Fabrizio moroni biography of barack

fabrizio moroni biography of barack
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Attended the University of Pisa fromobtaining a doctorate in utroque iureboth canon and civil law. Canon of the cathedral chapter of Florence by right of patronato of his family, Governor of Faenza, Vice-legate in Ferrara, Governor of Spoleto, Relator of the S. Received the subdiaconate, August 25, ; diaconate, September 1, Elected titular archbishop of Corinto, September 9, Consecrated, September 15,church of S. Assistant at the Pontifical Throne, September 20, Nuncio to Poland, September 20, Secretary of the S. Promoted to the titular patriarchate of Jerusalem, July 21, Created cardinal priest in the consistory of May 17, ; received the red hat and the title of S.

Eusebio, June 25, September 28,at 11 p. Exposed in the church of S. Agostino, Rome, where the funeral also took place; and buried next to the main door of that same church, under a marble with his cardinalitial arms and his name only. Later, his remains werte transferred to Florence and buried in his family's chapel in the church of Ss. Memorie storiche de' cardinali della Santa Romana Chiesa. Nella Stamperia di Gio: Francesco Chracas, presso S. Marco al Corso,p. Hierarchia Catholica Medii et Recentioris Aevi.

Antonio" apud Basilicam S. Legati e governatori dello Stato Pontificio: Ministero per i beni culturali e ambientali, Ufficio centrale per i beni archivistici, Pubblicazioni degli archivi di Stato. Michele e Gaetano, Florence, Requiem Datenbank; another view of his tomb in his family's chapel, Wikipedia.

fabrizio moroni biography of barack

May 12,Venice 1. Son of Francesco Badoaro and Elena Michiel. Nephew of Alberto Badoaro, bishop of Crema, who educated him and for whom he received his second baptismal name. When he was five years old, he was entrusted for his education to his uncle the bishop. Received the ecclesiastical tonsure and a prebend from his uncle inwho also ordained him a subdeacon in his cathedral; later, he went to study at University of Padua, where he obtained a doctorate in utroque iureboth canon and civil law.

Intogether with his uncle the bishop, he accompanied new Cardinal Pietro Basadonna to Rome for his cardinalitial investiture. During the visit, the pope granted him a prebend. Returned to Crema and was named archdeacon of the cathedral and abbot commendatario of S.

Pietro di Colle; after the death of his uncle the bishop in who left him all his wealthin repudiation of nepotism, he resigned both posts and went to Padua. Ordained, afterPadua, by Gregorio Barbarigo, bishop of Padua, future cardinal and saint. Canon of the cathedral chapter of Padua, May 31, Marco of Venice in Elected by the pope patriarch of Venice, September 27, He visited all the churches and monasteries of the patriarchate as well as its seminary.

He worked to improve the popular customs and opened an academy in the patriarchal palace for the formation of the clergy. Inafter Pope Alexander VIII canonized Blessed Lorenzo Giustiniani, first patriarch of Venice, he established that for eight Sundays following his liturgical feast special celebrations took place in the patriarchal cathedral.

He established the Conservatorio di S. Maria delle Penitenti for women who had abandoned prostitution. He solemnly consecrated three new parish churches: Agostino on December 9, ; S. Benedetto on May 9, ; and S. Maria Zobenigo in July Inexecuting an authorization that the Senate had given him the year before, he allowed that the pinzocchere of the subportico of S. Marcuola were given to the new monastery of S. Inhe allowed the translation of the remains of the Blessed Countess of Tagliapietra to a chapel of the parish church of S.

He lived very frugally and daily practiced penance. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of May 17, Transferred to the see of Brescia, with personal title of patriarch, June 7, ; the diocese was affected by the heretical doctrine of Quietism and the pope wanted the zealous and virtuous cardinal to eradicate it.

Received the red hat on June 22, ; and the title of S. Marcello, June 25, From Rome, he returned to Venice and later went to Brescia. He was ascribed to the most important congregations of the Roman Curia. On the following July 3, he wrote a pastoral letter announcing to the faithful of Brescia his election as bishop of the diocese; he took possession of the see on February 27, Abbot commendatario of Sesto al Reghena, Cividale, from until his death.

