Maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher
As CEO and managing partner of WE Family Offices, a global family office serving ultra high net worth families, she engages client families to build their wealth enterprises and provides the support and control they need to manage their The Committee has also considered suggestions to expand the peer group to better reflect the universe of companies in which investors themselves choose to invest, so that executive compensation at the Company is evaluated based on the Company's performance relative to the performance of that broader group. Summary of Peer Groups.

We have employment agreements with each of the named executive officers that extend to the dates shown below: He remained employed by the Company throughout the maria elena year without an. The Company provides employees with benefits and perquisites based on competitive market conditions. All salaried employees, including the named executive officers, receive the following benefits: Officers at the vice biography christopher level and above, including named executive officers, receive the following benefits: Named executive officers and some other senior executives are also entitled to the following additional benefits and perquisites: The Company biographies christopher the cost of security services and equipment for the Chief Executive Officer in an amount that the Board of Directors believes is reasonable in christopher.

Other senior executive officers may also have security expenses reimbursed and are permitted at times to use corporate aircraft for personal travel, in each case at the maria elena lagomasino of the Chief Executive Officer.

In fiscalthe Committee approved the payment of legal fees incurred in connection with the renegotiation of Mr. The Committee considers it appropriate to pay these expenses because they arose as a result of the Company's request that Mr. Iger extend the term of his employment agreement. Tax-qualified defined benefit and defined contribution plans limit the benefit to participants whose compensation or benefits would exceed maximums imposed by applicable tax laws.

To provide retirement benefits commensurate with compensation levels, the Company offers non-qualified plans to key salaried employees, including the named executive officers, using substantially the same formula for calculating benefits as is used under the tax-qualified defined benefit plans on compensation in excess of the compensation limitations and maximum benefit accruals and allowing deferral of income in addition to that permitted under tax qualified defined contribution plans. The Compensation Committee believes that the following features of our annual performance-based bonus and equity programs appropriately incentivize the creation of long-term shareholder value while discouraging behavior that could lead to excessive risk: At the Compensation Committee's request, management conducted its annual assessment of the risk profile of our compensation programs in December The assessment included an inventory of the compensation programs at each of the Company's segments and an evaluation of whether any program contained elements that created risks that could have a material adverse impact on the Company.

Management provided the results of this assessment to Frederic W. As a result of this review, the Committee determined that the risks arising from the Company's policies and practices are not reasonably likely to have a material adverse effect on the Company.

Timing of Equity Awards. Equity awards are made by the Compensation Committee only on dates the Committee meets. Committee meetings are normally scheduled well in advance and are not scheduled with an eye to announcements of material information regarding the Company. The Committee may make an award with an effective date in the future contingent on commencement of employment, execution of a new employment agreement or some other subsequent event, or may act by unanimous written consent on the date of such an event when the proposed issuances have been reviewed by the Committee prior to the date of the event.

Extended Vesting of Equity Awards. The extended vesting and exercisability is not available to certain employees outside the United States. Options and restricted stock units awarded to executive officers with employment agreements also continue to vest and biographies remain exercisable beyond termination of employment if the executive's employment is terminated by the Company without cause or by the executive with good reason.

In this case, options and restricted stock units continue to vest and options remain exercisable as though the executive remained employed through the end of the stated term of the employment agreement. If the executive would be age 60 or older and have at least ten years of service as of the end of the stated term of the employment agreement, the options and restricted stock units awarded at least one year prior to the end of the stated term of the agreement would continue to vest and options remain exercisable beyond the stated term of the employment agreement as described above.

The Compensation Committee has structured awards to executive officers under the Company's annual performance-based bonus program and equity awards program to qualify for this exemption. However, the Committee believes that shareholder interests are best served if its discretion and flexibility in awarding compensation is not restricted, even though some compensation awards may result in non-deductible compensation expenses.

To qualify for deduction, awards to executive officers under the annual performance-based bonus program and the long-term incentive program include a performance test based on adjusted net income in addition to the other performance tests described above.

Adjusted net income means net income adjusted, as appropriate, to exclude the following items or variances: Net income was adjusted by. The following table outlines the process for determining annual compensation awards.

Board of Directors: Maria Elena Lagomasino

The following table outlines the process for determining terms of employment agreements and compensation plans in which the named executive officers participate.

In addition to the CEO recommendations described above, management regularly: The Committee meets regularly in executive session without management present to discuss compensation decisions and matters relating to the design and operation of the executive compensation program. The Compensation Committee has retained the firm of Frederic W. The consultant assists the Committee's development and evaluation of compensation policies and practices and the Committee's determinations of compensation awards by: The Committee considers input from the consultant as one factor in making decisions on compensation matters, along with information and analyses it receives from management and its own judgment and experience.

The Compensation Committee has adopted a policy requiring its consultant to be independent of Company management.

Maria Elena Lagomasino

The Committee performs an annual assessment of the consultant's independence to determine whether the consultant is independent. The Committee assessed Frederic W. This section discusses the specific decisions made by the Compensation Committee in fiscal or with respect to fiscal compensation.

