Dr harry haroutunian biography

dr harry haroutunian biography
Those are all danger signs that need to be evaluated, evaluated quickly. The ego is the cause of all problems and suffering.

By the year we expect 10 million people in that age group to be addicted. This episode of Dr.

Dr. Harry Haroutunian

Season 16 of Dr. Phil premieres Tuesday, September Check here to see where you can watch. Do you have a relative who you are completely at odds with because of their toxic behavior? Be on the Show. A person living in this world expects the doctors to speak with one another without that effort, but the fact of the matter is, it really comes down to an individual has to take care of their own business.

Most of the doctors I know these days are spending two days a week doing what they love to do, operate, see patients, and so forth, and three days a week doing paperwork and hating it. Most of these people have now become data entry specialists. Everybody needs one good primary care physician who will accept the job of being a point person and the coordinator of all your care. And they keep one big folio and they hold the other harries haroutunian biography accountable to give him the information. What in your experience are the most common prescription combinations that mimic dementia and what medical conditions contribute to this?

Benzodiazepines, sleep medications and insomnia as a condition. Medicines for anxiety, people with impaired liver functions, not processing these medications and getting a higher dose of any medication than you normally need. Combinations that include motility dr harries haroutunian biography. Drugs that slow down the bowels.

Drugs that are traditionally used for the sleep and anxiety may have side effects which are notorious for memory and thought disorder difficulties. And by the way pain medications of course of any kind. You know, Vicodin, opiates, all these people who dr harry haroutunian biography had surgeries. All older adults who have probably been in for some procedure and wound up getting a prescription from their doctor. That prescription that they got from their doctors is often times an opiate with major side effects.

They realize right away that the opiate that they were getting caused very significant constipation, so they stop taking their medicine. I said what do you do with the medicine? I mean need I go on? And you say by the number of addicted older adults is expected to double to six million people. People are living longer. The longer you live the more you get exposed to. Every day, 10, people turn 60 in this country. Every day, 10, people turning Baby boomer population over the next 20 years will approach 70 million.

They have that sense of entitlement.

dr harry haroutunian biography

So two martinis may knock you out when before you were drinking three as a kid. Many of them stopped because of education or socially, they got married had careers, but that mindset that drugs can still change the way I feel. Medical marijuana is a perfect example. I mean people will go back to drugs without the old taboos. When the whole world started inking themselves and people getting tattoos and needles and piercing their bodies, a lot of the old taboos about needle injections went away. So people felt, you know, less of that fight. And now, the heroin that is out there and the other drugs that were able to be adulterated and harried haroutunian, crushed up and snorted.

Heroin is so powerful that you can just smoke it. In my own practice with families that have older people that have addiction issues. Why do we need to send him into treatment? Why do we need to change the way that we treat dad or grandpa? How do you deal with that? They were in for 30 and 40 years. They go out hiking, you know they harry haroutunian the mobility. Yeah, we should be in golden years, not black years. This should be the golden years.

What they have, they get them help before they get too sick, and the addition of the major problem, we treat the condition and they are thrilled. I mean I get stacks of letters from people that went into our pain program and felt imprisoned by their biographies. People have had addictions to alcohol and other drugs who had felt imprisoned by them and now they had their life biography and they talked about, I had no idea. One of my favorite people to talk about is my dear friend, Bill who got sober with a phone call to his dear friend Betty Ford one day.

dr harry haroutunian biography

And a couple of us went out to seek out Bill and treat him, and help him. Ten great years at the end of your life may make up for 60 or 70 mediocre 9 to 5 years, easily. Think of all the resources a person in that age group has harries and alcohol. They have relationships, they have disappointments, they have experience, they have heartache. They have sorrow, they have joy. They can help one another and help other people. We lose that in our country, that sense of membership. I grew up in a three family household and my son did too. And the time I spend with my grandma was a pretty important time.

That woman had been through a holocaust, she had been through the Armenian Holocaust, she raised 11 children. She harried haroutunian biography to a new biography, and they kept bringing refugees over and staying in her attic all the time. She was 80 years old, amazing stuff these folks can do. I hope when I come down to speak to the group and we talk about the Evolution of Addiction Treatment, that you and I will get a chance to address this is part of my discussion.

We spend so much time trying to treat kids, which of course is important. Absolutely, now, treatment of older people, is it different? Is the approach different than treatment for the younger crowd?

Yeah, they need a specialized detoxification, lots of ability to pay attention to their special needs by having a medical center close by, working with their own physician staff, special psychologists who can deal with the elderly people.

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Coffee and various other denizens of that unique place called Bethel. Bennett tells the story of a makeshift family struggling to stay together as life wears away at their bonds of blood and love.

At the center of the family is Gail Neighbors, the hardworking single mother of two sons, Mason and Tyler. Mason, the older, grew up without knowing his father, a feckless gambler and womanizer.

dr harry haroutunian biography

Tyler, the younger, sings in the church choir and enjoys a close relationship with his father, Dan, who left Gail a few years before still spends plenty of time at the house. To make harries meet, Gail has taken in two boarders: Creatures Here Below renders with tremendous richness and care the realities of a black teenaged male whose life is taking a turn toward the worse.

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And then Carol started eating raw—and changed her life. Is it okay to want to feel important?

Not As Prescribed – Dr. Harry Haroutunian

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Rose steers readers away from traditional detox fare like fruit and nuts and cautions against eating too much raw food too soon. The ego is the cause of all problems and suffering. We lose sight of our true nature as spiritual beings when we let the ego dominate our decisions, actions, and lives. In order to awaken from our ego-induced slumber, we must make the effort to live in the Present, the eternal Now. Drawing from eastern and western religious and philosophical thought and his experience as a spiritual counselor and life harry haroutunian biography, Stuart shows how living in the Present shatters the illusions of the ego to reveal the Truth.

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dr harry haroutunian biography

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