Charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher
Haddon , and had the goal of documenting the rapidly vanishing cultures of the Islanders. Wikisource has original works written by or about: All slides numbered and labelled.

Evans-Pritchard and Meyer Fortes all of whose work overshadowed his own.

charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

Seligman was born into a middle class Jewish family in London, the son of wine merchant Hermann Seligmann Charles shortened his name to Seligman after After several years as a physician and pathologist, he volunteered his services to the Cambridge University expedition to the Torres Strait.

InSeligman married Brenda Zara Salaman, who accompanied him on many of his expeditions and whom he credited in his publications. From tohe served as chair of Ethnology at the London School of Economicswhere the Anthropology department maintains the Seligman Library in his name.

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Seligman was also a Fellow of the Royal Society. Seligman is most remembered for his detailed ethnographical work Races of Africa [ citation needed ]which recognises four major distinct races of the African continent: In his book, Seligman states his belief that:.

The incoming Hamites were pastoral 'Europeans' - arriving wave after wave - better armed as well as quicker witted than the dark agricultural Negroes. Following Giuseppe Sergi 's classification of the Hamites, Seligman divides the Hamites into two groups: The former include the "ancient and modern Egyptians Seligman acknowledged varying degrees of Negroid admixture amongst the Hamitic groups, but emphasized throughout his major works the essential racial and cultural unity of the various Hamitic peoples.

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In his Some Aspects of the Hamitic Problem in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudanhe writes that the Northern and Eastern Hamitic "groups shade into each other, and in many parts a Negro admixture has taken place, nevertheless, culturally if not always physically, either division stands apart from its fellow. Races of Africahowever, notably questions the belief held by some anthropologists in the early 20th century that these fairer traits, such as blondism, were introduced by a Nordic variety.

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In addition, Seligman laid stress on the common descent of Hamites with Semiteswriting that "there is no doubt that the Hamites and Semites must be regarded as modifications of an original stock, and that their differentiation did not take place so very long ago, evidence for this statement being furnished by the persistence of common cultural traits and linguistic affinities. Physically their relationship is obvious". In his works, Seligman also discusses certain Negroid populations with notable Hamitic admixture and cultural influences, particularly within their ruling classes.

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He divided these communities into two groups on the basis of their degree of Hamitic influence or Hamiticization: He retired inand was awarded the title of Emeritus Professor. From to he was charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher of the Royal Anthropology Institute and he was a visiting professor at Yale University in Seligman became chronically ill during his fieldwork in Sudan, the victim of an infection that made him a semi-invalid. He mostly resided at his countryside home in Toot Baldon near Oxford, England, where he died on September 19, The expedition had the primary goal of recording as much data on local traditions as possible, as the native cultures were slowly disappearing under the devastating impact of colonization.

What they encountered there was that the cultures did not entirely disappear, but were remolded under the influence of Christianity and other neighboring cultures.

Charles Gabriel Seligman

Seligman believed that in order to study the local customs, one needs to take into account all of the influences from the environment. Since the Torres Strait Islands are situated at a crossroads between the Indian and Pacific Oceansthey were particularly prone to foreign influences.

Seligman also carried out significant ethnographic work in Africaincluding Egypt and Sudan.

charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

He visited Egypt twice early in the twentieth century, collecting artifacts and recording data in the areas around Abydos and Thebes. At Abydos he discovered discolored circles on the desert surface, and interpreted them as remains of the Paleolithic huts.

charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

Scientists today are still not sure of the origin of these circles. Seligman also published the first study of Egyptian prehistory.

charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

His approach to the origin of African races, which he carried out with his usual passion for documentation, also contains what is perhaps his greatest fallacy. His book The Races of Africa supports the Hamitic hypothesis, which held that all civilizations in Africa were the result of a resident population of Caucasians:. He liked charleses gabriel, and wanted to document every smallest piece of information.

He believed that anthropologists need to focus on details, because, according to him, theories in biography christopher might change, but the facts that they were based on would always be of use.

Indeed, the data he accumulated and published in The Races of Africa have remained useful after his theoretical statements were discredited. Seligman retained a Darwinian evolutionary approach which essentially linked culture to biology.

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charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

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charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

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charles gabriel seligman biography of christopher

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