Steve rogers captain america biography books

steve rogers captain america biography books
Nick Fury approaches him with mission to save the world again. During the events of Original Sin , Captain America regains his memories and vows to bring the Illuminati to justice.

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This template will categorize articles that include it into Category: Images from Captain America: Steve RogersVolume 1. Captain America's appeal was novel; he was not born with great power, but rather had it bestowed upon him as a gift. The champion of freedom started out as Steve Rogers, a scrawny 4-F rejected by the biography and then redeemed by a dose of a "strange seething liquid" that turned him into a strapping specimen of heroic young manhood.

It cold happen to anyone, even the ordinary reader. And part of the attraction was that Steve Rogers never became excessively gifted; he wasn't invulnerable - he was just tougher and braver and smarter than anyone else. The secret formula and its inventor were destroyied by saboteurs, and therefore Captain America was the only one of his kind, assigned by the steve rogers captain america to disguise himself as a private in the army.

The fact that many readers would soon find themselves in that very same army helped insure "Cap's" popularity; the new solders remained comic book fans, and they, too, hoped to be heroes in disguise. Meanwhile, the "kid buddy" showed up as Bucky Barnes, the teenage "mascot of the regiment" at Camp Leigh. Timely had already established the book of a younger, less powerful sidekick with The Human Torch's companion Toro, so readers without quite enough nerve to imagine themselves as the hero could at least identify with the eager young assistant and imagine themselves tagging along.

Cap next investigated the villain-killing vigilante, the Scourge of the Underworld. The Scourge that Cap captured was himself killed by another, for several Scourges were active in a vigilante program designed by the Angel Thomas Halloway but co-opted by the still supposedly dead Red Skull.

He was also unsettled by his subsequent losing skirmish with super-strong, glory-hungry rival adventurer Super-Patriot John Walker. With a Vibranium shield from the Black Panther, Rogers continued his adventures with his fellow travelers. Cap was allied book various heroes during the fray as a new team of Avengers, while the mutant X-Men ended the unholy invasion. After the Inferno Crisis ended, he and a maddened John Walker were manipulated into battle by the Red Skull, his survival finally revealed.

steve rogers captain america biography books

While Cap led a steve rogers of the Avengers, he became romantically involved with ex-Serpent Society member Diamondback Rachel Leightonalthough their relationship was strained by her continued loyalties to some of her former criminal cohorts. Knowing further exertion would worsen his condition but unwilling to retire, Cap slowed his deterioration by using various accessories in place of physical feats, eventually taking novice heroes Free Spirit and Jack Flag as apprentices.

When his health finally collapsed, Cap used armor provided by Iron Man to overcome paralysis, but his condition continued to deteriorate. Cap, finally resigned to his fate, prepared to succumb to death; but he vanished, and his friends found only his armor. Although the world believed him dead, Cap had been abducted and cured by Sharon Carter, finally learning she was still alive. When the psionic entity Onslaught threatened the world, Cap and several other heroes seemingly died defeating him.

Cap was again reborn, however, as were his friends, on a new Earth in a pocket steve subconsciously created by Franklin Richards, son of Mr. Fantastic and Invisible Woman. Whether via his own steve rogers captain or not, Cap received a new life with a wife and son, only for it to be exposed as a deception born from the imaginary history Franklin created for him.

Counter-Earth also presented him with a readymade nemesis, a duplicate Red Skull, whom he fought with the help of teenage Rikki Barnes, dubbed Bucky. After defeating the shape-changing alien Skrull called the Sensational Hydra, who had impersonated him to incite panic in the public, Cap obtained a new energy shield. Following yet another bout with the Red Skull and his reacquired Cosmic Cube, Cap recovered his original shield. The Avengers and all of Earth faced a series of crises when Kang the Conqueror launched a global assault unequaled by any of his earlier efforts, causing worldwide chaos made worse by competing menaces such as the master of gravity, Graviton, and the giant creature Orrgo.

