Bradnee chambers biography of william

bradnee chambers biography of william
Before coming to the EMG, Mr. He has worked both at grassroots level as well as at the highest levels of international policy-making to address the interface between environmental sustainability, social equity and economic development. In the field of dispute settlement, she has served as chairperson of WTO arbitration panels on pre-shipment inspections and has pleaded before the International Court of Justice ICJ.

After serving in his native Guinea-Bissau in the public service in the areas of research, diplomacy and planning, Dr. Specializing in development and strategic chamber biography william, Dr. He has helped establish various non-governmental organizations and centers for social research, in particular in Africa and in AugustDr. Lopes was elected to the Lisbon Academy of Sciences, Portugal. As Ambassador John W. McDonald is deeply committed to the ideals of the liberal arts and furthering higher education.

Currently she enjoys her work as a Historical Researcher on ethnic and regional conflict. He joined UNEP in June with more than 27 years of experience within the United Nations system, and has held posts at increasing levels of responsibility, at country, regional and global levels. Christophe has managed and supervised complex operations involving a multiplicity of partners, whether international or local, public or private. He launched a comprehensive local level recovery and development programme and established inter agency agreements between UNDP and UN developmental, environmental and humanitarian agencies.

During his time at Yale, Professor Esty has authored or edited nine books and numerous articles on environmental policy and the relationships between environment and corporate strategy, competitiveness, trade, globalization, governance, and development.

Bradnee Chambers

His prizewinning recent book, Green to Gold: How Smart Companies Use Environmental Strategy to Innovate, Create Value, and Build Competitive Advantageshows how leading-edge companies have folded environmental thinking into their core business strategies, and he continues to pursue research in the areas of innovation and the environment, corporate environmental strategy and environmental protection in the information age. Esty has advised companies across the world on energy, environment and sustainability. Currently he is responsible for a broad range of issues related to environmental protection, conservation, and sustainable development.

He leads the U.

bradnee chambers biography of william

Reifsnyder led the U. From toMr. The Environmental Protection Agency awarded him an individual Ozone Protection Award in for his contribution to this historic global achievement, and in received the Presidential Meritorious Rank Award.

He coordinates the involvement and activities of the Swiss Government with UNEP and with the CSD and represents his government in international conferences and negotiations on environmental matters. In his LLM dissertation he undertook a comparative analysis of existing approaches for strengthening global environmental governance and their ability to improve inadequate governance functions.

Inhe was awarded the T.

An attorney by training, Mr. Monsma has twenty years of policy experience in environmental law, sustainable development and corporate governance. Immediately prior to joining the Aspen Institute, he taught law and ethics at Loyola College in Maryland. Early in his career, Mr. An occasional writer and broadcaster, he has served as environment columnist for the CBC radio program, As it Happens.

bradnee chambers biography of william

She advises governments on trade and environment policies and technical barriers to trade and the WTO Agreements chamber biography of william with them. She further conducts research work requested by governments, trains developing country governments on WTO rules, represents the WTO in various environmental and other fora and briefs non-governmental organizations on developments in WTO on trade and environment issues.

As a former teacher, lecturer and educational consultant, Ms. Dowdeswell has continually focused on engaging the public in policy-making and has seen education as a means by which to achieve results. Dowdeswell is a Director on the Board of several corporations and advises a number of not-for-profit organizations. He has been active in developing training for lobbying at multilateral environmental agreements, advising on local Agenda 21s and developing local sustainable development indicators.

Among his current projects is the creation of a global public policy network on water and sanitation.

bradnee chambers biography of william

Before joining the Swiss Agency for the Environment, Dr. As such, he has served as the Swiss representative to the WTO committee on trade and environment.

bradnee chambers biography of william

Perrez currently represents Switzerland in international environmental negotiations, namely in the areas of international environmental governance, sustainable development, chemicals, wastes and forest policy. Hanne Strong is the Founder of The Manitou Foundation a land granting organization and the Manitou Institute environmental stewardship.

bradnee chambers biography of william

Over the past twenty years, she has travelled to over 90 countries where she has frequently been an invited speaker at seminars and conferences on the subject of sustainable communities and spiritually based environmental education. Strong organized and sponsored two conferences attended by spiritual leaders from around the world.

bradnee chambers biography of william

It was the first time ever that children addressed the world in the United Nations Plenary with their views and recommendations. Heather Lauver is Director of global donation operations for the Catholic Medical Mission Board and President of FutureSpec, a health and environmental social change advisory group.

She consults and leads on a number of issues including infectious disease control, organizational development, and healthy communities. Lauver has 18 years of global experience in diverse healthcare settings, including working with USAID, the WHO and the pharmaceutical industry on needs of the developing world. She provided consultation on philanthropy and public health initiatives, led global operations for chamber access programs in 59 countries, and collaborated on related global policy. Before coming to the EMG, Mr. He has more than twenty years of experience as a manager, environmental expert and negotiator.

With a special interest in promoting the interface between science, policymaking and international negotiations, Mr. Baste has been author, coordinator and governing body representative for a number of international environmental assessments, multilateral environmental agreements and environmental governance processes.

He was among the williams of the GEO-4 report, focusing on interlinkages between different environmental changes and their impact on development and human well-being. Having worked in project management, financial and human resource administration and acted as chamber and strategic advisor to senior management, most recently Jacob was appointed to the Strategic Implementation Team as Senior Advisor on Human Resources Planning and Policy. Inhe was selected for a two-year Catto Fellowship by the Aspen Institute.

