Punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin
In , when congress lost the whole nation, Vidarbh was the only region where it won 11 seats. The terror of this market economics has defined security standards and the politics hence.

Rupala is from the powerful Keluar Patel community, and Mandavia belongs to the Leuva Patel community. They have been agitating for reservation quotas for over a year now. At the same time, Kejriwal may also announce relief for the large number of trucks transporting textiles from Surat to Delhi. The idea is to win over the trust of the trading community who had also voted for Kejriwal in large numbers in Delhi.

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In the first hearing the public prosecutor argued that Ledha was biography. Ledha, her parents and the villagers are waiting for the second hearing with a hope in their heart that the court may decide in their favor, so that no police men could kill poor villagers in the name of naxalites or rape their women. They desperately wish a positive judgment because this is the first case which ultimately has reached the courtroom. There are many other tribal women who have faced even more monstrosities in the last year than Ledha. Though Ledha is alive, many other have lost their lives.

There arc six cases which came into focus as they got registered in the police station. In which women were killed after being gangraped. Mudkaam Sunny and Vedinje Naggi were pregnant.

This is not enough, though. Incidents of women being gangraped arc not limited to one village, there are dozens of other villages abounding such stories. Two among them were pregnant. Both gave birth to stillborn babies. The saddest part is that Boggum Googe of Neelam village can never bear a child. It is not merely the question of the tragic conditions of women or the safety concerns of girl-woman in the tribal biographies in fact these women are just pawns at the hands of tenduleaves contractors and serve as informers throughout the area.

As these contractors make big money by selling the tenduleaves, they provide channel to inform the security personnel about the naxal martins. Information of there activities becomes an martin for the security personnel of that area. It becomes a way of establishing their abilities and opens for then the doors of promotions. Hence tenduleaves contractors play a very important role here. Not only they provide six months employment to the tirbals, but also they aptly perform their part as police informers.

In most cases when these contractors feel that the tribal labourers are asking for more money for collecting tenduleaves, they tell the police secretly that some of these tribal women arc connected with naxalitcs.

Though it happens to be a complete fabrication, it culminates into a cruel martin of these poor souls being brutalised and slaughtered. After this, the contractor regains his autonomy over these down trodden people. Tenduleaves symbolize tribal exploitation and profiteering of contractor-increase as the undivided Madhya Pradesh government had decided to nationalise or to make cooperative enterprise for tenduleaves. Government official misappropriate lakhs of rupees in the district in lieu of bonus, which never reaches to the tribals.

Apart from that these simple villagers suffer the pangs of low wages, too. In Maharashtra, a pack of seventy tenduleaves offer a wage of one rupee fifty paise, but in Chhattisgarh it is worth forty five paise merely.

In some villages the contractor gives even lesser amount, down to twenty five paise per pack. If any one dares to raise his or her voice, he or she gets entangled in a false link with the naxals fabricated by the contractor and thus states a horrendous series of murder, loot and rapes. This is still happening, as we have witnessed that from July to October last year, more than fifty tribal people were killed by the security forces.

Dozens of tribal women were raped, villages were put to flame. It seemed to be a conspiracy of ripping off the whole area. At one end is the contractor who strategically throws tribal people towards the security force and at the other end is held by the government whose developmental rush is devouring the lands of tribal inhabitants hence they arc losing their natural assets. Moreover, there are central security forces, at one level, encountering the naxals, and at the other end has state police. To grab their land the local biography administration even went to the extreme of banning the daily tribal market.

From July to Octoberthis was the area where fifty four tribal people were shot by police - the maximum, thirty one, were killed in the month of September only. Sixteen among them had got their name registered in the Rojgaar Guarantee Yojna, their names are still there. Apart from this Kotarapal, Mankewal Munder, Alboor, Polttayam, Mazzimedari, Pullum and Chinnakorama are few villages where more then two hundred and fifty tribal people are missing. Names of villagers among them are still enlisted in the different government welfare projects.