While fighting terrorists in the US, Cap was again forced to take a life to save others, killing terrorist leader al-Tariq. Drawn into more government conspiracies while helping Falcon, Cap encountered his latest Super-Soldier imitator, the Anti-Cap, whom Cap tried but failed to save from further government manipulation. He also grew alienated from Sharon Carter over her involvement with the anti-mutant Project: Following a string of discouraging events for Cap, the apparent murders of both the Red Skull and Nomad were traced to the Winter Soldier, revealed as Bucky.

Cap felt more optimistic after he and several other super heroes helped contain a mass breakout of superhuman criminals at the Raft prison; Cap and Iron Man formalized this roger captain america biography as a new Avengers roster, partnering with new Avenger teammates Spider-Man and Wolverine, but the government and SHIELD now run by the ruthless Maria Hill distrusted their team.

Captain America Steve Rogers page tools Page. Occupation Adventurer, formerly WPA artist, soldier, police officer, teacher, freelance illustrator, special S.

Known Relatives Joseph and Sarah Rogers books, deceasedunidentified grandfather presumed deceasedSteven Rogers Captain America, 18th century ancestor, presumed deceased. However Captain America has displayed feats that would appear to be far outside the limits of a human. One of Captain America's most recent durability feats is him surviving a ft fall on top of a car from an airplane and suffering no discomfort. Steve's enhancement has also allowed him to survive building collapses and major explosions. The serum also enhances his constitution, making him immune or highly resistant to many diseases and increasing the speed at which he heals from injuries and recuperates from illness.

The serum is constantly being replenished by his body america biography books to a cellular level. Cap is a master of a large number of martial captains america biography books and has developed his own fighting-style which melds jujitsu, boxing, judo, karate, pressure points, all-terrain acrobatics and the use of his shield. He is also able to learn how to use most weapons quickly, as Beast has described Cap of being capable of mastering any weapon in seconds.

He has used chi manipulation and many other techniques. He is a quick learner and learns these skills fast. He is an expert with his signature shield. He can hit multiple throws by calculating ricochets.

steve rogers captain america biography books

His aim is top-notch. Cap is also a great leader, field commander, and tactician.

steve rogers captain america biography books

He led the Avengers for a long time, and his great experience makes him a seasoned commander on the battlefield. He also creates the plans for the Avengers, and has a great fighting spirit. He is an expert in reading codes, maps, and doing other military-related skills. Captain America is usually seen with his Captain America armor that is bullet proof and is red, white, and blue. His costume covers up everything except his biography books, mouth, and ears. Cap's trademark weapon is his vibranium alloy shield in which he always carries around.

The steve rogers captain america is virtually unbreakable, and absorbs the kinetic force of anything that strikes it, which enables Cap to ricochet the shield off of objects and allow it to come back to him.

Despite it being nearly unbreakable, it has shattered a few times, but has needed a highly powerful being to do such a feat such as Thanos with his Infinity Gauntlet or Odin's brother, the Serpent. After giving it to Bucky Barnes, has got a new costume and weapon. He would once again become Captain America and wield the shield, but lost his serum and would become an old man. He would give the shield to Falcon as the new Captain America until Steve was again restored back to his youth but allowed Sam to keep his trademark round shield and would wield an all new one.

Cap's currently wielded shield is similar in appearance to his classic, triangular shields he would use before he got his vibranium round one.

steve rogers captain america biography books

This shield is made of an unknown metal, but is highly durable. The shield can split into two parts with the bottom part being capable of being shot at an opponent or disconnected if someone were to grab it.

The biggest feature of the new shield is that of a laser blade that forms along the point of it that enables Cap to cut through things like steel with utter ease or used to dismember opponents.

In the Ultimate universe, Captain America's origin was much the same. His sidekick is Buckywho photographs him and writes articles about him but isn't a costumed fighter.

steve rogers captain america biography books

In his final mission, he attempts to sabotage a Nazi nuclear missile, and the resulting explosion throws him into the Atlantic Ocean, putting him in suspended animation. He is discovered fifty years later by Tony Starkand after reconciling with Bucky, is drafted into the Ultimates as the team's biography books leader.

He played a crucial part in the team's first mission - the Manhattan Crisis - when Bruce Banner injected himself with a Hulk steve rogers captain america mixed with Steve's blood, causing him to Hulk out and go on a rampage.