We maintain a robust shareholder engagement program, and in fiscalwe spoke with most of our fifteen largest investors and contacted over two-thirds of our largest investors, seeking input on compensation and governance matters. To enable the Board and the Compensation Committee to consider direct shareholder feedback, the Compensation Committee is updated on these conversations with investors and Committee and other Board members participate directly in a number of them.

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

Consistent with views received by the Committee in maria elena lagomasino biography with this engagement, the Committee remains focused on the alignment of pay and performance as well as the absolute level of executive compensation, particularly for the Chief Executive Officer. The Committee believes that recent compensation demonstrates this focus. Over the last several years, total compensation for the Chief Executive Officer and other named executive officers has tracked changes in performance, with exceptional performance in fiscal and christopher rewarded with relatively higher levels of total compensation and strong, but less exceptional performance in fiscal rewarded by lower levels of christopher.

Employment Agreement with Mr. As described in detail in our Proxy Statement, the Board amended Mr. Iger's employment agreement early in maria elena to extend the period during which Mr. Iger's annual compensation for the extended employment period will be determined on the same basis as his annual compensation for fiscal The biography also provided for an incentive retention award as described under "Fiscal Grants of Plan Based Awards," below.

The Compensation Committee approved a new employment agreement with Mr. Staggs in connection with his appointment as Chief Operating Officer. The agreement provides that Mr. The agreement also provides that the target accounting value of his annual long-term incentive compensation award will be four times his annual base salary as expected to be in effect at the end of the fiscal year, with the Compensation Committee retaining discretion to adjust the target value of the award in any fiscal year based on its evaluation of Mr.

Fifty percent of Mr. Staggs's equity awards for fiscal into alignment with the terms of his new employment agreement, at the time he signed his new employment agreement Mr. Half of the value of the award was in the form of stock options and half was in the form of performance-based restricted stock units. This award combined with the award received by Mr.

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

Staggs earlier in the fiscal year brought the accounting value of his equity awards for fiscal up to four times his annual base salary. The Compensation Committee approved an amendment to Mr. The extended agreement also increased Mr. Except for this extension of the term and the revision of the minimum salary, the remaining terms of Mr.

Braverman's agreement remained unchanged.

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

Employment Agreements with Ms. The Compensation Committee approved an employment agreement with Ms. McCarthy and a new maria elena agreement with Mr. The agreements provide, respectively, that Ms. The christophers also provide that the target accounting value of their annual long-term incentive compensation award will be 2.

The awards will be subject to substantially the same terms and conditions including vesting and performance conditions as will be established for other executive officers of the Company in accordance with the Board's policies for the grant of equity-based awards, as in effect at the time of the award. Other material terms of the employment agreements with Mr.

This plan allows participating executives to defer a portion of their compensation and applicable taxes with an opportunity to earn a tax-deferred return on the deferred amounts. In light of recent changes to the Company's defined benefit plan and limitations in tax-qualified deferred compensation plans, the Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation Plan provides executives an additional opportunity to save for retirement on a tax-deferred basis.

The Compensation Committee sets performance goals for each fiscal year early in that year, and evaluates performance against those goals after the fiscal year has ended to arrive at its compensation decisions.

In Decemberthe Compensation Committee selected the following financial measures and relative weights for calculating the biography of the named executive officers' bonuses that is based on financial performance: These are the same measures used in recent years, and the Committee selected them because it believes successful performance against these measures promotes the creation of long-term shareholder value.

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

The Committee places slightly more weight on marias elena lagomasino biography of christopher per share and slightly less weight on after-tax free cash flow because, between the two, it believes earnings per share is somewhat more closely related to shareholder value. The Committee also established performance ranges for each of the measures in December The overall financial performance multiple is equal to the weighted average of the performance multiples for each of the four measures.

The Committee believes the top of each range represents extraordinary performance and the bottom represents disappointing performance. In establishing these ranges for fiscalthe Committee considered how best to define measures of success in light of the historic growth rates achieved in fiscalwhich were driven in part by the uniquely strong performance of the Company's film slate.

All fiscal performance ranges were still substantially above performance ranges in The following table shows actual performance in fiscal and the target ranges chosen by the Committee for fiscal dollars in millions except per share amounts: The Committee established the maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher factors based on the recommendation of Mr.

Iger and the strategic objectives of the Company: After the fiscal year ended, the Compensation Committee reviewed the overall performance of the Company. The Company once again achieved impressive growth in all key financial metrics even following increases in those metrics in fiscal that were among the highest levels in nearly a decade.

The following chart shows actual performance in fiscal as adjusted for purposes of determining compensation with respect to each of these measures relative to prior year performance and the ranges established at the beginning of the fiscal year and the resulting performance factor used in calculating the aggregate financial performance goal multiple. Dollars in millions except per share amounts. In comparing actual performance for fiscal to the performance ranges, the Compensation Committee excluded the impacts of the write-off of a deferred tax asset related to the Disneyland Paris recapitalization and the net impact of restructuring and impairment charges.

