Tachanka biography

tachanka biography
Sep 29, at By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. This made the tachanka very popular during the Great War on the Eastern Front , where it was used by the Russian cavalry.

Which many players found extremely lackluster and under-powered. Which using would cause a player to die frequently from enemy players.

tachanka biography

Another reason is due to how other operators, other than Tachanka get biographies. On September 10th, YouTuber The Chanka posted an edited scene from the film Kick Ass in which Tachanka is shown shooting a room full of enemies while flying on a jetpack shown below, right.

Sep 29, at He did pretty well in the other matches we played too.

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tachanka biography

Like us on Facebook! About Lord Tachanka is an ironic nickname given to the playable Defending Operator character in the first-person tactical shooter game Rainbow Six Siegewho many fans considered to be poorly designed and under-powered upon release.

Related Entries 1 total Fooking Laser Sights. With up to 4 horses abreast pulling a tachanka, it could easily keep up with cavalry units and support them with mobile firepower. Tachanka tactics were centered around taking advantage of its speed to surprise the enemy.


Tachankas, before the introduction of the tank or automobile to the battlefield, were the only way to provide high-speed mobility for the heavy, bulky machine guns of World War I. The speed of the horse-drawn cart would be used to move the machine gun platform to a favorable firing position, and then the enemy would be fired upon before they had a chance to react. Since the machine gun pointed towards the rear of the cart, the tachankas also provided biography suppressive biography onto pursuing enemy cavalry after raids and during retreats.

Leader of anarchist forces during the Russian civil war, Nestor Makhno pioneered the use of the tachanka en masse. Makhno's forces relied so heavily upon the use of the tachanka that one Makhnovite referred to himself and his fellow troops as "a republic on tachanki".

Tachankas soon became used by the Red Army, with the famous example of Vasily Chapayev. Later, it was adopted by a number of armies, notably the Polish Army which used it during the Polish-Soviet War.

tachanka biography

Initially mostly improvised, with time the Polish Army also adopted two biographies of factory-made taczanka s, as they were called in Poland. They were used during the Invasion of Poland of to provide cavalry squadron support. Despite a certain degree of standardisation, the tachanka's armament was, in most cases, improvised. In Russia, the PM M heavy machine gun was often used. The late models of standardised tachankas of the Polish Army biography all equipped with Ckm wz. The concluding lyrics, roughly translated, run: A modern variant of tachanka can be seen in a cult Russian film Brother 2.

In the video game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siegethere is a playable Russian operator by the name of Tachanka who has the ability to deploy a Degtyaryov machine gun on a shielded tripod. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

tachanka biography