He immediately began a thorough pastoral visit of the city and diocese, giving particular attention to divine worship and ecclesiastical discipline. Inlearning that Bishop Luigi Ruzzini of Bergamo was gravely ill, he went to assist him in his last moments.

fabrizio moroni biography of barack

Particularly strong and decisive was his action against Giacomo Picennino, who had introduced from Switzerland some heretic pamphlets in Italian; and against Giuseppe Beccarelli, from Milan, the main promoter of the quietist movement and who was compelled to abjure publicly in September He fomented in the city and in the diocese the devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament instituting with the help of the Regular Clerics a confraternity called Adorazione perpetua del Santissimo Sacramento.

Opted for the title of S. Marco on July 11, He obtained the appointment of Monsignor Giovanni Francesco Martinengo, provost of the collegiate church of Ss. Nazarioe Celso, in Brescia, as his episcopal cooperator. May 17,of a grave fever that affected him on his return from a pastoral visitation, after receiving the sacraments of the Church, in Brescia. Exposed in the cathedral of Brescia, where the funeral took place; and buried in the chapel of S.

Antonio in that cathedral, with an inscription that he himself had prepared 2. A very pious man, he had fame of holiness; the process of beatification has been opened and he has been declared a venerable. Avogadro, Pietro ; Luciani, Antonio. Funerale dell'eminentissimo e reverendiss. Dalle stampe di Gio.

Maria Rizzardi, ; Cardella, Lorenzo. Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica da S. Pietro sino ai nostri giorni. I patriarchi di Venezia. Da Lorenzo Giustiniani ai nostri giorni. Studium Cattolico Veneziano, Collana Storica, 3pp. Cronologia storica dei vescovi Olivolensi detti dapoi Castellani e sucessivi patriarchi di Venezia. Corredata di annotazioni illustranti l'ecclesiastico-civile veneta storia. Italia sacra, sive, De episcopis Italiae. Apud Sebastianum Coleti,5, col.

Biography by Gian Franco Torcellan, in Italian, Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani - Volume 5Treccani; biographical entryin German, Wikipedia; his tombstone and biographical entry in Italian, Wikipedia; Funerale dell'eminentissimo e reverendiss. Da Lorenzo Giustiniani ai nostri giornip. His biography by Trocella, linked above; and his biographical entries in German and Italian from Wikipedia, also linked above, indicate that he was born on March 12, Moroni, Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica da S.

Pietro sino ai nostri giorniIV, 33, says that he was born in October 16,Sarzana.

fabrizio moroni biography of barack

Of a noble family. Agostino Favoriti, secretary of Latin Letters, whom he succeeded. Great-grand-uncle of Cardinal Filippo Casoni Great-great-great-grand uncle of Luigi Vannicelli Casoni His last name is also listed as Casonus. Accompanied Luigi Bevilacqua, titular patriarch of Alexandria, nuncio extraordinary to the Congress of Nijmegen to sign the peace between France and Holland, Canon of the chapter of S.

Maria in Via Lata, Rome, July Consistorial and of the Sacred College of Cardinals, December 19, Resigned the canonicate of S. Maria in Via Lata and was named canon of the chapter of the patriarchal Liberian basilica, Rome. Elected titular archbishop of Cesarea, March 3,with dispensation for not having received the diaconate and presbyterate, March 3, Nuncio before the regent of Naples, March 4, Assistant at the Pontifical Throne, March 23, Assessor of the Supreme S.


Bernardo alle Terme, June 25, Protector of the Order of the Friars Minor Observants. Legate in Ferrara, November 7, ; he had declined the legation in two occasions before; during his tenure, the imperial forces occupied Comacchio and besieged Ferrara; he departed on December 2, Legate in Bologna, September 9, until April 10, ; during his tenure, the city suffered the plague; as one of the cardinals inquisitor general, he received the abjuration from Lutheranism of Elector Friedrich August of Saxony, who subsequently assumed the Polish throne.

Pietro in Vincoli, January 21, Together with Cardinal Enrico Noris, O. In the cathedral of Sarzana, he founded a sumptuous chapel in honor of the SS. Crocifissoadorned with precious marbles and excellent paintings; he erected in the chapel two monuments honoring Popes Innocent XII and Clement XI, his benefactors. November 19,near 10 p. Exposed in his title, where the funeral also took place; and buried near the main altar in that same church 1. April 7,Florence. Of the noble family of the marchesi Castigliano.