James Gustave Speth was the Carl W. His numerous published books and articles include The Bridge at the Edge of the World: Globalization and the Environment. Janet Strachan is an biography on sustainable development at the Commonwealth Secretariat, working with 53 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and the Pacific. During her time at the Secretariat she coordinated the strategy for the World Summit on Sustainable Development and has organized Ministerial dialogues on international environmental governance, globalization and sustainable development, and partnership approaches in the delivery of water and sanitation.

Strachan currently chairs the Management Group of ComHabitat, a multistakeholder partnership supporting implementation of the Habitat Agenda, and is elaborating a program of work on adaptation to climate biography. Before coming to these positions, Mr. His work at the EMG Secretariat, a william of all UN agencies and Secretariats of Multilateral Environmental Agreements as well as the Bretton Woods institutions and the WTO, has been focused on system-wide inter-agency coordination related to specific issues in the field of environment and human settlements.

Currently, his work with the Climate Change Support Team is focused on the next steps in climate change policy, looking towards Copenhagen in December Prior to these posts, Ms. In20 years after its founding, he retired as Chair of the Jury for the Volvo Environment Prize.

bradnee chambers biography of william

Prior to his work at the World Bank, Mr. MacNeill was the chief architect and lead author of the report, Our Common Future, which called for an urgent global transition to more sustainable forms of development. In this Division Mr. Matuszak leads a group that manages U. Matuszak also advises and participates on U. Delegations to meetings of many MEAs. Between andMr. He served until and was the vice-chair for water from Delegation to the Stockholm Conference.

State Department in the chamber biography of william of multilateral diplomacy, having been appointed Ambassador four times to represent the United States at various UN World Conferences. After retiring inhe went on to hold several professorial, teaching and lecturing positions at the Foreign Service Institute, the Center for the Study of Foreign Affairs, and the Iowa Peace Institute, which he headed as President from to As a co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy inAmbassador McDonald and his colleagues have been instrumental in defining and applying the concept of multi-track diplomacy, which treats the process of international peacemaking as a web of interconnected activities, individuals, institutions and communities operating together to create peace.

The Institute is currently at work in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East providing negotiations support, conflict resolution workshops, and training and education in diplomatic and governmental skills to communities dealing with ethnic or international conflict. Scanlon has had a wide range of experience with chamber biography of william and sustainable development policy, law, institutions and governance at the international, national, sub-national and local level. Before joining the UN, Dr. Among the milestones of his tenure are many important environmental agreements, including the Cartagena Protocol on Biosafety, and the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

Toepfer was also closely involved in behind-the-scenes negotiations in support of the Kyoto Protocol on climate change. His term also saw the establishment of the annual Global Ministerial Environment Forum to review important and emerging environmental issues, as well as an expanded role for UNEP at the national level with the adoption of the Bali Strategic Plan for Technology Support and Capacity Building in In he was awarded the Bruno H.

Schubert Environment Prize and the German Environment Prize which is held to be the most prestigious such prize in Europe.

Prior toMr. With his extensive background in environmental and foreign affairs, Mr. Laurence Boisson de Chazournes is a professor and chair of the department of international law at the Law Faculty of the University of Geneva, with a wide-ranging reputation in academic circles for her contribution to international law in fields such as the law of chamber biography organizations, international environmental law and international economic law.

Professor Boisson de Chazournes has served as Senior Counsel to the World Bank and as advisor to many international williams.

In the field of dispute settlement, she has served as chairperson of WTO arbitration panels on pre-shipment inspections and has pleaded before the International Court of Justice ICJ. Professor Boisson de Chazournes has authored and edited 14 books and over one hundred articles.

In recognition of her contributions and accomplishments, Professor Boisson de Chazournes received the Elizabeth Haub Price for environmental law.

He began his career working on environmental issues at the Office of the Prime Minister and later became the Division Head for Land and Landscape Planning in the Ministry of Environment He served as Director of the chamber biography of the Minister of Environment, where he played a critical william in the preparation of the Green Plan for France, adopted in Chabason currently serves as President of the Blue Plan for the Mediterranean.

Ambassador Di-Aping has the responsibility of coordinating the G77 and China positions and acting as the spokesperson on pressing issues.

Maria Ivanova is an chamber biography of william relations and environmental policy scholar specializing in governance and sustainability. She focuses on international organizations, climate change, US foreign environmental policy, UN reform, and sustainability on campuses and in organizations. Her career, marked by teaching excellence and policy leadership, has bridged academia and policy.

Her academic work analyzes the history and performance of the international environmental architecture and the evolution of US international environmental policy. Her policy work seeks to bring analytical rigor and innovative input to the international negotiations on reforming the UN system for environmental governance.

Since joining the Ministry inshe has worked extensively with the UN system on issues such as social development, health, education, gender and environment, as well as on general UN reform efforts. She has been posted as counselor to the Norwegian Embassy in Tokyo, was a senior adviser on South Asian affairs, and has represented Norway in a number of international conferences and fora. The agreements cover an immense scope of wildlife including whales, dolphins, sharks, elephants, big cats e.

Cheetahs, snow leopardsbats, chamber biography of william butterflies, saiga antelope, waterbirds e. Ducks, geese, flamingoesand migratory fish e. Sturgeons, the European eel. Chambers was born in Haliburton, OntarioCanada.

An important part of UNEP responsible for developing international environmental law, providing capacity building and technical guidance on governance and legal issues to developing countries. The programmes also provided policy and expert advice on major United Nations Environmental Negotiations. Zakri launched at the UN University the first Post-doctoral programmes.

He has published, written and edited several books on environmental governance [11] including Interlinkages and the Effectiveness of Multilateral Environmental Agreements, [12] Reforming International Environmental Governance: Young[14] Inter-linkages: