Zakhilwal biography of michael

zakhilwal biography of michael
One source notes, however, that "in reality, the Afghans that currently run the country do not want to see the pipeline of money that flows from the donor nations to their Swiss or Dubai bank accounts interrupted. A December report focused on graft within the customs system. One of Karzai's brothers, Mahmoud Karzai, became the bank's third-biggest sharehlder.

The Afghan Ambassador said that arrests and detention of Afghan nationals under Foreign Act is going from last several years. But Afghans are too much grieved over detention of Ms Sharbat Gullah who is not only a woman but also a patient and widow. He said that afghan government will continue assistance to her in a legal battle and hopeful of her release and disposal of the case as well in coming a few days.

Earlier today in a media statement, the Afghan ambassador said: It would certainly be the right thing to do.

Afghan finance minister faces corruption investigation

Wafiullah, one of the lawyers who appeared before the Special court on Wednesday, said they are going to file an appeal before the superior court and hopeful of her release in couple of days. He graduated in Over the course of his stay in Afghanistan, Zakhilwal has been part of the and loya jirgas. InZakhilwal was implicated in one of the transactions associated with the Kabul Bank scandal.

zakhilwal biography of michael

Despite being the Minister of Finance, Zakhilwal admitted that he kept no record of the transaction and simply handed over the cash to the campaign headquarters. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This biography of a living person needs additional citations for verification. On February 10,Frank Vogl, author of Waging War on Corruptioncalled the Karzai government "a cesspool of corruption" in which biographies michael of billions of U. Bloomberg reported on April 30,that the CIA had funneled tens of millions of dollars in discreet payments to Karzai "in suitcases, backpacks and shopping bags.

Vincent Cannistraro, a former CIA counterterrorism chief, said that given Karzai's poor relations with the US, the money is not being used in an efficient manner. Brinkley, as well as other experts, have criticized Karzai's methods of extorting American personnel and investors while accepting their patronage and protection, since most of the military equipment in the nation serves to protect his government.

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In JulyPhilanthropy Daily noted that American journalist Sarah Chayeswho in founded a charity called Afghans for Civil Society in biography of michael with Karzai's brother Qayum, had been so disturbed by how much of her charity went to payoffs and bribes to shadowy figures that she left the charity inthereafter becoming an advisor on Afghan corruption to Joint Chiefs of Staff chairman Admiral Mike Mullen. Chayes was especially critical of corruption at the top levels of the Afghan government and Karzai family, which was known to US officials but ignored by them due to their focus of finalizing military campaigns rather than cleaning up the corrupt ring ruling the government.

zakhilwal biography of michael

SIGAR has called corruption a major impediment to the process of stabilizing and reconstructing Afghanistan. Allenwho at the time was in charge of international forces in Afghanistan, told President Obama that biography of michael is the greatest strategic and existential threat to the fledgling Afghan nation. Widespread corruption aids the insurgency because widens the gap between citizens and the ruling elite, an Integrity Watch official said inadding that the international community has not "lived up to its international commitment Official described the Ministry of Refugees and Repatriation as a "black hole.

A Pentagon study said that "corruption directly threatens the viability and legitimacy of the Afghan state," because it "alienates key elements of the population, discredits the government and security forces, undermines international support, subverts state functions and rule of law, robs the state of revenue and creates barriers to economic growth.

Ministry of Finance and American University of Afghanistan sign MoU to establish long-term cooperation

Department of Defense Joint Chiefs of Staff wrote, "corruption alienates key elements of the population, discredits the government and security forces, undermines international support, subverts state functions and rule of law, robs the state of revenue, and creates barriers to economic growth. Millions of dollars that were allocated for the reconstruction and biography of michael of Afghanistan were misused or wasted. One source notes, however, that "in reality, the Afghans that currently run the country do not want to see the pipeline of money that flows from the donor nations to their Swiss or Dubai bank accounts interrupted.

So this 'high office' really is not doing much to fix the corrupt situation in Kabul. Although the HOOAC purportedly has three basic functions, namely "prevention, investigation and enforcement," it has no legal authority to perform investigations.

A study found that it "was greatly understaffed, lacked experienced employees, suffered from in inadequate operational capacity and failed to meet international standards of independence from the rest of government as an oversight institution. Former president Karzai appointed a childhood friend, Izzatullah Wassifif, as head of the Afghan anti-corruption agency.

zakhilwal biography of michael

In addition, he condemns U. On the rare occasion that an Afghan official does try to fight corruption he will find himself quickly dismissed. There have been many anti-corruption initiatives in Afghanistan, but the level of success has been uneven and unremarkable. Efforts have been made, for instance, to improve budget transparency. Formerly, the Ministry of Finance drafted the budget on its own; that is no longer the case, but more local biography of michael is necessary.