Andrea Corsini, bishop of Fiesole. Nephew of Cardinal Neri Corsini Cousin of Cardinal Giambattista Patrizion his mother's side. Uncle of Cardinal Neri Maria Corsini Great-grand-uncle of Cardinal Andrea Corsini Studied at the Jesuit Collegio RomanoRome; and at the University of Pisa, where he earned a doctorate in utroque iureboth canon and civil law.

Resigned his primogeniture and entered the ecclesiastical state in after the death of his uncle and his father. In the pontificate of Pope Innocent XI, he purchased for 30, scudiaccording to the custom of the times, the post of regent of the Apostolic Chancery. Cleric of the Apostolic Chamber. Since then, the two have been collaborating on 8 recorded albums over 18 years, which led them to have concerts in italy and abroad together.

Following this success, Ariano was added to the Italian light music enciclopedia. Finally, he collaborated with Renzo Arbore in many occasions, for instance: Solinas Award inRai International in Sincehe collaborates permanently with two nationally and internationally known artists: DuringAriano represented italian jazz at Shanghai Expo along with two bands: Danilo Rea is an Italian jazz pianist.

Born in Vicenza, Italy in He is a graduate of the Santa Cecilia music conservatory in Rome. Great technique and high musical sensibility, he has got a personal own language come out by a research through his own style of playing, which he developed during the years. All this, passing through the jazz tradition made out by incredibile musicians and composers such as Charlie Christian and Wes Montgomery, evocating Bebop and the younger sixties Hard-Bop.

His phrasing leads to dominant aspects of a never expected language, sometimes virtuoso, some other times sweetbut essentially pure, paying particular attention to the meaning of every single note he playsbesides the moving frequences produced by them. His dominant characteristics are the freshness and the strenght of his original way of interpretating music, and a deep research of lyrism where poetry and music melt up.

Born in Rome inMassimo started playing the bass when he was Rava - Maurizio Giammarco quartet - D. He has collaborated, both in concert and on disc, with foreign jazz musicians such as: Ambrosetti - Don Moye - B. He has recorded film music with world famous composers and conductors such as E.

He has an extremely active life as a side man in the studio he has recorded about CDs ; he has made 4 discs as the leader of the band: Amongst his most stable collaborations the most outstanding are: In he was voted the best double-bass and electric bass in the studio for Guitar Club.

Followed by many musicians, artists and critics of our present times. He has enormous influence on the young generation of musicians and artists. Was born into a musical family. His trumpeter father gave him first lessons before he went into the istanbul conservatory in mid 60s. Started giving concerts at a very young age in his childhood.

He is 1st prize winner of many competitions throughout the world. Started touring the world while in teens.

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After complet ing his studies in istanbul at the conservatory where he went for about 10 years, piano and composition, started when he was 5. Later on went studying conducting in Oslo.

Fabrizio Moroni

Got invi- tations for concerts and teachings from everywhere after leaving istanbul. Studied in Norway, Holland and England during his europe years. Went to Berklee College by Gary Burton' s invitation in Spindox helps the client to manage virtualization projects, both when existing applications must be migrated and when new solutions are developed from scratch. As a Gold Partner, Spindox is enabled to resale the entire portfolio of Oracle products, including database, middleware, storage, server systems, packaged applications and vertical solutions.

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fabrizio moroni biography of barack

Servoy is the J2EE development platform that Spindox selected for the integration of apps with legacy systems. We are one of the leading Italian partners of Software AG, with strong technical and methodological skills on webMethods: Spindox skills relate in particular to Assyst, among the most successful ITMS products on the market. Spindox is Fortinet Bronze Partner, provider of solutions for application security and network. El cardenal Belluga, su vida y su obra.

Textos murcianos raros y curiosos ; 1 ; -Boades, Miguel. La Paz, ; -Cardella, Lorenzo. Estudios sobre el cardenal Belluga. Academia Alfonso X el Sabio, Biblioteca murciana de bolsillo ; 64. Imprenta de Servaty hermanos, ; -Guitarte Izquierdo, Vidal. Figura y pensamiento del cardenal Belluga a travis de su memorial antirregalista a Felipe V.

