Write a biography on rabindranath tagore short

write a biography on rabindranath tagore short
Rabindranath Tagore was not sent to any school. Rabindranath was not happy, getting educated within the four walls. During this time, Tagore also composed many literary works.

A free-verse translation by Tagore of a verse of Gitanjali reads as follows:. Tagore is the only person to have written anthems for three countries. He criticized European colonialism, and supported Indian nationalists.

The Life and Works of Rabindranath Tagore

But, he also criticized the Swadeshi movement of many nationalist leaders of India. Instead, he emphasized self-help and intellectual uplift of the masses.

write a biography on rabindranath tagore short

He requested Indians to accept that "there can be no question of blind revolution, but of steady and purposeful education". Many people did not like his thinking.

They did not kill him as they started arguing with Tagore, and then dropped the idea to kill him. Tagore also wrote many songs praising the Indian independence movement. He also returned the British honor of Knighthood as a protest against the Amritsar massacre.

Rabindranath Tagore - Short Story Biography Shemaroo Kids (HD)

In Amritsar, troops of the British Raj had opened fire on unarmed civilians killing many persons. Despite his not very cordial relations with Gandhi, Tagore played a key role in resolving a Gandhi- B.

Ambedkar dispute involving separate electorates for untouchables. Untouchables were people considered lowest in the social order. Sir Rabindranath Tagore had tremendously contributed for freedom of India as well as freedom of all people throughout the world, and also he identified first time the theme of "Globalization". Tagore was also critical of traditional style of education.

While on a visit to Santa Barbara, California on 11 Octoberhe visualized a new type of education.

Short Biography of Rabindranath Tagore

He thought of a new type of university which he desired to be set up at Shantiniketan. On 22nd Decemberwork for building the new university began.

It started functioning from 22nd December He named the university: Tagore worked hard to raise funds for the university, and toured many parts of Europe and USA for this purpose. He gave all his Nobel Prize monies to this university. The university gave personal guidance to all students. Students lived close to nature, and teacher-student relationship followed a pattern of gurukul system of ancient India. He also had a dream for the future India. He dreamt of an India: People hold many festivals in his honor in many parts of the world. Nobel laureate Amartya Senwho is also a Bengali, once noted that even for modern Bengalis, Tagore was a "towering figure", being a "deeply relevant and many-sided contemporary thinker".

Translations of his works are available in writes a biography on rabindranath tagore short languages of the world, including Russian, English, Dutch, German, Spanish, and many others.

In the United States, Tagore gave many lectures during and Many people attended those lectures. These Spanish translations influenced many leading figures of Spanish literature.

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. This page was last changed on 4 Octoberat See Terms of Use for details. He was the eighth son and fourteenth child of his parents.

write a biography on rabindranath tagore short

Rabindranath Tagore was not sent to any school. He was educated at home by a tutor. Rabindranath was not happy, getting educated within the four walls. He was a curious and creative child. Even as a boy he felt that nature is a mystery and he should unravel the secrets of nature, through education.

write a biography on rabindranath tagore short

Though he was educated at home, he studied many subjects and there was a method in his studies. He would get up early. In the afternoon, he learnt drawing, English and play games. On Sundays he would learn music and conduct experiments in science. Reading plays was of special interest to him. Many of Tagore's poems have been turned into songs with music composed for them.

Short biography of Rabindranath Tagore

He also wrote Non-fiction and he also wrote an essay,titled, "Nationalism in India". He died in the city of his birth, Kolkata Calcutta on 7th August, The Life and Works of Rabindranath Tagore. Rabindranath Tagore was the author of some of the greatest works in Literature and he was also the greatest Bengali writer of all time.

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A child prodigy, Tagore, showed a penchant for literature, art and music from a very young age and in due course of short, produced an extraordinary body of work which changed the face of Indian literature. However, he was not just a mere poet or writer; he was the harbinger of an era of literature which elevated him to the stature of the cultural ambassador of India. Even today, decades after his death, this saint-like man, lives through his works in the hearts of the people of Bengal who are forever indebted to him for enriching their heritage.

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Rabindranath Tagore A Brief Biography

Pictures Of Rabindranath Tagore. The Tagores were ardent art-lovers who write a biography on rabindranath tagore short known throughout the Bengal for their dominant influence over Bengali culture and literature. Having been born in such a family, he was introduced to the world of theatre, music both regional folk and Western and literature from an early age.

When he was eleven, he accompanied his father on a tour across India. While on this journey, he read the works of famous writers, including Kalidasa, a celebrated Classical Sanskrit poet.

Upon his return, he composed a long poem in the Maithili style, in Inhe moved to Brighton, East Sussex, England, to study law. He attended the University College London for some time, following which he started studying the works of Shakespeare. He returned to Bengal in without a degree, with the aspiration of fusing the elements of Bengali and European traditions in his literary works. Kadambari, one of his sisters-in-law, was his close friend and confidante, who committed suicide in Devastated by this incident, he skipped classes at school and spent most of his time swimming in the Ganges and trekking through the hills.

By then, several of his works were published and he had gained immensely popularity among Bengali readers.

write a biography on rabindranath tagore short