During the battle, Captain America nearly manages to inject the antidote into Hulk, but Hulk ultimately prevents this. Regardless, it was Captain America who formulated the winning strategy by sending Wasp into the Hulk's brain. Banner's brain was the one soft part of his body, and Wasp's stings successfully bring down the berserk Hulk, changing him back into Banner.

Captain America (Steve Rogers)

Captain America would then go on to lead the Ultimates in book other missions, including a clash with the Ultimate X-Men and fighting the supervillain group Six - which was comprised of Ultimate Spider-Man's villains.

Six months after the battle with the Chitauri, Captain America participates in the team's joint operation with the European Defense Initiative to take down Thor. Thor had just recently quit the team, and his half-brother Loki's reality manipulating powers manage to trick the Ultimates into viewing Thor as a threat.

Thor is soundly defeated by the two teams, and after the battle, the Ultimates captain america be sent into a Middle Eastern nation to destroy their nuclear arsenal. But Loki's meddling is far from over, and after Black Widow betrays the team and kidnaps Hawkeye while murdering his entire family, Loki magically alters the cameras in Hawkeye's home to make it appear as though Captain America was the perpetrator. As a result, S. But all of this biographies out to be ruses to weaken America when the Liberators - a superhuman army comprised of the USA's enemies, attacks the nation. But Captain America is eventually freed with the help of the Wasp, and along with the rest of the Ultimates and America's superheroes, launches a counterattack against the Liberators.

In the ensuing battle, Captain America defeats and executes the Liberators' leader, fellow super-soldier Colonel Abdul al-Rahman.

After the invasion of America is repelled, the Ultimates then decide to go independent as their actions in the Middle East inadvertently triggered the steve rogers. He does so, but later finds out that Fury lied to him and that Fury has not let the Panther go home. Later in the Savage Lands while battling the Juggernaut, the rest of the team finds out that the Black Panther they know has been Cap the whole time, and they manage to steve rogers captain Ultron. Cap later joins Thor in Valhalla, helping him fight Hela the goddess of death for Valkyrie's soul. Captain America ultimately survives the events of Ultimatum.

They battle aboard a helicopter and Cap is quickly and brutally beaten by his adversary. Captain America later learns that this Skull is his son, but after the Skull secures a Cosmic Cube, Cap is forced to kill his own flesh and blood. Captain America would continue to lead the New Ultimates in various missions, including going against Fury's black ops Avengers team and a vampire invasion. After the death of Spider-Man, he goes into exile over his failure to properly train the young superhero, but is later recalled back with the emergence of the grassroots terrorist group HYDRA.

Shortly after resigning from presidency, Captain America was killed during Galactus ' attack on New York. Ultimate Captain America can lift 2 to 4 tons, and is rated by his handbook strength as a 4, while his counterpart is only a 3. Ultimate Captain America is classified as a superhuman, and he has shown enough strength to harm even powerful combatants like the Hulk and Juggernaut.

steve rogers captain america biography books

His official bio states that he has mastered several martial arts, and has been shown to be able to defeat skilled fighters like Black Panther and Nuke. Ultimate Captain America is also considered a tactical genius, and has formulated many successful battle plans and strategies, and has also displayed intelligence levels that enable him to hack into classified S.

In contrast to his mainstream universe counterpart, Ultimate Cap is willing to resort to any means in order to win, and will often improvise and use any strategy to triumph.

He also has a low-level healing factor. As well, he is more likely to kill than the version, and seems to dislike the French, as proven by his infamous quote, "You think this letter on my head stands for France! His standard piece of equipment is a metallic shield designed by Hank Pym later destroyed by Valkyrie but reforged by Asgardiansand his steve has a vibranium chesplate and is Kevlar-lined to be bulletproof. Ultimate Cap also frequently biographies use of firearms and explosives. It has a computer inside which cooperates with his mind and works as a supporting device.

Along with his traditional shield, he's armed with a pistol, with which he goes around to look for new foes to kill. Much of Captain America's past matches that of his Earth counterpart; however recent insights into the past of the Captain America of Earth have been revealed by the studies made by X, Kyle Richmond, as well as Cap's own travels through Mar-Vell's cloak which was once owned by the hero of the same name. Abraham Erskine was secretly a member of the Nazi party. The Red Skull went on to explain that Adolf Hitler had funded steves rogers captain america to work for the Allies, so that their discoveries would aid the Axis powers.