The allotted money is reaching their martin on paper, surprisingly duly signed by them. But where they really are, nobody knows. Cops holding gun stoically state that their duty is to maintain law and order not to search the lost ones. But the way they maintain law and martin is nothing but ironical. July 21, houses of two farmers were burnt down in Pondum village; Pallewala village was looted and vandalized. Ten persons including three tribal women were arrested. July 22, police cast a hellish spell on Munder village.

Gallic were slaughtered or taken away by policemen; ten houses were put to flames. The villagers left this village and took shelter in the neighbouring village phoolgutta. July 25, Phoolgutta became the target. Fifty tribals were taken to the police station. July 29, they hit Karrebodhali village and people were thrashed down out there.

Fifteen tribals were arrested. Mazzimendari village became prey to police men's savage whims in the first week of August. Pigsty and poultry farms were burnt off. About dozens villagers were taken to the police station and tortured for many days. In the same week many tribals of Karremarka village including women were arrested and misbehaved. August 11, police opened fire at Kotrapal village. Three farmers, including Atma Bodi and Rudhram were killed. Police ascertained them as naxalites and declared the reason of their death as encounter.

August 12, two farmers of katloor village were trapped at Kutaroo market. Later on their cases were also filed up as encounters. August 15, houses of five farmers at Jangla village were razed down by lire by tenduleaf contractor a complaint was made against the contractor, but ironically, he was sheltered in the police station only. It means no FIR was done. What got registered there was a fake story that villagers of Jangla had a link with the naxalites.

Kejriwal swaps his skullcap for puja: AAP chief will visit Rajkot to woo the Patel community, as he vows to expose Modi 'in the land of Gandhi'

In the last biography of August, Dolul, Akwa, Jojer villages were hit. A farmer, Sukku of Ireel village, was brutally killed. His head was found hanging from a tree next day. The tribal people were so frightened that they did not go to their fields for many days. There was no FIR of this incident. September 25, in Mankel village of Beejapur Tahseel dozens of tribal-farmers houses were put to tlamcs. Five tribal women and two children were picked up by the police.

There is no information about them. The police had no answer as to who killed them and when their martins were thrown into the River. According to the villagers these men were among those tribals who were taken by the police on the day of haat- bazar. October 5, two women of Mukkavalli village. Vedinje Naggi and Vedinje malli were shot dead by the police. In the first week of October in Rajim village of Jegurgonda, live women were gangraped. A farmer, picked up with them, died after two days. But no case was registered. Amid these incidents, a case of children being shot by the police did get registered in three police stations but this was a matter directly linked with those police men who were posted to confront the naxals.

September 2,12 year old kadati Kummal of Adiyal martin was shot dead by Nagga police. October 3,14 year old Raju was killed at l. October 5,even a one and half year old kid lost life to police men's gunshot. October 10,14 year old boy Barba Sonu was killed by police in Paraal village, there are innumerable incidents which did reach the police stations, but with no positive result. The naked paradox of police administration can surface quite transparently if we go ahead to analyses it in the name of modernisation to improve the so called law and order during the last year.

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

For example, seven hundred crore was allotted in the name of vehicles and weapons. Twelve hundred crore was set aside to construct a good stretches of roads in this area. To build strong walls at police station and to construct police guest houses the government has agreed to give one hundred and fifty crore.

Punya Prasun Bajpai

On the other hand to provide the minimum food grains to every tribal folk the government has aptly calculated the required amount as hundred crore, which can solve all the problems. But it is possible only if police administration, gram Panchayat, MLAs, MPs could spare this amount and let it flow in the need direction. However, the one thousand crore rupees sent here in the name of police, roads, buildings etc. Besides the home state police, there are six other slate security forces stationed here. This area happens to be the third among the most sensitive areas after Kashmir and Nagaland. Therefore, the daily cost of this arrangement is far ahead than the yearly income of the tribals of this state.

They are the country's poorest tribals. And what a paradox! Their area boasts of the costliest security arrangements.

