Singer biography sample

singer biography sample
What do you think makes for a good bio these days from an artist management point of view? But industry people like to see numbers. Retrieved 1 July

This was reinforced by a vist to Ask. Com that indicated that biography radio was introduced around The bios of all of the singers mentioned above remained compelling and informative to the end.

None of the bios mentioned family members, as musical theatre bios so often do. I have no sample with a bio that does include such information, especially if the artist feels that their family is a major source of support to them in their career and that they bring balance and meaning to a life that can often involve long stretches of lonely time on the road.

singer biography sample

The bottom line is that interesting artists have interesting bios. Artists who are still pretty young in their careers can prudently include brief quotes or phrases that pay tribute to their gifts and should focus on sharing with the reader their intense dedication to their chosen profession, the efforts they are expending to share their love of performing with new audiences, their joy in singer biography sample to expand the repertoire for their instrument if applicableand the other aspects of their lives that are important to them and that contribute to the persona they bring with them when they walk out on stage.

Example (musician)

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new singer biography sample in our community. Already have an account? Posted November 10, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Posted February 18, They broke up and then Hector joined the band in because he had his own van. Every artist is a product of their influences and experiences. And you may be combining those influences in new and unique ways.

5 Tips about Writing Your Own Band Bio

But nobody is doing anything that is completely original. Remember how I said press singer biography sample will often use your bio verbatim? We want to make it as easy as possible for it to be used anywhere and everywhere.

So write in the 3rd person. Writing in the 3rd person turns on that psychological trigger even if the reader logically knows it was written by you. Comics, obviously, are more guilty of this one.

Throwing too many jokes in there smacks on insincerity and undermines your story in this format. A funny line here and there is fine.

singer biography sample

Steve is a comic genius destined to go down as one of the greats. Why is he playing this sports bar then? Nobody needs more than that. Each will be useful for different things. A hook to bring new people into your world where you will then impress the crap out of them and they become lifelong fans of your work. Not everyone will like what you do. Especially as the entertainment industries fragment into smaller and smaller genres, channels and audiences.

Some will have larger potential audiences than singers biography sample. You might be Brian Regan or you might be Doug Stanhope. You might be Maroon 5 or you might be the Butthole Surfers. So the job of your bio is to call out to those people who will connect with what you do immediately, and make a few others curious enough to at least check it out. One of the great fears of every artist going into this process is that defining what their work is about will suddenly trap them into that vein forever and ever.

I feel the same way every time I do it. And this bio will singer biography sample with you. Chances are there will still be some through line to your work, but it will definitely change over time. Your bio reflects only where you are right now as an artist. Not in the past and not in the future.

singer biography sample

You need to actually write down all this preliminary material so you can use it as a reference. Insights into your work.

The people will read their own meaning into it. People are lightly surfing new stuff and you need to hook them in with something intriguing first. And you may start to feel pretentious when digging underneath the material to find the deeper meanings.

How To Write An Effective Artist Bio That Won’t Be Ignored

My friend Tanyalee Davis has an amazing bit about shitting her pants just before she had to go on stage for a gig. You cringe and picture yourself in the same situation and are amazed at the way she pulls out of it.

As you start writing about your bits and songs, you may find that your insights are getting really long. As my mentor, Tim Sweeneysays. You might be an author. Think about your audience—who is the bio for? Make several versions for several audiences: Think about the experience you offer as an artist. The bio should singer biography sample people excited to come see your shows. I want people to come see it. This is a big point of debate, because some artists think that their art should singer biography sample on its own. My business has always been to convey.

Avoid a long list of releases and reviews. The music bio should not seem like a series of record reviews or lists. Use the active voice —where the subject of your sentence performs the verb.

Avoid boilerplate genre identifications. Is it hypnotic, dreamy, dark or inspired by 90s Detroit?

singer biography sample

Christine Kakaire is a music journalist, editor, copywriter, curator and radio host. Include descriptions of your singer biography sample and sound in your own words. This makes your bio more personal. This is a functional piece of text geared towards media, bookers and promoters.

Journalists will most likely just cut and paste the first couple of paragraphs… so front load the first paragraph with a brief overview of your most recent stuff and talk about historical stuff later. A music bio should be a highlight reel, not a longhand version of your Discogs profile.

Of course, your bio should be positive, but avoid filling it with over-the-top adjectives. Substance always beats style. Avoid long laundry lists of names, venues, record labels or festivals within sentences. Most readers will lose interest by the 4th or 5th singer biography sample, so only include the most relevant ones. Never skip the spell check. Check and double check that all proper nouns names of people, record labels, magazines etc. Christopher Cargnello is a composer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.