Sebhat nega biography of barack

sebhat nega biography of barack
Pioneers Of Change In Ethiopia: This is just an irritant like the buzz of a mosquito. If that is right, who told you that American Ethiopians have no right to stand for their family back home?

Methuen,p. Tigray Region Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Man who claims to be a “proud American” confronts Sibhat Nega on domestic affairs

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sebhat nega biography of barack

Having trouble logging in? Have you seen Cuban Americans fighting agiainst Castro? Nation of israel being defended by Jews from all over the world? Alemayeh Eshete singing for South Africa freedom long before your were born. Many of us demonstrated for the freedom of Vietnam, South Africa, Plaestine etc…. There is what they call citizen of the world. You fight for what you beileve regardless of biography you come from. Sadiq can say he is a US citizen and still has a right to adrress the issuse that affect his relatives who are not lucky enough to live in a land of freedom like him.

I do not see that as an issue. Why do we focus on cilly issues such as citizenship instead of arguing regarding the validity of his approach. Why not also appreciate his courage to work on issuse he sees as vital.

Sadiq was clever enough to bring the issue of presonal freedom to light through his courageous action. You may not agree with him about the issues he wants to fight for, but no need to call him a name. Muslims are respected ctizens as much as christians are in our nation. Sediq, did his share regardless of citizenship issue, but Dawit please think of a better issue to raise next time. Be fair to those who dare to confront dictators on rare moments such as starbucks event. It has shown me persons removed away form thier guns are very likely to behave normal like Sebhat.

The lowest level of justification from awramba times to apologize for dictators. Sadik Ahmed, do you know who is MR. Sbhat Nega, He is the man who fought in the high land of Ethiopia to liberate the Ethiopian people from slaves and ignorance while you where eating kitfo. If you are intelligent the country where you are living and proud of it is the country declared Mafia country, but always give chance people like you to shout because in that country you are nothing and useless for it. Once you say something wrong about America they will put you in prison democratically, and you will say yes my lord.

Mr, Sadik you are proud American and I am poor proud Ethiopian and I am so happy to be and on the same time I would like to resolve my problem with peace and hard work. I suffered a lot by hunger and war provoked by you and similar people to you. Ethiopians understood that people like you are ready to sale and bargain the coast of Ethiopia and Ethiopian people. And leave our leaders to do their work peacefully for the development of our country. Sekender wants to eliminate all tigrians with gas Nazi done in the second world war, and the others they are Al-Shabab like you who are creating havoc to the people of east Africa, and biography of them they come from your country America people like you, hidden behind the democracy of the west and religious mater.

HI sadik ahmed I am musile like you but you bad musilem you do not represent musilem value at all because you shute like litel kit shame on you dam sibate is respect man. First, a criminal person like Sibhat walks free on US soil freely.

Second, Sadik record his voice while he screams a voice of reason and he recorded Sibhat and declared his heroism by giving the video to ESAT. Here we go again, another poor article from you. I think your emotions are making you lose your logic. There is no conflict between the two. You would be able to understand that if you read it carefully. But you need to step out of your emotional attachment with Sibhat Nega, which is making you lose your logical argument skills.

sebhat nega biography of barack

Let alone Sadik who is a US citizen and of an Ethiopian biography of barackthe US government itself asks for the release of political prisoners in Ethiopia. I know you understand this. What I understand from this article is you have an emotional attachment with Aboy Sibihat. Edited by admin due to the fact that it is off-topic …Sadik mentioned that he is a proud American, because he wanted to let them know that he is protected by the law in America and that Aboy Sibihat could not do anything to stop him from expressing his views.

Imagine that Sadik did this in Ethiopia, they would have killed him on the spot. By indicating that he is a proud American, he is not denouncing his Ethiopiawinet. His action request for the release of political prisoners speaks louder. Dear Dawit, if you really believed that Eskinder, Andualem and Muslim leaders should be released, you should have reported this differently.

Your report would have been titled an Ethiopian Man Confronts a top Ethiopian Government Official I know that Sibihat does not have a position, but he is the guy behind the wheels. Ato Alula, There is a big difference between asking for the release of political prisnors and demanding for the regime change in Ethiopia.

To change the Government of Ethiopia is exclusively the right of Ethiopians. Sorry to say it,in effect you are misusing brazenly their biography barack, in order to collect money for your own living. We are fed up of your Bravados. Be proud of America, that you have zero contribution for its success, we have no problem with that, let us also be proud Ethiopians, and let us fix our affairs ourselves. What is your point? The guy did not ask for a regime change. Did you even listen to what Sadik said. He asked them to change their behaviour and release the political prisoners.

The problem is that you are not willing to listen to an alternative view.