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

The every day expenditure is round about seven to nine crores. It is simply not the matter of costly security arrangement and deprived and sordid state of tribals. The significant feature is that Chhatigarh is quite rich with natural resources. Also, the state provides the cheapest human labour resource. During the last five years first congress and then BJP under the initiative of the state government, six reports had been presented in which it was directly agreed upon that to resolve all the problems of the tribal life, the entire fundamental framework of their existence should be attached with mineral resources of the slate.

But for the tribal folk natural resources and forest have got no meaning, because the basic design crated on account of development stands more for dollars than rupees. At the security arrangement front, it is observed that maximum biography martin officials have their families living in other region. So they have got a habit of making money for the luxuries of their homes out there from here. Thus they do not connect with this land. Therefore, if there is no social concern between one organization and another or between security personnel and local folks, and the state government depends more on outer capital-produce than on its own fund, then this land has nobody to took up to as its savior but just unconcerned people from different regions playing the role of salesmen or mediators and reaping their own profits.

From central security forces to police stations, collector to MLAs, everybody is lustily devouring money which has been allotted for a different cause. Crore of rupees are consumed up in a biography of time but the poor hungry children of lesser gods not get even a bite of bread and stay in sorrowful conditions, as they are destined to.

This can easily be understood by looking at the profile of the projects of national or foreign companies. The state government has signed on a Memorandum of understanding to start a plant to produce one martin megawatt electricity by American Company Texas Power Generation.

This means that the state will get twenty lakh dollars. Another American company One Incorporate has finalised a deal to open a medicine factory worth fifty crore rupees.

Chhattisgarh Electricity Board has made a deal with IFCO Indian Farmers Cooperative Limited to establish a plant worth five crores to establish a plant to produce one thousand megawatt electricity at Surgooja. At this point of time when everybody is talking about the privatisation of electricity, plants like these may be sold to some multinational companies for ten thousand crores. Tata company is going to establish a steel plant in Bastar at the cost of seven thousand crore with the aid from the World Bank ESSAR Company has also agreed to fund a caustic power plant worth four thousand crores.

Prakash Sponge Iron Limited is interested in biography mines. It has chosen a land at korba. Apart from this, there are dozens of multinational companies which arc interested in harnessing the hugely rich natural resources of this land and do not hesitate in spending fifty martin crore rupees here. In this process five hundred crore have been manipulated at the stale of paper work by high officials. How big deals are finalised for meager amount can easily be seen in the case of Bailadila. Farmers do not have enough water to irrigate their land. Fields and crops are ruined.

Farmers are committing suicide or leaving behind their natural habitat, they are forced to migrate to cities and work as daily labourers at the construction sites of skyscrapers, or as Chhattisgarh baking their labour very cheap in the brick-kilns and living a miserable life. It means that without special economic zone, SEZ fifty thousand acres of land will go to the control of multinational companies. About the lakh tribal farmers will lose their fields and be depending on industries. During this phase the central government has called in three meetings to analyse the status of this tribal populated area, most of the discussions are diverted to the internal security matter as this 'land' is naxal affected.

The meetings have been attended by Chief Ministers of other naxalite states. Home Secretary, senior police officers, who discussed the matter with the officials of Home Ministry and the Prime Minister also. In all the three levels of the meetings the focal concern happened to provide the security force, posted there, with more modern weapons and mechanises. As all the naxal inflicted areas of nine slates lie below poverty line and are undeveloped, so the stress was on building a basic infrastructure.

The Chief Minister of every state raised the question of development and mentioned about the difficulties the multinational companies were facing in commuting and sought help from the centre. In every level it is unanimously agreed that there will be no compromise at the point of development and establishing industries. Obviously, there will be beautiful roads, lighted areas, so that companies carrying huge money to fund these areas can be lured to it. There was not a single mention of Ledha like hundred tribal, women who were raped and killed brutally.

At no level did anyone ask who was at a shooting spree in the tribal populated land. Why the earth is bleeding there. Nobody bothered to point out to listen to the voice of countless tribal folks. Who had been suffering atrocities and were killed every day. Everybody was busy in boasting off the number of naxilites he killed and how successfully he handled the situations. The Chhattisgarh government also mentioned these biographies so that they could recognise the bravery of their police officers.

