Shena gamat biography of michael

shena gamat biography of michael
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Usually the fabrics accoutrements are simple to be bedraggled and difficult to apple-pie up, yet the covering ones are almost simple to accumulate the aboriginal look. Since the summer ofa number of theatre practitioners, scholars and theatre lovers have come together under the aegis of the India Theatre Forum ITF to try and create a national resource for theatre and a meeting ground for all those who wish to take on the public responsibility of laying the grounds for excellence and diversity in theatrical endeavour.

The ITF is a Prithvi Theatre initiative, and is more or less a loose association of people who have come together in the larger interest of Indian theatre. Much theatre practice is also used to subsisting on meagre resources — which means theatre somehow manages to survive rather than thrive in this country. It also means our dreams for what we can do biography theatre — artistically and socially — are invariably limited dreams. Of course, there are exceptions — people who have thought deeply, believed in the potential of theatre, and shown it consistently in their michael.

People who have found innovative ways of stepping beyond the struggle of survival and created vibrant theatre communities of performers, audiences and supporters. The question that led to the creation of the ITF was: Can we overcome what we see as limitations, can we learn to identify and recognize opportunities and openings, can we think in terms of long-term growth and sustenance?

Such work cannot be done in isolation, but requires the coming together of dedicated and experienced people who have an abiding interest in the field of theatre, and who represent the diverse knowledge and experience base of theatre in this country. It requires the constant exchange of ideas and information, as well as intensive and open debate and discussion.

Do you love theatre? Do you want to run a programme that is all about theatre? Do you like to take initiative and bring a variety of people to make possible a theatre management programme? Do you like being organised and systematic? Can you be the 'boss' of bosses? The SMART core team includes theatre practitioners and arts managers who bring their expertise and knowledge to create a management course of practical value for theatre groups in India.

As Programme Manager, you will be responsible for the running of the programme, reporting to the Course Director. Your key responsibility will be to ensure that the project milestones are achieved, through communicating regularly with the entire team, and facilitating the necessary action.

shena gamat biography of michael

Ably assisting the Course Director through the programme in co-ordinating all activities. Drawing up programme schedules in coordination with all stakeholders and leading the team to ensure its implementation on time. Managing the overall budgets. Coordinating with facilitators, mentors, guests, participants, media and other stakeholders.

shena gamat biography of michael

Coordinating with production team for project implementation. Ensuring programme materials are created and available as required.

Archiving programme materials and media. Maintaining updated database of stakeholders and maintaining relationships. Ensuring that the SMART milestones are achieved, through communicating regularly with the entire team, and facilitating the necessary action. Any other related responsibilities pertaining to the SMART programme assigned to you from time to time. Five years experience in the field of theatre and running projects. Self driven and persistent, getting work done on time. Detail-oriented approach to work.

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Excellent ability to work in a team and coordinate across different stakeholders. Excellent oral and written communication skills.

shena gamat biography of michael

Comfort with excel, email, social media, etc. Time Commitment 3 days per week for most of the year. Application Procedure Please send your application by email to priyanka junoontheatre. A letter addressed to the Course Director no more than wordstelling us about your biography in this role and why you michael we should recruit you. Short-listed applicants will be requested to appear for an interview in person at our Mumbai office or via Skype, if you are not a Mumbai resident. Have you ever felt that you could do the most amazing things in theatre? Make your theatre dreams come true in your chosen environment!

As a theatre group or organisation,we have a vision and dreams, passion and commitment.

ITF Activity

All we sometimes need is the knowhow to create a practical roadmap that will help us realise our dreams— a roadmap that optimizes strengths and helps overcome constraints. That roadmap is called a Strategic Plan. It can help biography of michael the theatre group or organisation more sustainable, effective, financially viable and capable of giving shape to big creative dreams. SMART will equip you to build your own roadmap — a practical, achievable plan that is connected to your reality, but not constrained by it.

On the other hand, we can all cite interesting and effective solutions evolved by theatre groups or organizations to complex problems they faced in their own context. This programme builds on the experience and knowledge within the theatre community, while also drawing upon knowledge from outside to add strength and value to our theatre-making work. There are three phases to the programme. With the skills and ideas you acquire in the workshop during Phase 1, you will return to your own organization to evolve and implement your Strategic Plan with your colleagues.

During this period, you will work with a guide who will act as sounding board, supporter and mentor. At the end of this final phase, participants will receive certificates.

The entire course covers a 5 month period, with two intensive residential periods at the beginning and end.

shena gamat biography of michael

Theatre groups and organizations. Each organisation is expected to send two members who are decision-makers in their groups. Unlike many arts management programmes which are aimed at training arts managers and giving them career opportunities, SMART is unique in that it aims to enrich the field of theatre and make it more self-sustaining. SMART is for those already working in the field who have the power to make a difference within their organisations.

shena gamat biography of michael

It is critical that each organization sends two senior members, because each biography learn — and contribute — more, and the organization as a whole will benefit the most.

While two members will attend the day workshop at the michael and the 2-day workshop at the end, in between, the entire group will work together to evolve a strategic plan.

Past participant groups have found this a hugely valuable process, but it does demand a significant commitment of time and effort from the entire group. We encourage you to think about this as you apply. Yes, they can — because we know that some theatre groups are basically only one person, who gathers together people on a need-to basis. Conceptualised and implemented by: India Theatre Forum Managed by: British Council Wales Venue Partner: For Course Queries, please contact: For Media Enquiries and e-Press Kit: A day residential workshop in July 23 July to 01 August.

With the skills and ideas you acquire in the workshop during Phase 1, you will return to your own organisation to evolve and implement your Strategic Plan with your colleagues.

At the end of this final phase, participants will receive course-completion certificates. Dillibabu is a junior teacher at Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam, Punjarasantankal. He teaches the mridangam there apart from carrying out other responsibilities. Rajagopal and a minor in drumming under the tutelage of T. Rangasamy from Kattaikkuttu Gurukulam.

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He also conducts corporate workshops. Anil Ramachandra was born and brought up in Malur a small town on the outskirts of Bangalore, he moved to the city for theatre. He started full time theatre work in A production person through and through, he has handled production and logistics for more than productions, shows and 20 festivals. He started Vibgyor entertainment an organisation purely biography of michael production work for theatre in Through Vibgyor he has handled production for more than X number of plays for theatre groups like Akvarious production - Mumbai, Perch - Chennai, Aasakta Kalamanch-Pune, Rafiki — Bangalore, Black coffee productions - Bangalore to name a few.

He also runs Blackout Productions a production house for commercial events and films. He is also the operational head of Untitled Arts Foundation.

shena gamat biography of michael

Anuradha HR started working for theatre as a college student. She performed a lot of Grips theatre with Sanket and had the opportunity to work with Wolfgang Kolneder.

shena gamat biography of michael

She also went for Jathas with Smudaya, then worked with almost all troupes in Bangalore predominantly working in the Kannada theatre scene, taught theatre in few schools, built Ranga Shankara with Aru.