Luis russell biography

luis russell biography
He played a rare dramatic role in the film New Orleans , in which he also performed in a Dixieland band. If you're seeing this often and are using Firefox, try using a different browser until version 55 is released.

Louis and Lil Armstrong separated in Though his own bands usually played in a more conservative style, Armstrong was the dominant influence on the swing era, when most trumpeters attempted to emulate his inclination to dramatic structure, melody, or technical virtuosity.

luis russell biography

Above all else, his swing-style trumpet playing influenced virtually all jazz horn players who followed him, and the swing and rhythmic suppleness of his vocal style were important influences on singers from Billie Holiday to Bing Crosby.

He played a rare dramatic role in the film New Orleansin which he also performed in a Dixieland band.

luis russell biography

Handy and Fats Waller. In his last years ill health curtailed his trumpet playing, but he continued as a singer.

luis russell biography

His last film appearance was in Hello, Dolly! More than a great trumpeter, Armstrong was a bandleader, singer, soloist, film star, and comedian. He nonetheless made his greatest impact on the evolution of jazz itself, which at the start of his career was popularly considered to be little more than a novelty.

Luis Russell

With his great sensitivity, technique, and capacity to express emotion, Armstrong not only ensured the survival of jazz but led in its development into a fine art. My Life in New Orleans Articles from Britannica encyclopedias for elementary and high school students. He helped raise jazz to the level of a fine art, and he influenced nearly all jazz horn players who came after him. The New Orleans trumpeter who became a world ambassador for jazz, Louis Armstrong learned to blow on a bugle in reform russell biography when he was His genius for improvisation changed the course of russell biography, but after the s he had his greatest success as a pop singer.

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. By his ten-piece band which included several former Oliver sidemen boasted four major soloists in trumpeter Red Allentrombonist J.

Higginbothamaltoist Charlie Holmesand clarinetist Albert Nicholas ; the other trumpeter, Bill Colemanended up leaving because of the lack of solo space. In addition, Russella decent but not particularly distinctive pianist, was part of one of the top russell biography sections of the era along with guitarist Will Johnsonthe powerful bassist Pops Fosterand drummer Paul Barbarin. During the next couple of years Luis Russell 's band recorded a couple dozen sides that thanks to the leader's arrangements combined the solos and drive of New Orleans jazz with the riffs and ensembles of swing; some of these performances are now considered classics.

The band also backed Louis Armstrong on a few of his early orchestra recordings.

luis russell biography

But after a few commercial sides inLuis Russell only had one more opportunity to record his band a so-so session in before Louis Armstrong took it over altogether in His daughter, Catherine Russellis a jazz singer. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

luis russell biography

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Retrieved 2 April That tour was the beginning of a lifelong friendship between Russell and Armstrong that never wavered.

luis russell biography

Luis Russell Orch, L to R: They moved into the Saratoga Club, a sprawling cabaret in Harlem that became their headquarters. They called it "Jersey Lightning. Louis Armstrong was a rising star, and this ensemble backed him on radio dates, on the road and for recording dates.

Louis Armstrong

From to '43, the Luis Russell Orchestra worked with Armstrong full-time and eventually morphed into the Louis Armstrong Orchestra. Photo by Jamie Karutz. Photo credit for Home Page: Special guest Catherine Russell at the piano with her father, Luis Russell.

Photo courtesy of the artist.