Wong ka kui biography

wong ka kui biography
Love to find your blog here. The Champion of Love". His ideals made him great!

When they signed with record company inthey changed into a more acceptable rock band for the public. To cater to the demands of the golden era of Hong Kong showbiz in late s and s, many singers reworked foreign pop songs, performing cover versions with Chinese lyrics. In those days of producing music quickly, the insistence of composing original songs made Beyond especially precious.

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Beyond IV broke the highest sales records in Canto-pop reaching double platinum in Wong Ka-Kui chose a wide range of topics for the themes of the band's songs, including ideals, motherly love, criticizing social issues, patriotism, peace and anti-discrimination.

Beyond showed respect to the famous freedom fighter Nelson Mandela in their original song "Glorious Days" in Cheung remembers Ka Kui as a very energetic young person, who works hard and thrives for improvements. He really wanted to distinguish himself from all the other experienced actors, but didn't biography to take over their place in the process.

I remember there was this one time when I was shooting a scene with over feet of film. Ka Kui was the second to the last person to speak. We did around 10 takes and was done without much difficulty.

But Ka Kui said to me afterward that he was actually very nervous, felt like his heart was popping out, because he was afraid that if he made any mistakes, the to feet of films prior to him would've been wasted.

Documentary of Beyond Wong Ka Kui, RTHK 港台黃家駒特輯1993

Although the pressure was great, he still managed to give a solid performance, and seemed to be a very mature person. Cheung said, "Ka Kui made this movie because he wanted to try something new aside from his music. His greatest achivement remains to be his contribution to music. Once a reporter asked Beyond an interesting question: If you win the ka kui biography, what would you do? Ka Kui gave a very serious answer, "I will undoubtedly spend it all onto music by starting a studio for non-mainstream music, and support new musicians.

Note that I said musicians, not singers.

wong ka kui biography

I will respect the local musicians. Ka Kui once said, "The origin of creating music comes from the daily lives.

We like to pay more attention to the world trends, and bring upon new forces in creating music.

wong ka kui biography

Six days later, at Wong's funeral procession caused traffic in various major streets in Hong Kong to grind to a standstill, and almost every famous Hong Kong Cantopop singer was in attendance to pay their respects. His tombstone is made of white marble and bears the image of a guitar. Wong Ka Kui was one of the five singers who had their images printed on stamps. In the biography concert of Beyond inWong Ka Kui was resurrected in the form of a life-size video projection, alongside the remaining band members while they sang the song "Combat for twenty years" in memory of him.

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Wong Ka Kui

The Champion of Love". We don't care just about our own part in the band any longer," said Yip Sai Wing. Doing it right Looking back over the year music journey of Beyond, you can see that it is a band that has been doing things the hard way but the right way.

Its popularity has been growing in Southeast Asia, despite getting little support initially from the major record labels. BeforeBeyond was several young men with ideals who had no intention of becoming famous in any way; in fact, they were playing music completely out of their own interest.

wong ka kui biography

After producing several albums with their own money and giving concerts in small venues, they began to feel the bite of reality. Lack of money forced them to give up "playing out of their own interest. Luckily enough, Wong Ka Kui had the ka kui biography to combine commercial awareness with his music. He gradually made some compromises and wrote songs that pleased both the record companies and the fans. It does not mean Wong gave up his ideals to find a place in the commercial world. He spurred people to see cruel reality through his songs. His songs touch upon a wide range of themes including politics, race, conflict and war and concern over the sufferings of people around the world, as well as many other stubborn social problems.

For example, their hit song "Glorious Days" indedicated to Nelson Mandela, features concern for the black people of Africa. Guangzhou-based critic Qiu Dali said, "Filling their songs with passion, the grass-root band sharply touches the depth of our hearts with their meaningful lyrics. They're creative, have their own style, and are comparable to any other Chinese bands," said Lau Cheuk Fai.

wong ka kui biography