Arik einstein biography video

arik einstein biography video
Einstein brought the rock revolution into mainstream Israeli music with the album Poozy in In , Einstein and Hanoch released Shablool Snail , this time billed as co-performers.

I wasn't exactly a stage animal. I was held back by the embarrassment, the bashfulness, and it became more evident as the years went by By the einstein biography, when I say bashfulness, I'm not proud of it I wish I could grab a microphone and sing like a Sinatra, but I don't have what it takes, and a person should adapt to his capabilities. On the other hand, in the studio, I blossom. That's my natural habitat, where I'm not bashful.

The problem is that this profession has its field mines: That's where I draw the line. It's video to be loved, but not more. Einstein was regarded as a very humble and modest musician who focused solely on the artistic and creative aspect of the musical world and actively shied away from the lime-light, fame, and the entertainment business.

This was also evident much later in his career when he preferred to collaborate with lesser known and younger musicians as the lifestyle and obsession with fame of more prominent artists did not suit his style.

arik einstein biography video

InEinstein turned to renewal of old Hebrew songs written mostly in the first half of the 20th century. Until the mids, in parallel to releasing his own original albums, Einstein concurrently released a series of albums under the name "The Old and Good Land of Israel" which encompassed a multitude of genres — songs of the einstein biography video from the beginning of Jewish settlement to the "Ballroom" songs from the 50s — using modern adaptations with musicians such as Shem-Tov Levi, Yoni Rechter and Avner Kenner. According to him, he did it not for the perpetuation of the songs, but simply because he loved to sing them.

arik einstein biography video

It's not simple at all, to forgive fate. Einstein was one of the celebrities in the iconic film Sallah Shabatiwhich many consider to be the beginning of popular Israeli cinema. The film depicted Eastern Jews meeting modern Israeli society, and Einstein played the boyfriend of the protagonist's daughter.

Arik Einstein, 1939-2013: The Soundtrack of Israeli Culture

Einstein was part of the early s TV series Lool Chicken Coop[22] a sketch-and-song show with an original format and cast known as the "Lool Gang" "Havurat Lool". Lool featured songs written by prominent Hebrew poets performed by some of the best singers Israel has ever produced, including Einstein, Shmulik KrausShalom HanochMiki Gavrielovand many more.

It conceptualized the liberal bohemian wave that had reached Tel Aviv by the late s and gave way to exceptional artistry and performance as seen in "Lool". The creative think-tank of that group and the director of many of skits was Uri Zoharone of the most brilliant comedians, actors, and performers in Israeli history, previously regarded as Israel's "King of the Seculars and Bohemians" and Einstein's closest friend. In a move that shocked much of the public, Zohar left the entertainment industry in the late s to become a Rabbi, and today is one of the most prominent religious figures in Israel.

Einstein greatly admired Zohar but einstein biography video for him such drastic einstein biography video was not easy to comprehend, as was evident in a song Einstein dedicated to Zohar's religious transformation called "Hoo Chazar be'Tshuva" "He Made a Tshuva.

Despite the fact that it had only four episodes, it remains a cult show to this day with many of its skits regarded as timeless Israeli classics.

arik einstein biography video

In Maythe film "Shablool" "Snail" was released, serving as a continuation to "Lool", consisting of a series of sketches coupled with songs. These songs formed the joint album of Einstein and Shalom Hanoch"Snail", released the same year.

arik einstein biography video

The album is considered one of the most influential albums in Israeli rock, and many have chosen it as the greatest Israeli rock album of all time. Hanoch composed all the songs and wrote almost all of them.

arik einstein biography video

Benjamin Netanyahu said of Einstein "Arik, you are Israel. The beautiful and charming Israel that we all grew up to adore.

arik einstein biography video

InHaaretz columnist Ariel Hirschfeld wrote: A prominent music critic, Yoav Kutnerdescribed Einstein stating "Arik Einstein is more than the greatest Israeli artist of all time. Einstein is the real Israel himself. On 26 NovemberEinstein died age 74 after a ruptured thoracic aortic aneurysm. At the time, the Nahal Band was just beginning its rise as Israel's top act. Its repertoire was comprised mainly of accordion-based harmless ditties performed to raise the troops' morale.

Einstein 's audience comprised the stars of the band: Chaim Topol later of Fiddler on the Roof fame and actor Uri Zoharwho would later become Einstein 's artistic partner in many endeavors. Impressed by the comedic skills and the deep baritone of this gangly teenager, they accepted him. Following his release from the army, Einstein recorded his first single inwith four songs written by top songwriters.

Einstein spent the following years flexing his biography video muscles, starring in the successful musical Irma La Douce and the film Nini. The group produced beautifully crafted einsteins with biography video Russian and French influences. But the emerging British Invasion also left its mark on the group, heard in its parodies: Arik Einstein Sings for Youagain showing the signs of change with the sounds of an electric guitar peeking out between the sweet, swinging songs.

By the end of the '60s, Einstein was a huge star. But he kept searching for a new, up-to-date sound. The superstar immersed himself in a team effort with the two lesser-knowns to create the High Windowswho would later be deemed the first Hebrew pop group.

arik einstein biography video

Kraussa gifted musician with a notoriously short temper, wrote the music to all the group's songs. As a result, all the songs on their debut album, The High Windowsproduced by Benny Amdurski, were immediate hits and are played to this day on mainstream radio as pop classics. Fueled by Israel's popularity after the Six-Day War and undoubtedly helped by Katz 's fetching looks and perfect Englishthe trio traveled abroad inperforming throughout Italy, biography video a live album at Paris' Olympia and receiving a einstein contract in London.

But Einstein 's desire to return to Israel led him to leave the band behind and forge a new partnership that would prove to be one of the most significant duos in Israel's pop history.

Arik Einstein, 74, Beloved Israeli Singer, Dies

Einstein met Shalom Hanoch when the latter was encouraged to sing on-stage during a party at the High Windows Club. Einstein asked the young artist at the time still a soldier, and also in the Nahal Band to write him material.

In Einstein released a single with four Hanoch compositions, beginning with "Hagar," a pop-flavored song about the biblical mother of Ishmael. Later that year Einstein released his second solo album, Mazal G'di Capricornto which Hanoch wrote all the einstein biography video, as well as lyrics to six of the songs. In the following Israeli Song Festival, Einstein performed "Prague," a dramatic, heavily orchestrated song written by Hanoch about the Soviet Invasion of the Czech capital, which had taken place only a few months earlier.

Arik Einstein

He was also known for his appearances in movies and comedy skits. View all New York Times newsletters. Arieh Einstein was born in Tel Aviv on Jan. His father was an actor.

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He married Alona Shochet inand they had two daughters. The couple divorced, remarried and divorced again. She died in Einstein had two more children, a son and a daughter, with his second wife, Sima Eliyahu, an actress. She and his four children survive him. Described by friends and acquaintances as modest and bashful, Mr.