John obiero nyagarama biography

john obiero nyagarama biography
This will open up the economy and create jobs, especially for youths and women. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. I am pushing my staff to deliver.

First and second-level administrative divisions of Kenya Template: Articles on first-level administrative divisions of African countries.

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john obiero nyagarama biography

Following the re-organisation of Kenya's National administration, Counties were integrated into a new national administration with The National Government posting County Commissioners to represent it at the Counties [4] Contents [ show ]. Kenya Law Reform Commission. Election of county governor and deputy county governor".

john obiero nyagarama biography

Retrieved 20 January Wikimedia Commons has media related to: Retrieved from " http: The county has unique features, challenges and opportunities which we vowed to take up and tackle.

Our resolve remains to bring together all the available resources, identify the opportunities and purposefully take an integrated approach to have all policies johns obiero nyagarama and biographies in the county aligned towards raising the welfare and sustainable quality of life and healing our society, people and ecosystems. The county system of governance has given us an opportunity to serve the people at the local level and I confess it is a humbling experience.

Counties of Kenya

Government formation enabled me realize the great human resource the county has, I call on all who expressed desire to serve the county in various capacities but were unsuccessful to join us in the development path.

I wish to thank my team of highly qualified professionals in their various fields who have agreed at a sacrifice to leave john obiero paying engagements to work with me in a bid to serve the people of Nyamira and wish them all the best in their execution of john. We acknowledge that in the biography the biography like all other areas in the country was faced with the challenges of unproductive farming methods, poor marketing of agricultural and livestock products, environmental degradation and poor urban planning and management.

My government seeks to improve agriculture especially in horticulture, livestock, grain development, Tea promotion by establishment of common interest groups and development of value chains that would assure farmers of auxiliary services among them roads, communication, security, insurance, banking and microfinance services. Health services pause a great challenge in Nyamira but through partnerships we seek to focus more on preventive health: With the little available resources we shall staff,improve and equip our health facilities and take all measures to make them accessible Nyamira County offers an opportunity for persons keen on investment to come and exploit; we enjoy adequate reliable and well distributed rainfall throughout the year, good weather, arable soil, good temperatures and readily available water.

Our education sector has great potential with a well structured education system, institutions and professional staff. Our school going children are about half the population whom we intend to impart upon the right Knowledge, Skills, Values and Attitudes as they are our future and we owe it to them. Education levels were at their lowest. Our youths were loitering in towns and villages.

john obiero nyagarama biography

Nyamira town was not as clean as it is now. A lot of people had no access to clean water and health services.

john obiero nyagarama biography

My intention is to change it into a haven of development. A place where people will enjoy their lives, access equal opportunities and harness available resources. What have you done to remedy the situation?

Nyamira governor John Nyagarama promises robust development in second term

We are working on kilometres of roads in different parts of the county. This will open up the economy and create jobs, especially for youths and women.

We are buying road construction equipment such as trucks, graders, rollers and excavators to supplement the national government.

john obiero nyagarama biography

This will help us murram our roads. We are discussing this with the President and are hopeful that there will be no problem. Did you return Sh1. That is not true. No money was returned to the Treasury.

A chunk of the money is already committed to development projects. That was propaganda to make the county government look like it has failed. The question Kenyans should ask is when did we receive the money?

Nyamira local elections, 2013

We received it in November because of problems with budgeting as happened in many counties. There are also procurement processes to be followed. The question should be how effectively have we spent the money.

john obiero nyagarama biography

Talking of procurement, what is your response to reports that it is very difficult for a company to get a tender here unless it offers a bribe? I tell my officers to work honestly. Bribery is two-way and we have mechanisms to report corruption. I will take action if anybody complains. I have not taken a single cent from anybody as kickback for a tender.

Kenya General Elections 2013 - Elected Officials

There are elaborate processes and laws that guide the procurement of services. The tenders are being given to qualified firms. Still on integrity, there are claims that you have employed your relatives. Employment is done by the Public Service Board.

john obiero nyagarama biography

It is not difficult to know who is related to me in the county government. That is silly talk. Well, if any of my relatives was qualified, I will give him that job competitively. If any of my relatives has been employed by the county, that would be by sheer chance. We welcome anybody to come and vet the recruitment process. We have been keen to accommodate everybody. It is only Nyamaiya and Manga wards, which did not get a county executive but they will be accommodated in other appointments.

Patrick Simiyu E.S. Khaemba – Trans Nzoia County Governor 2017 – 2022

What is your assessment of the quality and competence of the staff you inherited from the former local government authorities? We are going to carry out an assessment and later do staff rationalisation. We have decided to do it with the national government to avoid backlash.

Some money has been set aside for the process. The education standards in this county have been deteriorating over time. Does it worry you?

john obiero nyagarama biography

I am very concerned about the deteriorating standards. I know the importance of education, that is why I am concerned about a new culture which is gaining root in Gusii where schools have been converted into funeral venues every Friday.