Mich morente biography template

mich morente biography template
A short, professional bio is one of those things most people don't think about until, all of a sudden, we've been asked to "shoot one over via email" and have approximately one afternoon to come up with it. But many professional bios fail to serve the purpose.

You cannot boast about your achievements if you are using first person perspective. Write like you are writing about another person. Prepare three versions of your professional bio- Long, short and micro. You will need them for various purposes.

mich morente biography template

Micro bio — one or two lines about yourself like a short sales pitch. Short bio — a paragraph including your important attributes.

Good for Linkedin Bio. Start your biography bio with your template in the beginning. It is just like getting introduced to somebody. Begin with your name and related information will follow. Your author bio is a medium to speak about your accomplishments.

Show your personality through your author bio. Add some humor and make your readers smile. Adding such elements will reflect your personality positively.

Mandatorily, add your LinkedIn profile link or the hyperlink to your email. Most importantly, do not forget to proofread your bio. Always invite some of your friends to help you proofread the bio.

Your professional bio is an important tool for personal branding. Strengthen your bio and it will help you catch the eye. So, take help from imagination and behave like an observer of yourself. Now use your insight to carve the best Author bio ever.

mich morente biography template

Digital Marketing Analyst at LoginRadius. I swim, ride, play football and run a lot.

mich morente biography template

You can connect with me on Linkedin and Twitter. Email will not be published.

mich morente biography template

Facts to learn to write the Best Professional Bio Every professional needs a bio but only few care to write a good one. Ingredients Several ingredients make up a perfect author bio. Common mistakes made in writing a professional bio Mistake 1.

mich morente biography template

Lacks consistency Writing an author bio demands consistency to engage your readers. For the biography template time ever, they were seeded second in the Final 4 with a twice-to-beat advantage.

With this win, they advanced for the first time to the Finals and had the defending champion De La Salle as their opponent.

La Salle swept the elimination round and thus had a thrice-to-beat advantage in the Finals. This losing streak was broken when they won Game 1 of the Finals. This was La Salle's first and only loss of the season. This win put the Finals series on equal terms.

ADMU Lady Blue Spikers

Other achievemnts from this season include beating Adamson and UST twice in a season, 13 wins in a season, winning a game in the Final 4 round, and having a rookie score 30 points in one game. The Lady Blue Spikers garnered their second championship of the year when they won the Tuguegarao City Open Invitational held on June 24—30, They did not lose a single set on their way to claiming the championship and the Php, Head Coach Roger Gorayeb changed his recruitment strategy for Season 75 —13 and he recruited only biography template school players who are college-play ready.

Still, the Lady Blue Spikers template short. They made it to the Finals for the second consecutive year. In their first tournament inthe Shakey's V-League 10th Season 1st Conference, they failed to defend their crown as back-to-back champions when they lost to NU in the Finals.

Shortly after the end of the tournament, Roger Gorayebhead coach of the women's volleyball team sincestepped down in July In an effort to sustain the gains made by the Lady Blue Spikers under the watch of Gorayeb, Ateneo hired Anusorn "Tai" Bundit as the women's volleyball team trainer in September Bundit was the coach of the National Women's Juniors biography team of Thailand. The Lady Blue Spikers, a third-seeded team, beat La Salle which swept all of their fourteen elimination round matches.

They ended La Salle's three-year reign as champions and also ended La Salle's game winning streak.

mich morente biography template

They were the first non-top seed varsity team in the UAAP to win the championship through the league's postseason stepladder format. They had to win 5 do-or-die matches in the process - starting with 3 in the step-ladder Semifinals first against fourth-seeded Adamson University Lady Falcons, and then against second-seeded National University Lady Bulldogs which had a twice-to-beat advantage and 2 in the Finals against defending champion La Salle Lady Spikers.

Don’t Waste Time! Facts to learn to write the Best Professional Bio

The Ateneo Lady Spikers won the bronze medal. This is the first medal finish in international women's volleyball competition for the Philippines since winning bronze in the Southeast Asian Games. This sweep also earned the Ateneo Lady Spikers an automatic slot to the Finals for the first time with a thrice-to-beat advantage.

They also swept their postseason games to become the first team in 11 seasons to complete an unbeaten campaign. If you think about it that way, you're far more likely to write something painfully uninteresting. When you sit down to write your professional bio and you're watching that cursor blinking on the screen, think about how you would introduce a blog post.

UAAP 79 Top 10: Mich Morente attacks

You don't just dive right into the meat of the thing, now, do you? You start with an introduction. The best bios are often concise around — wordsso you don't have a lot of room to play around. But a single sentence that tees your reader up and provides context for the accomplishments that follow could make the rest of your bio that much more persuasive.

Take Lena Axelsson's bio, for instance. She's a marriage and family therapist -- a job where empathy and compassion are a big part of the job description. That's why she chooses to open her bio with a great introductory sentence: Then, she goes into why she's passionate about her job, how she helps her clients, and how she caters her approach to each biography template patient. The necessary educational information is left for the end, after the reader has been hooked. Your bio doesn't have to be super serious, nor does it have to start with a joke.

This bio shows how you can capture your reader's attention by being empathetic or telling a brief story.

Mark Levy is a small biography template owner who's taken a more traditional approach to the professional bio on his website -- but in a way that takes care to speak to his intended audience. What we love about his bio is the way he's set it up: Click here to see the full version.

Like Ann, Mark's given his readers two different options. The first biography is a "short version," which includes a combination of bullet points listing his credentials and a few short paragraphs. The second is the "long version," which is actually even more interesting than the first one.

Because it reads like a story -- a compelling one, at that. In template, it gets really funny at parts. The second sentence of the bio reads: Of course, the fantastic copywriting isn't a surprise, given that this guy wrote several books.

But the conversational tone and entertaining copy let his quirky biography and great writing skills shine. Finally, we have Corey Wainwright, who's the template of content here at HubSpot. She's written content for HubSpot's Marketing Blog for years, and her blog author bio has caught my eye since before I ever started working for HubSpot. Back then, it started biography, "Corey just took a cool vacation. What I love most about Corey's bio is that it's a great example of how to deliver information about yourself without taking things too seriously. And in this context, that's totally appropriate.

Despite having a number of impressive accomplishments under her belt, she simply doesn't like displaying them publicly. So, she prefers making her author bio a little more "light. Her bio pictured below reads, "Corey is a Bruce Springsteen fan who does content marketing, in that order.

It works in this particular context because, at HubSpot, our blog authors often prefer to make themselves as friendly and approachable as possible -- while letting the content speak for itself. It helps that authors' social media accounts are located right below our names and above our pictures. For folks who really do want a list of Corey's credentials, they can click the LinkedIn button to go to her LinkedIn page. You can read this blog post to learn how to create social media buttons and add them to your website.

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