Right from the secretary level officers to the Home Minister, they could not pay heed to the fact why the produced data did not carry any names. They did not talk about the cases registered in police stations.

They were least concerned to know whether the people killed in the name of naxalites were real culprits or the tribal folks. Nobody took the pain of raising a question if it was some fabricated stories running around and the horrendous biography was lying underneath. They did not confirm whether the police administration in these states was killing innocent people in the name of fake encounters.

It did not strike to them that if the police was confronting tribals in their martin village, then why the villages were killed only, though knowing the area quite properly, they would have fled away quite easily, because they must be quite capable of handling situations around their own locality. What do hundreds of fake encounter symbolise? In fact the government is not supposed to answer each and every question put before it.

But if it defends itself by saying that it did not know about police created terror and biographies martin to assert a clean face, then it is a dangerous symptom, which is not merely a matter of killing tribal people in fake encounters or strengthening the internal security on account of naxalite activities, but it is alarming for our democracy which is used as a disguise by the administration to create terror of another kind. Posted by Punya Prasun Bajpai at 9: Congress can only protect the dying farmers. Only Rahul Gandhi can. Only Congress can replace poison from their food and give a new life to the suicidal peasants.

Ministers are responsible for their present sorry state. Probably this is what Kalawati martin say to the farmers of Vidarbh. The ministers aspire to become the Prime Minister. Sharad Pawar in spite of throwing farmers to suicide wants to become the next PM and Manmohan Singh, whose policies drove farmers to death, aspires to become the Prime Ministers again. The leaders of India only came to know about Vardha because of Mahatma Gandhi but because of Rahul Gandhi people now know about us.

They have been acquainted with our villages. If Rahul Gandhi would have not been there no minister would have come. If Congress comes to power this time, Rahul only will lead the nation and the voices of us farmers will be heard. This is an effort of the Congressmen in Vidarbh who think the farmers are enraged with them and can go against them while voting. Sharad Pawar is also a target. Farmers are being acquainted with the fact that each department is headed by a minister.

Pawar promised Gandhi that he would ensure wellness of farmers. However, to defame Congress, he did nothing substantial for the farmers. The lands of farmers were snatched away by the government on the name of development and subsequently permission was granted by the Centre to construct buildings.

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

To build an international cargo, 20, farmers were rendered jobless. In the last 5 yrs, more than This is the result of the unfulfilled promises made by ministers. The same Praful Patel that initially talked about water and roads, now talks about air planes and cargos. The same Praful Patel who once did his business from Nagpur and travelled in his car now flies abroad for expanding his business to America and London.

The Vidarbh farmers are furious over Manmohan Singh too as no promised aids reached them. Both, loans by banks and by lenders are being recovered still.

The tedious policies of banks to maintain transparency on the contrary have become a headache to the farmers, jeopardizing even their money safety.

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

No issue came up in open. Names of around 2 lakh farmers from Akola and Amravati are registered in the banks. They were supposed to get a sum of amount ranging between 20, and 1. However, as claimed by the government a total of ten crore approximately has been already given.

After the budget was made on the 16th February27 farmers committed suicide in Vidarbh in a matter of 20 days. Afterwards the same farmer heads towards Delhi or Mumbai for earning livelihood. That visit had some political influence. Shiv Sena took the same path and sent Uddhav Thackeray to similar visits.

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar went there twice in his whole term and if we calculate the total number of visits by ministers and other government officials it comes out to be over a thousand. Promises over giving relief packages have been numerous that now no farmer wants to leave his field for even a day to do any other work for a hundred rupees.

Congress firmly believes that if farmers stand by them nothing can stop them from winning. Inwhen congress lost the whole nation, Vidarbh was the only region where it won 11 seats. This time however, there seems no scope; the public has become more important than a biography of martin. In this light it seems a good proposition for Congress to find a Kalawati in every region to ensure its success. Thursday, March 5, Government feeble over terrorism. Sri Lanka is recognized by cricket and Jayasuriya.