The secret plan of the Nazis for the super-soldier roger was to create a perfect Aryan race, and as such, they picked Steve Rogers, a scrawny young man with blond hair and blue eyes.

Red Skull also went on to explain that the steve that killed Erskine was originally meant to kill Rogers after his birth, and that Erskine's death was not intended. The Red Skull's claims have not been substantiated, and could have possibly been used as book torture. Since then, the Red Skull and his followers began worshiping Captain America as Hitler's "one true son", and the Skull himself began attacking people in Cap's personal life whom the Skull deemed "impure" or "unworthy" of Cap. At some point either prior to, or after the death of the Red Skull, Cap came into the possession of the Cosmic Cube once more.

Knowing that he would be too tempted to use it, he turned it over to the only person he knew would not be tempted to use it, nor give it up to Cap no matter how much he begged for it: World Wide Mutation At some point during the world wide mutation of humanity due to the release of Terrigen Mists into Earth's atmosphere, the Red Skull had tracked down and murdered Bernie Rosenthal, who was once the girlfriend of Captain America due to her brief association with Cap, and the Red Skull's belief that Captain America had to live up to Hitler's dream.

Following the Skull's death, Cap had vowed never to kill again. Soon after the Skull's death, Cap quit the Avengers because he felt that since he had killed the Red Skull out revenge that his continued membership would taint their ranks. As the world's population began to rapidly mutate and anarchy spread across the world, Cap joined up with S. Soon after his joining of S. When Norman Osborn bought his way into the White House, Captain America refused to serve under him or fight along with the Iron Avengers, a group of robots created by Tony Stark for Osborn to act as guardians of the United States and fight off the captain america biography books of the alien Hydra.

Helicarrier was taken down by Hydra and S. When Cap investigated the crashed helicarrier, he found a video on its main computer from Nick Fury warning that Osborn was behind the creation of the Hydra and that S. Instead, during one of the Iron Avengers' routine sweeps through New York City to eliminate the Hydra hordes, Cap almost submitted to the members of Hydra's all of whom were former friends of Cap pleas to join the Hydra.

When one of the Hydra approached with what appeared to be a cloth bearing the Punisher's old insignia but in red, Cap quickly rejected the Hydra's offer to join. After the Iron Avengers' seemingly eliminated the Hydra, Cap assumed that the symbol on the cloth was indication that the Red Skull had somehow returned. Soon, Cap and Red Wing traveled to the book S. Cap and Red Wing then traveled to the west in one of S. In California, they found a large group of steve rogers captain one of whom was Cap's old ally Marshall Maldoon working under the banner, collecting steve rogers captain america biography books from the ocean as a food source.

This pillaging of the sea caught the attention of Namor, who attacked this group and he soon clashed with Iron Maiden. During the battle, he suddenly stopped and bowed down to their leader, who, to Cap's amazement was a teenage boy who went under the name of the Skull. It appeared that the Skull was able to make anyone in his vicinity his roger captain america it was later revealed that the Skull was in no way related to the Red Skull, but was really Benny Beckley, son of Comet Man. His powers were one of the many fail safes that was implemented into human DNA by the Celestials when they originally manipulated the human race, so at at time when all humans had mutated, one of their number could control them all and they could better defend the planet from invaders.

Outraged by this form of slavery, Captain America and Red Wing confronted the Skull and demanded that he biography books the people that he controlled. The Skull found that Captain America was a laughing stock and took possession of Red Wing and had his masses attack Cap and drive him out of the vicinity. The Skull wanted Cap to be the only person free of his control, to mock the humbled hero.

Cap, without a cause decided to remain on the west coast until he was approached by the Daredevil not Matthew Murdock, but a freak show performer who wanted to join Cap's cause because he figured it was a surefire way to die Daredevil's mutation made it impossible for him to die. Added by Peteparker Upon arriving in New York City, Cap and Daredevil located the Thing asking him to aid in rallying a counter army to stop the Skull from taking over the world. Using the tuning fork once belonging to the Inhuman royal pet named Lockjaw, Cap first approached Tony Stark to assist in battling the Skull.

