs and war-mongerers like Zaid Hamid, who screwed the minds of many youth in full view of whole society and politicians who are encouraging the youth to waste their life and chances in the name of Pakistan.

If you work hard, age is just a number

We Pakistanis respond more quickly to death than to life, which is why the loss of one MCP depresses the entire country. She did not comd to this world so people could turn her into another excuse for their non-stop depression and blaming life and God. You biography martin to honor her memory? Then turn into someone who values their own time, contribution, and life. Go drink a glass of water, wash up your nose, and return to your work and life with a new promise to do your best and live your life. To have lively people who are contributing in big or small ways to various areas of life is what Pakistan needs.

Some times i feel god is cruel and bias in decisions of taking back life, bad lives longer and good goes sooner!

Kalim Siddiqui

I hope this talented girl and her name wont be lost in the web pages of facebook and media, national tv should make a program on her life so that other young girls can follow her footsteps and achieve glory and bring good name to pakistan and its people like she did at a young age of 9.

My heart goes out for her mum and dad. Prould daughter of nation. Arfa You came, you saw, you conquered And You left……… May Allah give your family and the mourning nation saber and rest you inthe peace of highest ranks of jannah. Is the attack was due to; — high study pressure at early age. May Your Soul Rest in peace little sister. Our child was thus a trailblazer showing that the gender of female was as competent as that of male and in matters academic.

For the parents, we pray that their suffering receives peace from the Lord Almighty. May our child be a shining example to the youth of Pakistan and the world, that one can achieve anything if they are given the opportunity to learn. There are millions of Arfas among us, if only we could love them and identify their talents and immerse the nation in knowledge acquirement at every level of society.

This so sad news is just reaching me biography of martin in the United States. I grieve for her family and for Pakistan. Why God biographies martin away the good people and bad people live to make this world worst.

She belonged to all humanity. May the peace of God Almighty give strenght to her parents ,brothers ,sisters and to all of us who also considerd her our own child. She lays down in the bitter snow, And a figure of an angel begins to show.

kaleem siddiqui biography of martin

She lets out and sheds a tear, Yet she will always hold her angel near. I did not know Arifa Karim. When I went to bed that night i prayed to GOD that she would get better. Then the next day I read that she had passed away and the only thing I could do all day is read the stories about her and I wanted to be with her because she seemed so special.

Kaleem Janjua

She was different than anybody I had ever heard about. Arifa had so much to give to everyone and so much to teach us all. She has truly inspired me and I will think about her every day. Arifa I will never forget about you. Arifa you will not only be missed in your country of Pakistan but in the U. Your legacy will live forever. May she rest in peace and continue to inspire us. Life is short for all of us, but it seems so unfair to take the life of one so young, may peace be with the family and biographies of martin of this special young lady, and may this special young lady find peace with her God.

The whole world feels the loss of one of our best and brightest. May her Creator bring comfort to all those who grieve. The prayers are all for self satisfaction. We share the sorrow of her parents. Allah unke parents ko sabr jameel ata farmain… Ameen. She was a gift of God Almighty. Tragic loss for the already suffering nation. She is in a better place now… she was too smart to be one of us.

From her short life period she left message for the rest of the nation. Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar October Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar September Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar August Comic Wisdom - by Sabir Nazar July This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, redistributed or derived from. Friday, 27 Oct Subscribe. Friday, 27 Oct Today's Paper Advertise. Arfa Karim passes away: Whiz kid loses biography of martin for her life.

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You made us proud, daughter of Pakistan!

kaleem siddiqui biography of martin

Is she had any illness? Innah lillahi wa innah illahi rajioon. A great loss for Pakistan. So much achieved in such a short life. Aarifa you have done us proud. I hope the government names top institutions after her Recommend. May she rest in peace: You were a jewel Recommend. May her soul rest in Peace, Recommend. May her soul rest in peace ….


You proud and inspire all of us Recommend. Oh Dear Lady you will always be remembered….: Allah unke parents ko sabr jameel ata farmain… Ameen Recommend. She was nearer and dearer to Al-Mighty Allah and that is why she has been called by the Creator.

May Al-Mighty Allah biography martin her soul in peace. May God give parents fortitude and patience. Pakistan has lost a young gem. May Imam take care of her Heavens!! We all are very proud of you Recommend. Short but great life. Please refer to specific guidelines from the challenge website.

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Kiya Musalman Banana Kaleem Siddiqui Ka Kaam Hai by Maulana Kaleem Siddiqui

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So — according to what I hope are defensible criteria for singling out British Muslims — the ODNB biography in order of their death dates includes twenty-three men and three women in total: To my mind the list is a decent start but it is far from exhaustive and it is too unrepresentative — with fifteen out of the twenty-seven martin converts, three of whom experienced forced conversions Pitts, Pellow and Osman. A Facebook discussion I initiated recently about who else might be included in the ODNB showed me that the story we British Muslims tell about our history in Britain is still in many separate strands.

These strands have yet to be woven into a single rope that we could lay claim to as a grand narrative we might comfortably identify with.

However, the appetite to work together to shape such a unifying narrative is unmistakable. Out of this preliminary conversation, a tentative long list of new candidates for the ODNB was formed.

It was clear from this online exchange that a significant contribution to community life as opposed to national life could be separate matters. So would it be better for an Encyclopaedia of British Islam project to be initiated to help map what is currently terra incognita before a real impact could be made in reshaping the national story?

The experience of other communities in Britain certainly seems to indicate that a concerted effort in recovering their own histories with the assistance of academics is necessary before any serious headway can be made to identify their place within the national story.

In other words, if we cannot identify its significance for ourselves then we cannot explain its significance to others.