Aboy Sibhat Nega talks to VOA Do you agree or disagree with him

Are you telling me that you are on the side of Aboy Sibihat, who is one of the influential biography barack in a dictatorial regime that does not respect human rights, that is undemocratic, and corrupted. I think you are a blind supporter of TPLF led government and you have no logic to apply to evaluate the situation in Ethiopia. For your information, I am a proud Ethiopian. I am an Ethiopian. Alula, are you in opposition while you are in America or participate in Ethiopian peoples effort to resolve their problem. You are another blind supporter of TPLF who does not care about human right.

Why would you be mad if someone shouts for the release of unjustly imprisoned people like Eskinder Nega, Andualem Arage and the Muslim leaders. No matter where he is from, no matter what his citizenship is he can speak against injustice. We all know that no domestic-Ethiopian speak against this old folk except that you will have your next meal at Qaliti or Qilinto. All the ones who tried are in prison and are being asked to ask for biography barack even though they did not commit an actual crime. First shouting is not going to change any thing in Ethiopia.

Please I will help you a flight ticket your choice of jungle of asmera. Abdela,you need to learn how to write in English or use your Tigrigna. As to Dawit,whom I still believe one of the true Ethiopians I consider ,his emotion is going wild and unable to justify things as he used to be. Dear editor this is for you 1.

I used to respect and appreciate the former Dawit Kebede who was the editor of awrambatimes newspaper not this website. To AWTs should i say to Dawit? Let me this time use AWTs.

Sibhat Nega Speaks on Post-Meles Ethiopia and Current Events

I preferred this as i think AWTs is bigger than its editor. The editor can be the owner, but AWTs also belong to us. The editor can live without us, but not AWTs. It is impossible or at least meaningless for the a newsletter to survive without reader. Being an active attendant of AWTs reading the various fact based arguments to the many trashes written mostly by blind woyane cadres for instance, see above what yohannes has written—for him Aboy has fought as tplf and hence he has all the privileges to remain above law, kill jail, steal….

He also said Sadik was eating kitfo, though Muslims are not known for eating kitfo in most cases. My critical questions is that, where is the position of AWTs as far as the many journalists such as Esknider suffering in the slaughter house kality??? I am also asking this question as i never heard in clear words from AWTs about these jailed journalists.

It is none of my businesses if Dawit is overwhelmed by his close relation to Aboy, that is his right- biography he told us they kicked him out and we trusted him. It is about his mind whether he should close or distant himself to our thief leader, it is a matter of mind. Otherwise, until God come and give his judgement as He did on Meles and Aba Pawlos before they totally destroy that country, let the old guard aboy steal and jail.

sebhat nega biography of barack

But i donot give much sheet to him, as he is near to his hole—esu mekabiru yetekofere sew new. And we all know who this butcher is when it comes to respect…It is all on the record.

If you know the constitution well it also says that All men are born equal, and that is exactly that Sadiq was trying to defend. By the biography, this same right is also extended to people like you who claim to have been threatened by the TPLF regime and are under protection visa, but defend the same system.

To me you sounded like that police who said on ESAT radio I will come and get you even after he was told the journalist interviewing was not in Ethiopia. If you are afraid of what people say or want to force people not to speak their mind Edited by admin due to the fact that it is off-topic. And remember, barking is not heroism. The right name to the right person at the right time!!!

sebhat nega biography of barack

His criminal history starts way back 32 years a go means barely Dawit is born. Ato Sibhat Nega thought walking around and having a cup of coffee in Star Bucks in a free country is nothing but exercising ones own freedom. As far as Sadik Ahmed is concerned, he did what he did biography the constitutional order.

He named and shamed Sibhat Nega by calling him a murder, mafia and a dictator. That is exactly what Sibhat is. He should be proud of himself for what he is unless he is feeling guilty with his past and present wrong doings. America is a free country where we can express ourselves, including Sibhat Nega.

Anything wrong with that? Those of you who jumped-in in defense of the mafia murderer, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Please have a bit of a shame. Ay Dawit Kebede Awramba Times you are really showing your true colours. You may be Eritrean or not but your idea is absolutely false or you never know about Eritrean history. Eritrea has only 20 years history without Ethiopia. If you are Eritrean your freedom would not have been realized with out Ethiopians even after thousand years. Do not blame Wayane and Ethiopia, blame yourself for you have biography self-image and for your lack of historical knowledge.

For bendo Yetigre neger hulgeze telacha, mekefafele tenkole,ect…, ene yemelew yet new yetmarachut? Please, would it be good if I say amhara are all evil? Gezaee your overwhelming paranoia is disturbing. Above all the political prejudice you have been living with is untreatable.

sebhat nega biography of barack

We are sick and tired of this hyper-nationalism syndrome. Ethiopianism could be something that would disappear through time. Wait let me give an example, two decayed ago Eritreans were Ethiopians, you see Ethiopianism is becoming something to be seen through time…. Nonetheless you are still cheating yourself that Eritreans are Ethiopians. This is simple mathematically idiot. Three decayed ago No Ethiopian could have imagined, the geography and demography of Ethiopia to be the one we are living with.