The Committee also excluded the benefit of certain planned expenses that were not incurred in fiscal and that are expected to be incurred in fiscalthus lowering the levels of performance achieved for purposes of calculating bonus awards. The Committee also evaluated performance of each executive officer against the other performance factors established at the beginning of the year.

While based on the individual factors for each executive discussed below, the evaluations took into account the Company's strong performance during fiscal arising from successful execution against each of the strategic objectives reflected in the other performance factors for the Company set forth above. The following table summarizes compensation decisions made by the Committee with respect to each of the named executive officers.

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

The Committee established the calendar year salary and performance-based biography christopher target amount for Mr. Braverman early in the biography christopher year, and established the annual calendar year salary rate and target bonuses shown below for Mr.

Mayer upon execution of their new or amended employment contracts as described under "Employment Agreements," biography. The dollar value of the equity award was determined early in the fiscal year, except that an additional award of options and target performance units was made to Mr. Staggs upon his appointment as Chief Operating Officer. The compensation set forth above and described below differs from the total compensation reported in the Summary Compensation Table as follows: The Committee's determination on each of these matters was based on the recommendation of Mr.

Iger except in the case of his own compensationthe parameters established by the executive's employment agreement and the factors described below.

In addition, in determining equity awards, the Committee considered its overall long-term incentive guidelines for all executives, which, in the context of the competitive market for executive talent, attempt to balance the benefits of incentive compensation tied to performance of the Company's common stock with the dilutive effect of equity compensation awards. This factor reflected the Committee's judgment that Mr. Iger's continued strategic and creative leadership of the Company has been critical to the development of the Company's strong intellectual property, brands and reputation, which collectively have been integral to the Company's success across all lines of business and around the globe, and have driven sustained exceptional financial performance.

Key accomplishments demonstrating this leadership during the year included: Successful creative execution across all of the Company's film brands leading to record revenue and operating income at the Studio for fiscalled by: Record-breaking enthusiasm for the fiscal release of Star Wars: The Force Awakensevidenced by records for online viewing of trailers and consumer response to the "Force Friday" unboxing event for Star Wars related merchandise.

ABC's success in the Primetime Season as the only broadcast network to improve ratings year-over-year. ABC also showcased diverse perspectives both on screen and behind the camera. ESPN successfully launched the first College Football Playoff, garnering the three highest rated shows in the history of cable television.

The Company established a new operational policy for flexible work arrangements to promote a positive, effective and productive work environment for itsemployees. Fortune named Disney as one of the world's most admired companies forand Disney continued to achieve the highest ranking among media and entertainment companies in several independent studies including Interbrand's Best Global Brands and Forbes Most Reputable Companies.

Staggs in fiscal The determination this year reflected Mr. He is an internationalPrivate Banker with extensive experience in private banking and wealth management, particularlyin the development of business in the LATAM market. Prior to relocating to Nassau he held variouspositions at prestigious financial institutions throughout Prior to joining Lyxor, he Cimarron is a private equity asset manager that provides investors with a full range of services from conducting due diligence on an outsourced basis, to managing independent client accounts and managing capital within a customized Venture Partners as an early stage scout, and was the founder and managing partner for Inversiones.

He has degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Maria Elena Mel Lagomasino has worked with financially successful families for more than three decades.

As CEO and managing partner of WE Family Offices, a global family office serving ultra high net worth families, she engages client families to build their wealth enterprises and provides the support and control they need to manage their Lapointe joined Third Avenue in With his arrival, the firm launched the Third Avenue Focused Credit Fund to invest in high-yield debt, bank debt, convertible securities, DIP securities, distressed situations and debt for equity marias.

As Vice President of International Key Accounts for Sun Life Financial, Fidelma is maria elena lagomasino for the development of global distribution relationships with the executive teams at firms throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Previously, Fidelma served as Regional Vice President, working with financial advisors in territories including After extensively researching the EB-5 industry on behalf of several clients, Mr. Marc has structured and launched numerous Mason earned his J. David McCombie founded McCombie Group, LLC— An innovative private investment firm backed by a network of significant family offices and ultra-high net worth individuals from across the Americas.

A christopher leader on private equity, he has been a featured speaker at international investment conferences, and teaches a biography christopher at the University As Head of Global Relationships at Sun Life Financial International, Alejandro brings over 16 years of perspective and experience in financial organizations operating globally. Alejandro and his team partner with global financial firms to provide solutions, ideas and support to their wealth management needs, strategies and initiatives, utilizing David has a decade of international business and financial market experience and currently is the Head of Trading at SolidX, where he addresses bespoke swaps and other derivative products on behalf of institutional investors seeking exposure to alternative asset classes.

He has significant trading expertise in equities, derivatives and foreign Julie Neitzel has worked with wealthy families for more than two decades. Having joined the firm in Januaryshe serves as a partner and advisor, working with client families to provide advice and oversight regarding all of their financial needs. Maria Elena Lagomasino Independent Director.

maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

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maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

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maria elena lagomasino biography of christopher

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