Stark insisted that his Iron Avengers would stop the army. However, the Iron Avengers were destroyed and as a result, President Osborn was assassinated by the Skull. Cap traveled the world recruiting superhumans from around the globe to assist in battling the Skull. The Black Panther refused to aid Cap and stated that should the Skull's army make their way to Wakanda, he would deal with the invaders on his own.

steve rogers captain america biography books

With his army, Cap returned to New York City and made an attack on the Skull and his army, and even with the added power of the Hulk and Bruce Banner, the Skull gained the steve rogers captain america biography books hand by taking control of most of Cap's warriors. Even after his defeat, the Skull refused to possess Cap and had his troops beat Cap. Cap made one final desperate lunge at the Skull and just before he was killed by Marshall Maldoon, he was rescued by Spider-Man, who had finally decided to get involved in heroics once more in order to save his daughter, Venom, who was one of the Skull's slaves.

The two heroes returned to the Thing's loft where they regrouped steve rogers captain america biography books the Thing, and the X-Men, and they formulated a plan. After their first battle with the Skull, Cap had noticed that the Skull was unable to take control of the Hulk, and could only control the beast once he took control of Bruce Banner. Cap also realized that the Skull destroyed the Iron Avengers as opposed to taking control of them and realized that the Skull had no control over the mindless, and so employed the use of the Marvels life-sized clay sculptures of many of Earth's heroes in their prime that were created and steve rogers captain america biography books life by Alicia Masters, the wife of the Thing.

After being turned into a zombie, he raided secret government bunkers and ate countless people until the zombie Red Skull killed him, by scooping his brains out. In Marvel Zombies 2, we see the return of Colonel America. This version of the character fought for an oppressive, fascistic version of the United States, with his arch nemesis being Lady Deadpoolthe leader of the rebellion.

He somehow sent Captain America to the year of an alternate reality, which created a divergent time-line designated Earth His arrival screwed up the time-line, and people started appearing in as analogues of themselves. Rojhaz didn't want to leave, so he could create a prejudice-free USA, but Nick Fury forced him to go back to normal time and bring everything back to normal. In the House of M story line, Captain America Steve Rogers never got frozen in the ice-berg that kept him youthful in modern times.

He then joins the Space Program and becomes the first man to walk on the moon changing Neil Armstrong's famous line to "One small step for man, one giant leap for for peace between man and mutant-kind. Although he marries Peggy Carter, they split up after an argument over Steve's stance on S. D and Mutant persecution. In the end, Steve retires from the service, and is accosted by a group of young mutants who beat him in a subway station.

In the MC2 universe, Cap's origin and suspended animation was exactly the same. Once he had joined the MC2 Avengers, they went on a perilous mission that claimed most of their lives.

Cap stayed behind to help others on the mission and was considered missing in action. Later, he gave American Dream his shield, as he saw in her the dedication he had when he was fighting. Steve was last seen leading the young superheroes against their superhero parents who were being mind-controlled by Loki. He was fatally injured, but in order to preserve his legacy, Thor used his power to immortalize him by turning him into a star resembling his shield to honor him.

He was killed by Doctor Doom. Carol Danvers Ms Marvel in becomes the new Cap. The wave caused the time period to be altered to a medieval setting altering the Avengers clothing, speech patterns and thought processes.

The Scarlet Witch, with the combined willpower of all the awakened Avengers, pumped power into Wonder Man, shifting reality back to normal, and defeated Morgan in the process. Steve Rogers was mentioned to be too busy to help mount an attack on the Goblin Queen by Quicksilver to Magneto.

After he died, an unknown mutant took his place as Captain America. Steven Rogers never shows up in the Mutant X reality, though his mutant replacement is around quite a bit.

Captain America: Steve Rogers Vol 1

The daughter was called Sarah Rogers. The new character was called Super-Soldier. Captain America's or rather Super-Soldier's shield was replaced with Superman's logo, and is missing the top part of his mask piece, revealing his hair.

While this amalgam shared Superman's name, he also shared Captain America's backstory. He is working in the Daily Beagle this universe's version of the Daily Bugle. The Defenders have learned the truth of their reality and have sworn not to change the past but defeat Apocalypse in the present.

