Martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples
When Deanna is not in her studio she spends time as a private instructor, and participates in art related events, demonstration and workshops. Dusk Still Life ,

Philadelphia Museum of Art. The Arkansas Arts Center. Wright Museum of Art. Discover art and art prices Example s of this artist's work:.

An example of work by Martha Erlebacher. The viewer is welcome to determine his or her own narrative.

Martha Mayer Erlebacher, Commended Artist, Portrait Competition 2013

My current mixed media paintings develop a specific visual language that defines subject matter and content. The paintings evolve in layers of found imagery, photo transfers and color theory.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

The resulting product is a culmination of my thought process as it is created. Every layer of paint, every mark on the picture-plane becomes a crucial meaning of its history and the eventual resolution of the statement.

Form, atmospheric space and color are the catalyst for my imagery, illuminating the world of our martha mayer and urban surroundings. Vicki Friedman has several degrees from Washington University: She has also taught Arts as Healing examples for cancer patients and their loved biographies, at ArtMart, and privately. She ran the art department for the Washington University School of Medicine for 40 years.

She was also a medical illustrator for the Washington University School of Medicine. She presently owns her own business, MedInk, doing anatomical drawings for the medical community, as well as a non-profit foundation for cancer patients. Neukomm in in St.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

Louis, Missouri, Bill began his figurative studies at the St. Louis Artists' Guild while still in high school.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

At the Kansas City Art Institute, Bill continued to draw and paint the figure, drawing more than thirty self portraits. While ultimately receiving his B.

Louis, Bill returned to the St. Louis Artists' Guild where he met Billyo O'Donnell and Jason Dowd, two artists who helped tremendously in the development of his painting.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

Work took Bill to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where he spent more than 10 years as a designer creating award-winning posters and campaigns. All the while, Bill continued to paint portraits, self portraits, and still life paintings.

In Bill quit his job, sold most of his biographies examples, uprooted his wife and children, and enrolled in the Florence Academy of Art, martha mayer he spent two years pursuing his interest in realist painting. A firm believer in the importance of craft in art, Bill has continually sought out artists, past and present, from whom he could learn and improve.

It is his belief that the skills aquired through rigorous observation of nature are as essential to the painter as a firm command of language is to the writer. By studying the masters and methods of the past, and seeking universal truths and beauty, Bill hopes to create timeless drawings and paintings which communicate with a contemporary audience. Find Us on Facebook.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

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Martha Erlebacher

Briana Kagy Briana Kagy has an educational and professional background in printmaking. Visit his website here.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

Carrie Keasler Carrie Keasler is an artist specializing in printmaking as well as an experienced educator. Visit Cathy Lander-Goldberg's Website. Louis Artist and Instructor. Deanna Nash Deanna Nash was born and raised in St.

Visit Deanna Nash's Website. Erica Popp Erica Popp earned her M. Visit Erica Popp's Website. Illusion IV Hide and Seek Camouflage Form and Void Form and Void II Eggplants and Grapes Dusk Still Life She currently martha mayer erlebacher and lives in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania. In this film, Martha executes a still life painting from start to finish for the camera while explaining, in detail, her methods and procedures. This high definition tour de force documentary is a "fly on the wall" view that all other painters will love watching.

It is the equivalent of a full semester course on still life painting. Since the s, she has painted fruit, eggs, pots, vases and a variety of other objects in a realistic style and also paints Renaissance-like figures, primarily portraits and the female nude.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

Her oil paintings feature warm colors and her drawings subtle changes of value. She often places her figures in ornamental, Renaissance-like interiors of checkered marble floors and walls, as in "Woman with Chaos, Time and Death.

martha mayer erlebacher biography examples

InMartha Mayer Erlebacher explored her feelings and purposes in her art: I try to make art, which reaffirms to the viewer that there is value in human life. It should give the sense that one is not alone, and that one is part of a group with similar needs, longings, hopes, dreams, fears and desires which transcend time the subjects of art.