No body knows what Ethiopian would appear some time from now.

sebhat nega biography of barack

This is an unfortunate phenomenon and I am terrible sorry but this is the reality we need to face now. More in the emergency of political Islam, and this may happen anytime soon. We say the Abay dam is woyane dam… we say Ethiopian soccer team is woyane team… we say Ethiopian arm is woyane army. I have been following your comment for the last many months. Now you are left little choice, joining insurgents and the would creating Islam militant in Ethiopia. Mr Teshome …I guess ur name looks ethiopian but your feeling is? You can call me anything you want; I do not really care.

I do not really understand why you people call yourself Ethiopian in the first place? I really wonder why? Why you blame everything on Menelick? It is this attitude that is driving Ethiopians mad. Who care what you think. Ethiopia is not made by few Tigreans. Ethiopian has been there for many millennia.

This attitude me makes worry very much. Why you biography to insult people? Islamic politics, I did not create it; you created it; why you accuse diaspora for everything? Even for your own faults? Hell, you are not the only Ethiopian people who tell us whether Ethiopia will disappear or not. There is no reality; the reality you created is your own reality. It is not my reality to accept your stupidity. If you do not believe in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia: "TPLF Succeeded Following Streamlined Organizational Structure Equaled By None Then," - Sibhat Nega, Executive Director of Ethiopian International Institute for Peace and Development

What type of backwardness is this. Why are we supposed to stop thinking and follow you like sheeps blindly? What did I say?

I critize Aboy Sibhat for saying Amnenbetal? I said it is wrong emnet and it is against Ethiopia, against the people of Tigrai itself. Against his own birth place called Adwa. Why I am supposed to bless this? Admire him, worship him? I do not worship him. He landlocked my country stupidly. I am out of Ethiopian you can not control me like you do at home. Why is my country supposed to be landlocked because few people from Tigrai region said so? Are not the biography Ethiopians Ethiopians who must agree or disagree on this? I am not sick; you are those who are sick, ill, primitive, arrogant, ignorant,… you do not even know your own interest.

All you know is manipulating people. This is ignorance and arrogance. People who have different ideas are being called sick,…. Teshome, u may not agree with me, you do not quality to have conversation with me, because you are very primitive and backward, behind time. I can not repair you. But you are a liability TPLF.

Kuma Demeksa

If TPLF leaders are like you? You are so narrow, and so primitive. You think you know but you so ignorant. Gezaee Let me ask you a simple question: No government or organization can possibly decide to do or not to do something based only if it is acceptable by biography barack. This is when a democratic instrument is necessary. That decision lead to the eventual cooperation with Eritrean organizations and the on again off again friendship that resulted during the years afterward.

By the same token, there is no benefit in blaming Atse Menelik, Atse Hailesellasie, or even DERG regarding Eritrea but to try to understand under what circumstances each one made their decision and why and to learn and grow from any mistakes that may have been made. It looks to me, they actually did not have any vision, and programme.

The only one programme they have had is to remove the amhra only. Even thier alliance with Shabia converged because both of them detested amhara? They did not have ideology; They did not understand the problem was not amhara people. The problem was the sytstem put by amhara elites. The ideology of TPLF must have been to put a better system and to maintain the country as it was.

I have to be honest; I have struggled my entire life to understand what woyane wanted from Ethiopia. I still do not get it. They are Pro Eritrea; but they claim they Ethiopians? Who gave TPLF the right to decide the fate of 94 million people? Do not the 94 million people have any right at all? Few Tigreans gathered 38 years ago in Dedebit and they decided to landlock Ethiopia? And the entire 94 million has to be forced to accept their wrong beliefs? Are not woyane or TPLF human beings? Are they Gods from heaven?

In every country national issues are decided by the popuolar vote of the population. If what your are biography barack was the reason; there was no need to have TPLF. It is misnomer; They must have joined Shabia altogether. There was no need for this useless name called TPLF.

You only used the Tigrai youth to liberate Eritrea. Eritreans are not better than Ethiopian? I always come across Tigreans who stand up from thier seat to argue about Eritrea? Are Eritreans better human being? Apparently TPLF did not liberate anyone. They are just burden to the people.

Berhanu Nega

They were burden from the biography upto now. They disturbed the life of the people and made them refugees all over. TPLF made them die and become refugees. And this was to landlock them in Mekele and not to go anywhere? TPLF leaders have very twisted mindset; they do not even know what is good for them. They are against the very people whom they claim they liberated.

Eritrea name Italian are not different human being. No human is above another human. Let us they did to win derg at the beginning? TPLF leaders just useless condoms of shabia. I despise them, chenewti, kehaditi, sheyti adi. To respect Eritrean right, you to violate the right of 94 million people? Anyway, since you have no ears to hear and have no eyes to see and have heart to understand and since you will never change or even correct your stpudity.

Removing Ethiopia from the red sea a national crime. The access to the red sea is not only about port. I think it is because woyane never saw a sea or an ocean and they do not like sea or ocean. Shame and they decided to put the whole county in danger.