In this reality, Steve appears unmasked, wearing an eyepatch, and is in possession of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir along with his shield. After the team defeats Apocalypse in a climatic battle, Nate Summers betrays the team's oath and attempts time travel into the past to prevent Legion from killing Professor X and Magneto using Apocalypse's technology.

Steve then fires lightning at Nate using Mjolnir, an act which, although killed Nate, also killed hundreds of others across the time portal and causing yet another version of the Age of Apocalypse reality. In this reality Captain America leads the Avengers against Charnel and his "children".

Very few people are still alive in this reality. In an effort to prevent it from coming to be in another world, Captain America and the Avengers travel to Earth, where they fight Death's Head II, believing him to be Charnel. Captain America is killed along with most of this reality's Avengers in the process.

One of the final heroes fighting against Charnel. He led the last of his Avengers back to the past specifically, Earthto stop Charnel from gaining too book power. He was killed during the conflict. In this steve rogers captain Captain America is known as Captain Hydra. He's the warrior of Hand. In this world Hydra rules the world.

Not much is known about the past history of Captain America on Earth presumably most of his history and origins are on par with most realities. Eventually, in the modern era, Captain America would slay Baron blood. Also in the modern era, Captain America would be a member of the Avengers. Captain America starred Reb Brown as the title character, with his origin updated to the 's rather than the 's. This version of Steve Rogers is a reluctant, somewhat whiny artist who has no interest in being a hero until he is injured in an accident. His life is saved by a dose of FLAG, a special serum created by his deceased father, which allows him to become Captain America.

In the sequel, Captain America II: The film starts in when a fascist government kidnaps a talented boy from his family. The boy is needed for an experimental project to create a fascist super soldier; however, Dr. Vaselli Carla Cassola biographies to using the boy, and under the cover of gunfire, flees. Seven years later, the American government finds a volunteer in Steve Rogers, a loyal all-American that is excluded from the draft because of his illness.

The formula successfully transforms Rogers into the perfect solider. Before any more super soldiers can be created using the formula kept in her head, Dr. Vaselli is murdered by a Nazi spy. Meanwhile, the Italian boy has become the Red Skull and is planning to launch a missile at the White House. Now code named Captain America, he is sent in to defeat the Skull and deactivate the missile. However, captain america biography a brutal battle, the Red Skull tricks and defeats Captain America and ties him to the missile as it is about to book.

Cap is able to grab hold of the Red Skull, book him to cut off his hand in order to avoid being launched into destruction with Cap. While the missile is overhead, a young boy named Thomas Kimball takes a photograph as Cap forces the missile to change course and land, where he remains frozen until Kimball goes on to become an honest politician and Vietnam War hero until being elected the President.

Ina year into his term, he is pushing for pro-environmentalist legislation that is angering the military-industrial complex, who hold a secret conference led by the Red Skull. After the War, the Red Skull had extensive steve rogers captain america surgery done in a partially successful attempt to alter his disfigured features, raised a daughter, and became the leader of a powerful crime family. In the s, this American military-industrial complex hired the Red Skull and his thugs to murder various Americans who were against their militarism and Red Skull's fascism, such as Dr.

Kennedy and Robert Kennedy. Now, Red Skull is targeting President Kimball for assassination. Cap's frozen body is found by researchers, and he awakens still thinking that it is the s. After battling some of the Red Skull's thugs, he brushes off Sam Kolawetz Ned Beattya steve rogers and childhood friend of President Kimball, and hitchhikes his way back to his wartime girlfriend, Bernice Kim Gillinghamin the movie.

While Bernice still lives at her old residence, she has long since married and raised her own daughter, Sharon. Sharon subsequently shows a series of VHS history tapes in order for Cap to catch up on what has happened while he was frozen in ice.

Meanwhile, the Red Skull's thugs, lead by his daughter, break into Bernice's house and kill her. They also cause her husband to have a heart attack during their efforts to find where Cap is hiding out.

Rogers and Sharon visit the secret underground base where he gained his superpowers, in the hopes that Dr. Vaselli's diary is still there and contains the original name of the Red Skull.