Epistolario del Cardenal Belluga. El Cardenal Luis Belluga. Editorial Comares, ; Vilar, Juan Bautista. Murcia y el Cardenal Belluga.

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Maria in Vallicella, Rome, Requiem Datenbank. June 7,Castello de Moura, archdiocese of Evora, Portugal. He was baptized on the same day of his birth. Attended the University of Coimbra, earning a doctorate in utroque iureboth canon and civil law, on November 14, He was an excellent orator who possessed and extraoridnary eloquence.

Ordained, May 20, Professor of theology and canon law at the University of Coimbra.

fabrizio moroni biography of barack

Grand prior of the Order of San Jaime de Esprata. Named viceroy of Faro. Elected bishop of Faro, June 8, Governor of Algarve, which capital is Faro, from June and January He was promoted to the cardinalate at the instance of the king of Portugal.

Created cardinal priest in the consistory of November 29, ; the pope sent him the red biretta with an apostolic brief of December 20, Received the red hat and the title of S. Susanna, June 16, He remained in Rome and was named minister of Portugal before the Holy See in July ; he occupied the post until November ; before he would have left Rome, Pope Innocent XIII died and he stayed to take part in the election of his successor. After the conclave he stayed in Rome and participated in the Lateran Council.

His first name is also listed as Michele Fedrigo; and his last name as Althann. Studied at the University of Prague, obtaining doctorates in canon law and theology.

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Canon of the cathedral chapters of Prague, Breslau and Olomouc. Provost of the royal chapel Omnium SanctorumPrague. Cosmae et Damiani BoleslaviaePrague. Petri et Pauli de Tapolczaarchdiocese of Eger. Named auditor of the Sacred Roman Rota inhaving been nominated by the emperor; took possession of the post in March Granted permission to receive the episcopal consecration from a bishop and two abbots, July 4, At the instance of Emperor Charles VI he was promoted to the cardinalate. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of November 29, ; with an apostolic brief of December 16,the pope sent him the red biretta; received the red hat and the title of S.

Sabina, September 16, Privy councilor of the Austrian emperor from Granted license to become viceroy and captain general of Naples, May 19, ; occupied the post until July 31, Dizionario di erudizione storico-ecclesiastica da S. Pietro sino ai nostri giorni. Tipografia Emiliana,I, ; Notizie per l'anno Collectanea Vaticana Hungariae, Classis I, vol.

June 24,Cosenza. Son of Domenico Salerni and Cecilia Constestabile. His last name is also listed as Salerno. Studied with the Jesuits elementary education. Entered the Society of Jesus in June ; professed in Naples. Prefect of studies, Collegio GriecoRome. Professor of canon law, Collegio GermanicoRome. Superior of Jesuit houses in Rome. Examiner of the prelates promoted to the episcopate.

Inas a theologian, accompanied Annibale Albani, nephew of the pope and future cardinal, in a mission to Saxony and Poland to negotiate the protection of the church in those regions.

He was promoted to the cardinalate at the request of King Frederick August III, who assigned him a pensione of one thousand florins per month. The new cardinal was very strict with himself and liberal and splendid with the poor. Fr, Salerni tried by al menas to avoid the promotion because as a Jesuit he had made a promise not to accept any ecclesiastical dignity. He even asked an opinion from the theologians of the University of Prague, who agreed with him, but the pope was determined to created him a cardinal and Fr. SAalerni had to accept the promotion. Received the red hat and the title of Prisca, September 16, Abbot commendatario of the monastery of Ferraria, Entered the conclave ofwhich elected Pope Innocent XIII, but had to leave because of illness, and did not vote in the ballot of May 8,when the new pope was elected.

Stefano al Monte Celio, February 20, In Tivoli, he built a house where to retire during the fall. January 30,Rome. Ignazio, Rome, where the capella papalis took place on January 31,and buried in that same church, near the main altar; his tombstone, placed by his nephews Francesco Maria and Fabrizio Salerni, has an elegant inscription and the arms of the family 1. Tipografia Emiliana,LX, ; Notizie per l'anno