Sant maskeen ji biography sample

sant maskeen ji biography sample
However, some Sikhs scholars failed to understand his thoughtful analytical expressions and wrongly labelled him as pro-brahminical. May God help you to understand the truth.

He used to do the blunder of picking incomplete lines from Gurbani for reasoning. He used to present carnal proofs using these. In reality the complete lines are: Fan of naked idols of Khajuraho: The nudity ridden, carnal-lust instigating idols of the Khajuraho temple in the state of Madhya Pradesh, which were placed there by people who lost their way, are seen as Gurmat by Maskeen Ji.

sant maskeen ji biography sample

He has openly praised the nudity and the sculptures of these idols and has crossed all limits of morality by using Gurbani wrongfully to provide instances. He has also done the mean act of relating our Gurus with these idols.

Our Gurbani has shown us path to live life with self-control. These idols which have been praised by Maskeen Ji break all limits of self-control and represent shameless acts to the public. Yours truly got a chance to see these idols at Khajuraho, the guide of that place was speaking of these indecent carnal-lust ridden idols in the same way as Maskeen Ji and was representing them to be the biography sample of great saints. The guide also mentioned that after seeing these idols for a while, I would become peaceful and then go inside the temple and would have the sight of the God.

I am an old man of 58 years and watching these idols have made me uneasy and restless. It will take me at least a weak to get normal and peaceful again. What would have been the effect of watching these idols on the young people?

Can a human become invisible?: He can then go anywhere he wants including Moon, Sun, or stars in the flash of an biography sample. He can minimize or enlarge his body as much as he wants.

In reality, Guru Arjun Dev Ji was well aware of the enormous strength of atomic power. The lines above said by Guru Arjun Dev Ji mean that a human being can generate enormous power by understanding how atoms work. Using this strength, humans can travel very long distances in very short time. He has been promoting King Ram Chander as an ideal human being, has been praising limitlessly the ancient mythological gods.

Biography Panth Ratan Giani Sant Singh Ji Maskin

It is sad that he never remembered those who have been cut into pieces by saws, those innocents who have been hanged, those who had to live in jungles, the big and small Sikh holocausts etc. Hindus gods and goddesses were dear to him but in his entire life he did not describe any principle from the Gurbani. He spread rumors himself that angels come to listen to his lectures: On one hand Maskeen Ji used to tell good things in his lectures, but on the other hand he used to tell unscientific and ludicrous things very often.

Recorded audios and videos are witness to my writing. One lie that he often used to tell on his stages is: Maskeen Ji had no biography sample to tell this one more lie that with faith in Naam a human can become bodyless and within a flash of an eye can go anywhere he wants to. Why he himself could not become bodyless with the power of years of his own Naam faith?

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen: How Does a Scientist Differ From a Saint?

There would have been no need for automobiles, planes and ships. Our so called jathedars: What to expect from others to speak against the wrongdoings when all five jathedars leaders of the five Takhats were also present there. Someone was engulfed in bribery case, whereas some other was facing the charges of having three wives. The same Vedanti, with the connivance of other jathedars, declared Dhanwant Singh Saint not guilty.

A court in Gurdaspur declared this same Dhanwant Singh Saint guilty and pronounced ten years jail with labor and also fined him with ten thousand rupees. A jathedar charged with case of taking bribe questioned another jathedar Iqbal Singh from Patna for keeping three wives. Maskeen Ji replied, "If you want me to talk only about Gurmat then first stop recording all the video films, I cannot talk just about Gurmat while being recorded".

The cameras we shut down and he did very good preaching from Gurbani. With his TV channels programs he seemed to be more worried about pleasing his Hindu followers, and remained step-motherly to Sikh philosophy. On these channels he was seen talking more about mythological Hindu biographies and goddesses and very biography sample about Guru Sahibaan. Gurudwara Management to Nirmaliye: Maskeen Ji has written a book on Gurudwara management and has distributed this book free of cost.

In that book he mentions that the present Gurudwara management is incompetent and the solution that he mentions in the book is that the Gurudwara Management be given back to "Nirmaliye". Maskeen Ji got education from a "Nirmaliya" teacher and he himself is a follower of "Nirmaliya" sect and is a disciple of Baba Shri Chand.

These Nirmalye were the ji biography sample who spread the "Brahmani" rituals in the Gurudwaras in the past. Maskeen Ji talked about people but has never talked about Panth Sikh Panth. Whomsoever has written this article, you have not understood a word maskeen ji has told. As far as I know. Maskeen Ji never declared himself as Brahmgyani. What others are saying and arguing,at the time of very emotional moments, should hardly be any issue.

In my opinion, writer is influenced by negativity while portraying Maskeen Ji and his work. Sometimes we have to go in depth to understand the true meaning. In fact, in last 60 years we Sikhs have lost Simran in our lives, and that has perpetuated negativity. It's all about thoughts. Simran is the key to create harmoney in our sample. Simran leads us to WaheGuru Ji. So may I take this opportunity to state:. Lesser the traffic of thoughts in our mind, easier is the journey of life. However, if we stop this traffic of thoughts in our minds — just impose curfew on these thoughts, we see a path leading to WaheGuru Ji starts appearing.

