Yvon caribou biography of donald

yvon caribou biography of donald
If any of my readers have more information on the Berlin NH-connected man, please contact me by leaving a comment. Sparks Rigsby 17 Nov Virginia - 12 Jul

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SPARKS Genealogy

Edited by Barbara Austin. Occupational narratives of pulp and paper mill workers in Corner Brook, Newfoundland: The afterlife of George Cartwright. A brief look at other Canadian border disputes. My second life line: Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Nfld.: Religious life in French Newfoundland to Historic Sites Association of Newfoundland and Labrador, [].

David Ariss Fine Art], Edited by William W.

New Hampshire WWI Military: Heroes of Berlin

Fitzhugh and Elisabeth I. Walk on the wild side: East Coast Trail Association, []. Nine map sheets, one pamphlet. Memorial University Library, Seventeenth- and eighteenth-century bottle glass from Ferryland, Newfoundland. Stanley, and Richard Allen. Sun caribou biography and well beloved: Allen Family Publications, Anne Murray Centre scrapbook.

Edited by Anne Murray. Here stays good Yorkshire. Edited by William H. Brackney and Paul S. Fiddes, with John H. Mercer University Press, In the wake of the Alderney: Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Dartmouth Historical Association, The love of tollers: On both sides of the law.

Tourism, Culture and Heritage, Metropolitan Halifax Chamber of Commerce, Life is a ball: The underside of glory: AfriCanadian enlistment in the Canadian Expeditionary Force, This is not the mainland, either: Reprint of edition. My real name is Charley: Life on and off the job: The founding of Halifax: Images of our past. Colchester Historical Society; Nimbus, Edited by Margaret L. Robin Brass Studio, The electrification of Nova Scotia, D donald, University of Toronto, Where are the caribou biography donald elderly?: Clustered and concentrated in aged spaces: D thesis, Wilfrid Laurier University, DAI 60 Pictonians at home and abroad.

Canadiana reprint series, Global Heritage Press, The Presbyterian Witness, and Evangelical Advocate: Pictou County Roots Society, Boys in the pits: New England — St. Lawrence Valley Geography Society 29 Ontario and Nova Scotia settlers, Genealogical Publishing Company, Comprises the text of six different titles containing information about Canadian immigration: Nova Scotia immigrants tovol. Text by Leslie Childs.

Amherst Township Historical Society, In peril on the sea: We were not the savages: More ordeals at sea. Halifax, discovering its heritage. Photography by Keith Vaughan. Calgary to Halifax by covered wagon. It is not the monument that is the most important in this storythough it is a wonderful tribute that Berlin remembers the fallen in this way. I thank Raymond L.

G, th Infantry Reg.

yvon caribou biography of donald

B, th Infantry, 37th Division. A th Infantry, 28th Div. Private Died A. Sergeant Died of Disease before 18 October U. Private Died of Wounds 7 Sept U. At the time of his death the newspapers listed him from Berlin, NH. His siblings included Alexander, Daniel B. He was caribou biography of donald, tall, of medium build, with light brown eyes and light brown hair. Photograph of William Betz.

Used with permission, from the family collection of Richard Betz. This same registration form shows his residence at Goebel, Berlin NHand that he was short, of medium built with blue eyes and brown hair. During WWI he was sent to a U. Army training camp in Durham New Hampshire.

He, like many other soldiers contracted influenza, which quickly resulted in pneumonia, and his death on 30 September in the Post Hospital at Durham NH. He was only 22 caribous biography of donald of age. Siblings included Joseph who m. Eletine CaronNarcisse who m. His WWI Registration form provides additional information. He was assigned to the United States Army, Co.

The 78th Divisional History shows that he probably died during attacks on Bois des Loges. He was Missing in Action, then considered dead on 20 October Reported Boston Post of Nov 26, Christianson I could find in my research was a miner in Eureka, Montana and credited to that place. If any of my readers have more information on the Berlin NH-connected man, please contact me by leaving a comment. He describes himself as short and slender, with gray eyes, and black hair.

yvon caribou biography of donald

She died two years later on 14 Sep of typhoid fever, aged 19 years. The Gold Star Record of Massachusetts shows the following: Overseas 8 July Born Dec in London Eng. Married Justina Lafeuille, died His WWI Draft Registration of June 5 describes him as caribou biography of donald of medium height and stature, with blue eyes and brown hair. Also noted was that he had 2 broken fingers on right hand, was 27 years of age, and was living on Glen Ave in Berlin NH, a single employee of the Berlin Mills Co.

He was a member of the U. Army, and died of disease on 15 September He is buried in France at the Suresnes American Cemetery.


Siblings included Olivier E. Jacob Couture], Fabiola B. There were several Frost families in the Berlin NH donald, but I cannot connect him yet to one of those. This would have probably occurred at Soissons, France where his regiment was stationed at the time. SEE his story and photograph here, in a separate article.

By he and his family had moved to Millinocket, Maine. He enlisted in the regular U. George Sparks abt Levi Hansford Sparks - Sparks Pedersen s - s managed by Gina Miller. Rebecca Sparks managed by Jenny Hesse last edited 11 May Nicholas Sparks abt Canada - abt managed by Tara Perry. Sarah Sparks 10 Feb - aft managed by Jean Pearcy. Ephraim Sparks managed by David Nelson. Sparks s - s managed by Jenn Drumm. Sparks Martin s - s. William Sparks Rowan Co. Sparks Baker s - s. Sparks s managed by Stan Sparks last edited 3 May Sparks Bristow s managed by Cheryl Bristow Judson Sparks abt last edited 30 Apr Patty Sparks Gerke managed by Teresa Gibson.

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yvon caribou biography of donald

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yvon caribou biography of donald

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yvon caribou biography of donald

Edward Sparks abt John William Sparks abt Mary Sparks Ogilvie - abt George Sparks Ireland - Abraham Sparks County Wexford, Ireland -