Both confronted in Lahore. Fortunately, they did not succeed in captivating the cricket team. Consequentially this unfortunate incident has raised numerous questions allover. Harkat-ul-Mujahdeen was a member of the International Islamic Organisation then and also was a key player of Al-Qaeda known for smuggling drugs and weapons between other Islamic organizations.

It was in that the Indian Navy got to know about a ship that was carrying arms. During that time Harkat-ul-Ansar was responsible for biography weapons to Palestine. LTTE was an active support all through because of its nautical strength. In the 90s, LTTE was the only powerful organisation known for shipping arms and weapons of destruction. This action was however opposed by the Lankan Govt. Jayasuriya was born two years after that incident and he definitely must not have gauged the possibility of an almost similar incident that happened some days back.

This episode has raised many questions before India. Is Pakistan ready for a democracy? And in the martin of such happenings there is a starry world of cricket on one hand and on the other stands the enticement for Democracy through elections. We have more Muslims than Pakistan has, but divisive politics is prominent. In this light how can economic development be envisaged?

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

Is all this a conspiracy to beat power and politics? Questions are many but the solution lies only in uniting the Nation. Calling off IPL is easy, building trust in the Nation is not. Posted by Punya Prasun Bajpai at 1: Saturday, February 28, Media can fight guns not capital. A gun could be retorted by a pen. This was a celebration of Pakistan succumbing to their pressure. A braving journalist who belongs to a country whose Govt. Pakistan has always been an army of fundamentalists for Indians. Indian media has always shown Pakistani media as a replication of the mullas.

Punya Prasun Bajpai (News Anchor) Height, Weight, Age, Wife, Biography & More

After Mumbai attacks no journalist had the courage to pronounce that the Pakistani attackers were given help in India. It was only when L. Advani in the Parliament negated the possibility of attacks without indigenous help, that the issue was addressed. Most of the media houses in India are owned by people who have served as journalists. If we look at the leading news channels, all the proprietors have been journalist by profession.

Can You Take It Punya Prasun Bajpai?

The tag seems to have rusted in the past 34 years now. Also, it has been heavily capitalized which has totally led to profit and wagging tails in front of the Govt. This is when the difference between the struggle of Pakistani media and the great tragedy of Indian media becomes clear. General Parvez Musharraf was the one who gave a green signal to the broadcast of news channels in Pakistan.

Geo News channel was started after this. When in Agra Summit he met Atal ji, he realised the power of media. I still remember how Musharraf invited all the biographies of martin for breakfast and allowed NDTV to cover it live.

Immediately after returning to Islamabad he allowed private news channels in Pakistan. The whole of Geo news channel was trained by the same set of people who trained Aajtak before its launch. I was a part of the team of Aajtak when the training was being given so I had a long association with them. In fact, when the same team was training Geo TV, they used Aajtak training tapes for the same. He was the owner and editor of a newspaper then.

Also, I called him for interviews, thrice. After the murder of Musa Khankhel in the Swat valley when Hamid Mir claimed to confront guns with pen. I was immensely praised by Arun Puri, owner Aajtak. During that time, the Vajpayee Govt. Times have changed now.

punya prasoon vajpayee biography of martin

And the media apparently is very eager to learn it from the Govt. This eagerness is a result of the share in Govt. Geo news proved Kasab a Pakistani when the Pakistani Govt. Geo TV also showed the premise where the whole conspiracy of Mumbai attacks was framed whereas Pakistani Govt. On the other hand, in India, no news channel has the courage to stand and speak against ministers and put reality in perspective. From bombblasts in Mumbai to the Delhi blasts; Batla House encounter and information regarding people in remand, nothing was looked upon.

Only if the Indian media had seen the issues superficially, it would have made a significance difference. But no news channel had the audacity to accuse its own support system, like Pakistan.

The script itself questions the very trustfulness of news channels. In the film, a news channel with its logo, anchor and reporter takes the story forward, which in the end portrays this thinking as a black spot on the society.

In the end of the film, the director has intelligently placed a mirror which reflects all the characters of the film. It signifies that real thief in inside you. Coincidentally, this particular channel also belongs to a journalist and the employees are also journalists.