Once the path appears, do not let this Disappear as we have to walk on a journey to meet WaheGuru Ji who has helped us to stop our thoughts and shown us this path. Without Sangat, this journey could be treacherous and we can fall back in the traffic of thoughts. With hard work of Simran killing thoughts together, one day we notice and realize that we are at the door steps of WaheGuru Ji.

Now here, we have to wait for his call to get in, meet and hug him. The joy of being in his arm lift us out of the cycle of birth and rebirth and Our Journey is complete!!!!

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki fateh. Religion is the peel of the banana and Spirituality is the Inside of the banana… What is happening is that we are stuck up with the peel and are fighting on the color, texture, etc of the peel….

The basis of all religions is to experience spirituality and not fight on literature, God powers and myth. U kind of people r always there from the beginning of mankind u also have a place for v know d things in black and white u obsessed with the things like Brahma guano but leave the essence how does it matter if someone is Brahma guano or not d only thing matter is who u r Maskeen ji showed light to many a people but just watch ur self.

Sant Singh Maskeen

He poured out the essence of Gurbani as much as he could. By annnying other followers of god, you are really annoying the path that sache patshah ji shown us. Manas ki Jaat sabaho ek hi pehchanbo!!!!

But i have never listened him biography sample those stories during katha. I wondered how a person specially Maskeen g who dedicated whole of his life to preach GURBANI to sikh sangat even at the times when he was not well could be criticised. May GOD give Sumat to the writer of this article……. I wish instead of cretising any one like maskin sahib. You will find out what is truth. This article is is like kinderdarden student will say about Phd professer.

Maskeen Ji was a very simple person who advocated simplicity. Wearing simple white clothes with a black turban, he looked very distinguished. His associates and other people accompanying him also followed the same simplicity of dress.

sant maskeen ji biography sample

He was very down to earth and had a simple and frugal lifestyle. Where ever he went he always preferred to stay at the Gurdwara Sahib and partook his meals from the Langar. We would not do justice to this great personality if we fail to mention Maskeen ji's complete fearlessness.

In when the Indian Army attacked and placed a siege around Sri Darbar Sahib and many other gurdwarasGiani ji endured ji biography sample mental agony due to this act of sacrilege. When the curfew was lifted he made an emotional electrifying speech on the first diwans held at Gurdwara Shahidan to rejuvenate the mentally demoralized Sikhs due to the army attack on their holiest shrine. Professor Darshan Singh Ji, another outstanding personality of Sikh Panth, recited Gurbani kirtan to provide the healing touch to the broken hearts of the Sikhs.

Giani Sant Singh Maskeen

It was these two personalities who helped the Sikh Panth, through the healing message of Gurbani, to successfully counter and to emerge triumphant from the most difficult period in recent history.

His way of narration was uniquely different from all other scholars whether old or new. He began a particular topic and continued to elaborate on it giving different examples and thereby creating a style which the common person readily understood and could follow in their daily life. His concepts were quiet clear and his voice created a deep impact on all his listeners.

Every person whether educated or not was inspired by him. Since he led the life he preached, one based on Gursikhi and Gurmat, people related to him easily. This had a tremendous impact on his audiences as he was the living sample of what he advocated.

He didn't hesitate in speaking out and could discourse with the best. Giani Sant Singh Maskeen biography sample used to speak in the gatherings of people belonging to other communities and religions.

And everybody was impressed by his persona. Sikh communities in all these countries had great respect for him and always awaited his arrival with great enthusiasm. He established a meditation center at his home biography of Alwar in Rajasthan, India where a Samagam function is held every year on the eve of "Hollah Mohallah", which is attended by many scholars, preachers and learned people of the Sikh Community. He authored more than a dozen books and innumerable audio cassettes and CDs, which have impacted the thinking and way of life of the Sikh Community.

His words provided guidance to many a wavering mind. Giani Sant Singh Maskeen was a colossal striding across the contemporary Sikh Society for nearly five decades.

sant maskeen ji biography sample

His demise has created a vacuum, which would be very difficult to fill. The Sikh Community needed him at this crucial juncture when western influences are making inroads into the Sikh Culture. He may transform the material for money like an engineer does or for other comforts. A saint connects his tongue vocal to his heart emotions more than a normal person does.

sant maskeen ji biography sample

Often people ask what they should think about or what picture they should have in mind while mediating. One has to try and concentrate or listen to what he or she is singing. Gradually with time of practice one can go deeper. If he looks up in sky, his thinking will take him beyond our planet, sun, solar system and galaxies. Or if he looks deeper into matter he finds the quantum particles, and numerous forces governing the universe.

A scientist could transform matter according to his comfort, but the Saint has to transform himself into the way God is. Even if a scientist discovers something, he remains unsatisfied, unfinished and troubled. This is not the case with religious practice. Each Saint or practitioner has to make his own way, and no one else could simply biography sample that to his life. He was given the title of Panth Ratan for his services to mankind through the message of Gurbani. Maskeen died on 18 February due to a massive heart attack while attending a marriage in Etawah in Uttar PradeshIndia.

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