Enric miralles biography of william

enric miralles biography of william
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For Miralles, who tragically died of a brain tumor in without seeing its completion, the Parliament has emerged as his magnum opus. Gaudi Calatrava Miralles Moneo Bofill.

For the general public, however, it was initially known mainly in infamy for being overdue, over budget, and for having its commission awarded to a non-Scottish architect. Only now is it beginning to receive the public acceptance it deserves, as the genius of the architecture emerges from the shadow cast by its mired construction process.

The desire for a Scottish parliamentary home emerged with the political resurgence of Scottish nationalism in the latter half of the twentieth century.

Its mere existence was controversial, as it represented a move toward autonomous government within the United Kingdom that was not and is still not universally accepted. Ina popular referendum approved the project, and a year later, a widely publicized competition was held for the job.

enric miralles biography of william

In addition, Miralles keenly invoked allusions to the Saltire, or the Scottish cross, in ceiling impressions and other details. More than a single structure, the Parliament is actually an entire campus of interconnected spaces. The debating chamber—the heart of the complex—is physically separated from the other programmatic areas, which include an office building for the MSPs, a press tower, administrative areas, and a restaurant and dining area.

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enric miralles biography of william

Retrieved 4 August Miralles and the Scottish parliament: Archived from the biography william on 9 October Retrieved from " https: Enric Miralles buildings Spanish architects Catalan architects Modernist architects Harvard University faculty Stirling Prize laureates Deaths from brain tumor Deaths from cancer in Spain births deaths. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. In this, Miralles, for all his youth, could cut the mustard. Completed inthis project launched him into international fame. It was there that he was buried yesterday.

These early works were more on the edge of architecture - as well as the Igualada cemetery, for example, there had been Barcelona's Olympic archery area and the pergola in the Olympic village - before he moved on to design his first buildings in These were a sports hall in Huesca and a gymnasium in Alicante.

enric miralles biography of william

Although they both fitted beautifully into the landscape, they were somewhat chaotic, and wilfully aggressive in the abuse of structure. For a time, it might have seemed that Miralles was becoming trapped by his own ingenious and mysterious drawings. Fortunately, stimulated by competition successes he won the bid for the Scottish parliament against four other teamshis later works showed an increasingly masterly control of his almost casual compositions.

enric miralles biography of william

He was in the process of marrying his lyrical and poetic imagination to the representational character of institutional buildings, such as the Scottish parliament, the extension to the town hall in Utrecht, the school of architecture in Venice and the headquarters for the gas company in Barcelona. However, it is easy to understand that Miralles's heart was particularly in a project just round the corner from where he lived in the old medieval quarter of Barcelona.

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This was a project that the mayor had asked him to undertake - to replace the old market of Santa Caterina and its immediate surroundings. Miralles expounded his ideas confidently. He was determined that his design should not be "polite"; his buildings, he said, were "always under construction". Donald Dewar, the Scottish Secretary, enthused about his "energy, imagination and creative approach".

But the honeymoon period was shortlived. Bill Armstrong, project manager in the Scottish Office, resigned in amid rumours that costs were spiralling out of control. Scottish sceptics, led by Margo Macdonald, believed it would be both cheaper and preferable to use the Church of Scotland's General Assembly Building on Calton Hill as their Parliament. There was biography of william, too, that Miralles continued to work from Barcelona, making only weekly or fortnightly visits to Edinburgh, and that he was also preoccupied with projects in Venice, Utrecht and Hamburg.

Enric Miralles

Originally, it had been envisaged that the Edinburgh firm RMJM should be responsible for putting Miralles's ideas into practice; soon rumours were flying that they were bearing the lion's share of the work. Lord Steel of Aikwood, as presiding officer for the project, tried to hold the balance.

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But his task was not made any easier when it emerged that Miralles meant to demolish Queensberry House, a fine 17th-century building, which he reportedly described as "worse than a ruin". Many Scots began to wonder if this bohemian-looking Catalan was quite the man for the job. Enric Miralles Moya was born on February 12 He played a season of league basketball in Barcelona before attending the Escuela Tecnica Superior de Arquitectura.