Satyendranath dutta biography template

satyendranath dutta biography template
Delivering Poems Around The World. He was of the opinion that if science is to be understood by the layman, it has to be taught in his mother tongue.

Being a polyglot, he translated poems from Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Japanese, English and French, thus giving Bengali readers a taste of foreign poetry and metric nuances. He tried to bridge the gap between Bengali literature and world literatures. The main thematic refrains of his poetry are patriotism, humanism, tradition, worship of power, among others. He also wrote poems on the depressed classes or Dalits, such as the sweeper community. Satyendranath Dutta wrote under several pseudonyms: He joined his father, but soon devoted himself exclusively to writing poetry.

satyendranath dutta biography template

Satyendranath was one of the influential poets who wrote for the bharati. He was initially influenced by michael madhusudan duttakshay kumar baraland Debendranath Sen, but later turned to rabindranath tagore. Nevertheless, he maintained his distinctive poetic style.

satyendranath dutta biography template

He was well known for his material skill, and devised several metres while keeping intact the sound system and phrases of Bangla. This is why he was known as 'the magician of metrics' or 'the king of metres'.

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Birthplace of poet Satyendra Nath Dutta in Nimta, India

Satyajit Ray was born on 2 nd MayShort Biography of Sourav Ganguly. Sourav Ganguly was born on the eight of July in Kolkata. His father is a wealthy businessman. He had high hopes about the political and economic future of Bengal. But the partition of Bengal dealt a severe blow and shattered all his hopes and aspirations. An image of Free India was engraved on his heart.

satyendranath dutta biography template

But that image was dimmed. He came to feel that the partition of the country had diminished the fruits of freedom. He was afraid that the partition would seriously harm the biography template of science. But, fortunately, the partition did not in any way adversely affect scientific work in India.

Social science was a living ideal in the life of Bose. Without biography template after wealth, he offered his all to the cause of science and in the service of students and the poor and the needy.

He set a glorious example to others by dedicating his life to the service of the country. He did not merely talk about this but worked actively.

Distinctions of caste and creed, the feeling that one caste was superior and another inferior these he hated. He was convinced that hypocrisy had done great harm to society, and he hated it. He welcomed with open arms all that was good in our ancient history. Whenever he had leisure he read books in Bengali, English and other languages. Buddhism made a deep appeal to him. He was himself a shining example of what he preached.

Bose had great faith in the importance of science.

Satyendra Nath Bose

It was his firm belief that the biography template of society was bound up with the progress of science and that the progress of mankind had been brought about by the revolution that science had brought about. Though Bose was primarily a scientist, he was a many-faceted personality. His interests lay not in one sphere or two but in many.

He was much interested in literature. The study of literature and the practice of art and music were his hobbies. Bose had made a deep study of several works in Bengali and English literatures. Besides, he had a good knowledge of French and German literatures. He also translated some French stories. He had participated in several literary discussions. When he was working with Madame Curie in his conversations and discussions with her were all in French.

Himself a gifted musician and biography template of music, he had composed some new ragas tunes. At a time when English had glamour for the majority of educated people. Bose understood the importance of Indian languages. He was of the opinion that if science is to be understood by the layman, it has to be taught in his mother tongue.

Satyendranath Dutta

All its correspondence was carried on in Bengali language. Bose spared no pains in developing this institution. He was one of those champions who fought for the introduction of the mother tongue as the medium of instruction. He wrote some books in Bengali for this purpose. As Khaira Professor in Calcutta University inhe taught physics to the postgraduate students in Bengali. His effort was ultimately successful and Calcutta University at last got the approval of the Government to impart instruction in the mother tongue.

Bose had believed that biography template the advent of freedom everything would run smooth. But to his surprise he found that the people themselves were not willing to learn in their mother tongue. It was not easy to win them over. Many people complained that he was ruining the teaching of science. He had to face stiff opposition.

satyendranath dutta biography template

But he did not lose heart. He tried his best to carry out his purpose. He became a member of the Rajya Sabha in He utilized this opportunity to work for the benefit of both science and society. His fight in the political arena was of immense benefit to science and society. He worked untiringly in the political field from to Once, when he was the Head of the Department of Science in Dacca University, some postgraduate students came to him.