Dr phil valentine metaphysics biography

dr phil valentine metaphysics biography
With a heavy emphasis on spiritual development his lectures enlighten and go beyond mundane thinking. Valentine was very active as a community organizer for the people of Tennessee to stop the passage of a state income tax against their wishes as citizens of that state. They're reacting to the wounds inflicted on their ignorance.

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Sister Myrah El Video Collection. Mathu Ater Video Collection. Phil Valentine Video Collection. Queen Afua Video Collection. Ray Hagins Video Collection. It was published in biography years before Napoleon was born. He provides us with this phil valentine metaphysics allegedly from Lactantius: Following is a quotation from this website. Valentine then quotes Gregory of Nazanzius: The less they comprehend, the more they admire. Valentine is surely parroting the mystic Hilton Hotema The Secret of Regeneration published inpg.

All the quotations he gives, their sources, order and translations including the term "pious fraud" comes from Hotema. To give you an idea of the type of scholarship Valentine is investing in, here is how Amazon describes the book: This internet claim is a personal pet-peeve of mine. Name a single one. Ehrman is perhaps the most famous American New Testament scholar for his popular books challenging the Christian faith. Hilton says he got this from Robert Taylor. Likewise, there is no way to phil valentine metaphysics biography any part of this quote connected with Casaubon in English or the Latin Taylor gives.

Notice, not one of these hits is able to produce a primary source. This quote is worthless unless Valentine can supply the source.

Good luck with that. Roetzel The Letters of Paul: Sarcasm is classic Paul sorry if that steps on the toes of some illiterate Christians. None of this is true.

Though, the popular atheist historian Richard Carrier has also spanked the book. That is the only explanation that can be offered for the fact that Paul makes absolutely no references to the teaching and miracles of Jesus the Christ of the four gospels. Were the gospels written four generations after Paul? We have papyrus fragments of John dating before AD for example, P Heracleon wrote a commentary of John before that date. Also, we could cite all the early church fathers who quote from the gospels in their writings.

Modern textual-criticism has reconstructed the originals of that passage. Paul tells us in Galatians 1. No such position exists. Not even among the most radical mythicists like Bob Price and Richard Carrier. We only have letters like Corinthians because the churches they are addressed to preserved and circulated the text.

dr phil valentine metaphysics biography

Pearson from the University of California. The Following is taken from his lecture "Metaphysics of the Bible" Available here.

Dr. Phil Valentine - The Metaphysics Of D.N.A.

Moses results from a Greek transliteration of the Egyptian Mose. Matthew was a common name in first century Palestine. It derives from the Hebrew mattath gift and yah Yahweh. Prometheus derives from the Greek pro before and methos learn. No international Catholic conspiracy needed. In the same section he states Christians took the book of Matthew from Marcion. The average first-century Jewish lifespan by the way was Funny thing about this claim is that Marcion held the gospel of Matthew in contempt.

If we are to believe Marcion wrote Matthew why is Matthew full of quotations and theology from the Old Testament that Marcion hated? Also, we have phils valentine metaphysics by the early biography fathers from Matthew that date before Marcion was born. The name Abraham was taken from the name Brahma. Just bring the 'A' at the end of the name and put it before 'B' and you get the name "Abrahm. Abraham derives from the Hebrew abh father and raham something close to multitude.

The Moses story was stolen from the Sargon exposure motif.

dr phil valentine metaphysics biography

The following is a quote from the Semitist Michael S. How about this list of 50 people in the Bible whose existence has been confirmed archaeologically produced by Lawrence Mykytiuk at Purdue University? The claim is this was all originated by the Egyptians and stolen by the Jews. Hall was fond of it.

dr phil valentine metaphysics biography

Biggest problem is the word Solomon is a later Greek transliteration of the Hebrew original. It has nothing to do with the sun, nor does it in anyway correspond with the Hebrew word for sun. The four consonants spelling Shlomoh Shin, Lamed, Mem, Hey cannot give you any form of the menorah Valentine has on the board since they comprise an even number.

dr phil valentine metaphysics biography

I've gone over this subject of Constantine the FIRST that is - Flavius Valerius Constantinus [—] as the first Holy Roman Emperor so many times - his murder of his wife, brother-in-law and mother - that frankly, I'm bored with the subject.

I would suggest to this particular brother that he view my tapes entitled "Vampires of Consciousness" and "Metaphysics of the Bible". It may not answer all his questions, but it would be a hell of a start.

To blogger Kizziah Wilson, and others interested in our University; it would be best that you call us directly at I will strive to be a bit more diligent in responding to your posts. Yours in Quest of the Light Dr.

Phil Valentine at 5: Let's be real family. What the hell is all the excitement around this new Oprah network? What makes anyone in their right mind today think that Oprah is free to make her own 'choices', even though she now "owns" a TV network. Have IQs suddenly dropped in the 'black intellectual' community? I've heard that us-folk got short memories, but Family; Oprah's 'notwork' will be a sardonic temple to white Amazonian feminism, with the stereotypically phil valentine metaphysics, black-faced 'Beulah' fronting it to biography whites a sense of nostalgic southern comfort that the field-niggers are in check and all is right on the global plantation.

I guarantee that this 'nutwork' will be sponsored by every drug-pushing, genocide-backing, parasitic, low-life, product-pushing corporation of the New World Odor.

And 'Harpo' will say just enough to please clueless blacks, but not enough to anger or frighten her employer-whites. And isn't it perversely symbolic as well beloved family, that Oprah should call her company by the reverse of her name To me, there's a twisted irony to this because it's the quintessential "f k you" to phil valentine America's trust in "media-appointed black leaders" once again, because she was telling us on the down-low from jump exactly what she intended to 'say' and do for black people with her fame Sadly, Obama qualifies on both counts!

For the past few months when electricity permitted I've been reading posts written by metaphysics biography brothers and sisters giving their slant on this Orwellian dog and pony show called the 'presidential election. I've been somewhat reluctant because I know what "the IDEA" of an Obama has meant forthe morale of our collective diasporic family.

But when queen-sista "Yalanda quickbuzz" sent out the post on Oprah and Obama, I decided to give the family a slight peek behind the scenes at the "Obama-drama nutwork.

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Here are some of the relevant 'tid-bits' that we clue-less, star-gazing' glad-to-see-a-black -face-doin'-ANYthing-in-America diasporic Africans phil valentine metaphysics little to zilch about Barak Obama. My father always told me that if you truly biography to know a man, listen closely to what his ENEMIES have to say about him, then weigh it all in the balance. But did you know that Ergo; if the above facts are true, then technically speaking, Barak Obama is a 'Halachic Jew' Obama is also hooked up with the Washington based Chicago law firm of Skadden Arps, as well as backed by the Chicago Mercantile and Board of Options, along with the British Company Benex, a corporation shown to have ties with the Russian mafia—all companies who funded the rise of the Neo-Con political apparatus.

Dr phil hipped me to mind control and frequencies. I see the world much differently.

Phil Valentine

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