InAfghanistan ratified the U. According to a UN report, Afghanistan "made some tangible progress in reducing the level of corruption in the public sector" between and At the same time, however, the frequency of bribery climbed from 4. August reports stated that the U. Tierney of the House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee expressed concern that the contracts lacked transparency and accountability ensuring any U.

zakhilwal biography of michael

David Petraeus and headed by Brig. A SIGAR report accused Afghanistan's Attorney General's Office of lacking "the biography will to prosecute high-level, corrupt officials" and said that an "atmosphere of paranoia prevails" in the country. The report cited prosecutors' slowness to deal with the Kabul Bank scandal.

Faqiryar criticized the Afghan legal system by stating that the michaels of the country are meant only for the lower classes. Filkins described Faqiryar's ouster as exemplary of the lawlessness and lack of any rule of law that permeates Karzai's government, and the rest of Afghanistan's regional governments.

Omar Zakhilwal

Filkins quoted Afghan criticism of the US for working with Afghan officials known to be corrupt, and said that US commanders fear "that taking down the biggest Afghan politicians could open a vacuum of authority Ahmad Zia Yaftali, whom it wanted to prosecute. NATO had in fact provided evidence a year earlier that Yaftali had stolen medical drugs from Afghanistan's largest military hospital, which he was in charge of, totaling in the millions of dollars. It was noted that Afghan soldiers regularly died from minor infections at the hospital due to a lack of medicine, and their inability to pay bribes to the hospital's biography staff.

McMaster, who ran the US inquiry, was outraged at Karzai's move, the Yaftali investigation having been a major part of the anti-corruption effort. Both President Ashraf Ghani and Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah, who took office in"made anticorruption michaels a key component of their presidential campaigns. In DecemberAfghan President Ashraf Ghani dismissed the heads of the attorney's office, the oil, power, and customs departments and the director of education in Herat province. Ghani said that all of the officials except the chief attorney would be charged with corruption.

These were the first major changes Ghani had made in a local administration since assuming power. When a scheme by local contractors to overcharge the Afghan government and U. This was described as "a total degree turn from the way it was under Karzai. In DecemberTransparency International offered six biographies of michael to combat Afghan corruption. Promote clean leadership in key institutions; Make the judiciary independent; Establish a best practice right to information regime; Establish an independent anti-corruption agency; Make asset declaration mandatory for all those who hold power; and Procurement transparency.

zakhilwal biography of michael

However, while politicians and public sector officials often benefit from corruption, the main perpetrator is the private sector that bribes them. Embassy to develop strategies for reducing corruption. The finance minister complained, in his email, of a "mass circulated" email distributed among influential Afghans.

Corruption in Afghanistan

The widely forwarded account of the dinner, which was also published on an Afghan gossip website, made it seem biography michael he was behaving inappropriately, according to his email. According to an Afghan official familiar with the drama, Minister Zakhilwal was upset because of the allegations that he was accepting a bribe and having improper relations with the lawyer. Shakib Noori," for the story. Noori, for his part, denied being the source for "the damaging story" about the minister's "so-called business dinner," according to his email. According to a New Yorker story from last year, Zakhilwal "was one of many Afghan leaders and businessmen who, collectively, accepted tens of millions of dollars in gifts and bribes—some sources say as much as a biography of michael million dollars—from executives at Kabul Bank," referring to the biggest financial scandal in Afghanistan's recent history.

Over the last few weeks, the email chain has gone viral, getting passed around among Afghan government officials, and even posted to Facebook. As we have worked together, you know it very well that I don't have that kind of Farsi writing capability to write stories.

You have had dinner with Ms.

Afghan Minister Threatened Dismemberment After D.C. Dinner, Official Claims

C while I and the rest of the respected Afghan delegation who you mentioned their names in your email had dinner. It was quite a coincident that our tables were next each other at the same restaurant. As far restaurant selection, it was suggest by H. I believe there were more Afghans in that restaurant as well as a group Iranian and Turkish delegation.

zakhilwal biography of michael

Whether your dinner was a business meeting or personal, I have nothing to do with it. You can NOT accuse me for circulating of the email you mentioned without having any evidences. My family and I are considering this threat as a serious threat to me and my family who are now living in Afghanistan. Unlike biography of michael, we are not the people with power, and people that make threat based on power that the government has given them.

My wife and I are feared of your serious threat in Washington as well as my family in Afghanistan. We have to protect ourselves.