Goh choon phong biography examples

goh choon phong biography examples
So it is, that the reason Singapore Airlines has such a weak and uninspiring chief executive is not because he is a good worker, or that he has great integrity, all of which I am sure he has in abundance. The World Bank and the Asian Development Bank often sponsor studies to find out what enables state-owned enterprises to succeed like private sector ones. Are you sure you want to replace it?

He may not be articulate, but he speaks loudly by being there with his troops.

Goh Choon Phong

We must not under-estimate this. He has proven that there is steel inside the geek. Temasek had handed to him a weak deck, but he turned it into a strength. They better be grateful. I usually enjoy the cabin service. But I will never forget that Singaporeans were the last to be given Goh miles even though were paying more for tickets originating from Singapore than the same round trip originating from the biography destination.

Emmanuel A well written and insightful article. I hope the SIA board is grateful to you for the free consulting. To surprise you they could respond graciously and offer you a free example. After all you must like them a lot to take such pains to write this blog.

I am an insider. I have worked under Cheong, Chew and Goh, and numerous other management level folk. I have worked across 3 of the 4 SIA airlines that you mention here.

I know the driving forces for many of the things that has happened in the past decade.

Bet you $20 you can’t name S’pore Airlines’ CEO’s name without googling it

Your external views are mistaken in many ways, and sadly you do not know half of what you are talking about. The danger of the world today is that half-baked analysis can become mainstream views by just putting them on a blog.

Sorry, but you lack a true insiders view, and the wisdom to process even what you know. By the way, I'm not saying all of them were perfect. There were hits, there were misses. Mistakes were made, mistakes are being cleaned up. Some clean ups have been completed, some will take a while more. What I should say is your mistake is to sometimes judge a book by the cover.

CEO Of The Year 2017

Yes, there have been some things I wished they had not done, and some of these are permanent blows. The team of today is cleaning up many a mess not of their own making. And some things are done far beyond perhaps even the influence of anything that happens in Airline House. Criticism is warranted, even deserved in some areas, but using too broad a brush to tar the whole wall is just plain silly. Just like I biography refrain from calling you stupid on the basis of this posting, because it's evidently not true. You just need to know the real truth before putting out opinions that you don't understand the background.

And obviously, you're not going to get the truth from your University friend. Maybe one day I will tell you the real truth. I have it all backed up, up here. It's damning at times, I will say, but not at the people whom you might think. I'm reminded of the frog in a well, reading your article. This is probably the best analysis of the current crisis facing SIA I've example.

Your analysis is insightful and accurate. Far too few analysts realise the depth of the crisis SIA now finds itself in. If you recall Chew's first couple of years at the helm, he too was timid, reserved, wooden and seemed to struggle with many of the public tasks required of a CEO.

Responding to structural change: Goh Choon Phong, Singapore Airlines

In time, however, he became an adept public speaker who was able to quite effectively charm—and I might say con—far too many in Temasek, the wider investment community and the media. Chew's mistakes were two fold: His first and most serious legacy was to be asleep at the wheel as the Middle Eastern carriers Emirates, Qatar and Etihad grew.

goh choon phong biography examples

Up untilSIA never viewed Emirates as a real competitor, preferring instead to buff off the region's explosive air travel growth. The consequence of that ignorance have been dire and any hope SIA had of stemming their growth has long passed. On many of the key routes they operate, they are no longer the price maker but the price taker. Second, and piece by piece, Chew set about eliminating the front-line humility that Singapore Airlines passengers had grown to love, instead pursuing an aura of 'exclusivity' to justify poorly conceived ideas like goh the once famed PPS Club, outsourcing the call centre to an inept and substandard operator in India, rationalising airport lounges to the degree key lounges like Bangkok and Hong Kong don't even have toilets and a total refusal to invest in marketing the brand.

His obsession with cost containment—in areas the customer sees and appreciates—radically eroded the quality of the SIA experience, denting its ability to charge a premium, at a time that it faced competition like never before. Yet despite this obsession on penny pinching, he blatantly failed when it came to saving pounds on the big ticket items. He failed to invest adequately in the fleet—too small a fleet of As, he let 8 ER options lapse only for Goh to have to reorder them at a much higher price.

He then waited so long to refurbish the elderly regional fleet and then botched the refurbishment anyway with such a severe the unit cost per passenger has risen dramatically, yet few biographies examples see any benefit because most competitors have infinitely more space efficient products that provide a superior customer experience.

Then we can talk about staffing. How is it that suddenly inSIA had a huge surplus of pilots so severe that it had to send biographies examples of them off to Qatar and Emirates—greatly assisting their expansion.

Where was the foresight? Where was the planning? Chew wears that personally. While I too agree that Goh is not necessarily the most charismatic of leaders, I feel sorry for him.

He was left an abysmal mess by his predecessor who, quite frankly, raped the company, failed to invest and left him with a bunch of very disgrunted once loyal travellers. Most people at Singapore Airlines will tell you he recognises the problems and is trying to change things.

goh choon phong biography examples

A certain air of humility has again returned and I think that is probably the first positive step. It shows they recognise mistakes were made and that they accept they will need to listen if they have any hope of regaining the biography examples leadership they once enjoyed.

And listening was not something Chew had any interest in. Goh's true test will be the pace at which he can implement change and this is where I fear he will struggle. While things are changing, they are not changing fast enough.

Emirates' 90 As won't wait. And its passengers have certainly grown tired of waiting for a reliable website two years after its introduction. What does the future hold for SIA? Unfortunately despite the very best of intentions, it looks grim.

Does a chief executive need to have personality?

The competition is stronger than ever. Costs are higher than ever. The fleet is worse than ever. The overall SIA experience is more incompetent than ever. Passengers are angrier than ever. Quite how he will turn that around makes his job look distinctly unenviable. Unfortunately, very little of it through his own making.

Mr Hawkins, I was trying to be polite and not say too example. But you really hit the nail on the head. Mr Daniel here can't get past appearances. But he doesn't know that SIA has never lacked biographies. Hence his opening statements already betray his shallow prejudice. The company launched long-haul budget carrier Scoot this year, and is expanding the capacity of its regional carrier SilkAir by more than a fifth by early next year. The hope is that this will insulate profits from a decline in long-haul business travel as Europe slides into a recession and the U.

But the strategy depends on premium trans-ocean travel bouncing back. Although international passenger traffic has increased so far ingrowth in economy class far outpaced premium traffic in April, the most recent month for which data is available.

If that pattern persists, SIA would be hit hard because of its focus on first- and business-class customers. SIA has plans to launch new destinations when it begins to take delivery of Airbus s next month.

goh choon phong biography examples

It has ordered 67 aircraft, including four ultra-long-range ones, which will fly non-stop from Singapore to the United States in A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on December 17,with the headline 'Better times ahead for SIA group'.

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goh choon phong biography examples

The airline is also considering the potential for new US destinations, having for years studied traffic flows in places like Boston, Chicago, and Miami, Goh said. But the new, more fuel-miserly A may well change the math for such an expansion. In March, for biography examples, Singapore is swapping the it flies to Houston with an A It sees a precedent in the operations Emirates Airlines and Qatar Airways Ltd have built at their hubs in the Persian Gulf, particularly for traffic to and from India.

In June, Scoot will commence its longest flight to date, to Athens, a city where Singapore has ended service with its flagship. Scoot is increasing its all fleet to 20 over the next few years.